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Top 5 Best Shounen Anime You Should Watch


Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and Bleach are already at their peak positions when it comes to Shounen category of anime. But here's to another top 5 shounen anime that you should watch aside from the most popular ones. Enjoy!

5. D. Gray Man


Familiar with them? Anime enthusiasts, for sure, will never dare to escape a step on this, because Allen Walker, a 15-year old boy, along with his friends Lenalee, Lavi, [Kanda?], and his cute pet Timcanpy, joined the Order in order to recover the missing pieces of innocence, a powerful object used to destroy akuma, a demonic army of monsters lead by the main antagonist, the Millennium Earl. Using Allen's left eye, he can detect akumas, which makes him a strong asset for the team. However, the villainous side is not only composed of the akuma, but a strong superhuman descendants of Noah, the dark-skinned characters called the Noah family, is gathered to destroy all innocence and stop the exorcist in their mission. This makes their adventure more difficult as they struggle to fight against these set of villains.

But they have also made their apprentices and friends who helped them throughout their journey, such as Komui (Lenalee's brother), Bak Chang, Fo, Hevlaska, Miranda, Bookman, Arystrar Krory, and Allen's master, Cross Marian.

D. Gray Man does not only focus on serious adventure, but it has a touch of drama and comedy, too. You wouldn't believe that our small hero, Allen is actually good at playing poker! (Although he is just cheating lol). And just like any other heroes, he's got a big appetite! There are also conflicting personalities which makes up the funny element of the anime, like Allen and Kanda, where Kanda used to call Allen 'moyashi' (beansprout) because he is small. But all the rest makes a good teamwork, like Lavi, Lenalee, and Allen. (And of course, fans are getting crazy about their OTPs, whether Lenalee x Allen or Lenalee x Lavi). There are also characters who are antagonist at first, but later becomes a comrade.

This anime has 103 episodes, (with great OSTs, OP and ED songs!) and the manga has 24 volumes, however the manga was on hiatus during the recent years, but now there is an update that the Katsura Hoshino-san is back, and is working on it. Hoooraaay!

4. Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)


Another anime about exorcists and demons, Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist in English), is about a young man, Okumura Rin and his twin brother, Yukio. As teenagers, they found out that they are the sons of the strongest demon called Satan, and in order to defeat their true but evil father, they decided to be one of the exorcists, and entered the True Cross Academy, a prestigious exorcism school, where Rin has a hard time studying while Yukio, given his smart and intelligent personality, becomes a professor. They made good friends with the other students inside the academy, including Shiemi Moriyama, a shy, quiet, and cute girl with a special ability to tame. She is also living with her grandmother, which makes her a bit naïve compared to the other students. Most of the time, she is gentle and clueless towards things around her. Another student is Ryuji Suguro, a huge, tall guy, whom at first, was Rin's rival. Izumo Kamiki is another student and friend; a tsundere with a very reserved character.

This anime is full of adventure, as these young teens fought against demons and other bad characters. Yet, this will give you laughter because their adventure is full of fun, excitement, and comedy. Rin's stubborn and hot-headed personality will make you mad sometimes, but his cool fighting skills and the blue flames in his head is what makes him one unique character. Yukio, on the other hand, will make the fangirls scream as this young, handsome brother of Rin turns into an intelligent professor. Pretty cool, huh.

The anime has 25 episodes, (and one of the ED songs is "Take Off" by 2PM) and most fans are hoping for another season, which would probably be a few years from now :) Meanwhile, there are official movies released, and the manga is still on-going, so while waiting for season 2, you can read the manga :)

3. Code Geass


You'd probably agree on this: that one of the most brilliant anime stories ever created is Code Geass.

Set in an era where Britannia, Chinese Federation, and European Union are reigning over as the three superpowers, Lelouch, a Britannian prince, together with his sister Nunnally, was exiled in Japan by his father after their mother was murdered. Due to false accusations, Nunnally lost her eyesight and later, the ability to walk, hence, the reason why she remains in a wheelchair, and doubled the responsibility of Lelouch to finish the war and take care of his sister.

In Japan, Lelouch was involved in several terrorist attacks, and later became friend with Suzaku Kururugi in executing their plans against Britannia. However, Lelouch almost died during one of the attacks, thanks to the green-haired girl who saved him, who is called C.C. and here starts their contract that grants him the power called "Geass" which allows him to command and control everyone using the mark on his eye through direct eye contact.

With the power of geass that Lelouch used, he aimed to find out who killed their mother and seek revenge against it. He continued to fight until he became the leader of the Black Knights, under his other self, known as Zero. With his power and the trust that people had gained on him, he lead the way of the rebellion against Britannia.

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There are 50 episodes made, the first season has 25, and the second has another 25. There are 4 OVAs released, and the manga has made several volumes. This is a good anime with a good spin of the conflicts, and will definitely give you the entertainment of a good shounen anime.

2. Magi


A great fantastic story set in the ancient times, Magi is a story about Alibaba Saluja and his friend, Alladin as they enter the adventure of travelling the world to claim the treasures and searching the dungeons to win over the obstacles of the djinns and be their acquaintance. Along their journey, they met Morgiana, a girl from the Fanalis tribe. Her incredible strength was of great help in fighting the bad people. They were also brought into Sindria, a prestigious country lead by the mighty king, Sinbad. In the first season, the Labyrinth of Magic, Alladin went to Magnostadt to improve his magical powers, but later on, they realized that the leader of this country, Mogamett, has a huge mass of dark rukh stored underground.

The first and second seasons has 25 episodes each, (and hoping that a third season will come up soon) with an extra OVA about Sinbad's story, entitled "Adventure of Sinbad".

Its characters has a resemblance to the real-life stories, such as Alladin, Alibaba, and Sinbad.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist


The list would not be completed without this anime: Fullmetal Alchemist. Although there are two Fullmetal anime series, the second one, the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is more preferable, because: (1) the story sticks according to what is written in the manga, (2) has better animated quality, and (3) better OSTs. The first one is pretty cool, too (however, I do not like the flow of the story and the ending).

This is all about the Elric brothers, the older one named Edward, and the younger named Alphonse. The two grew up in a happy family raised by their mother, but one day, their mother died. They want to resurrect her, so they performed alchemy in order to bring her back. But it was a failure, and what's more horrible is Alphonse's body was lost, and his spirit was saved in a seal drawn by Ed in an empty armor, and even Ed lost his arm. The two seek desperately for answers and searched about alchemy by having journey, and to their encounters, they have learned several things about the true nature of alchemy.

This is a good anime with a very touching story, about the love of family, friends, and even simple people who came across your life. Ed and Al may have experienced the worst struggle, but they have proven that in times of need, they will have to help each other no matter what. In the end, it's all about the two of them, saving each other and fighting against the evil. A romantic side of the story is hinted in Winry's story, their childhood friend. The tragic story of their father, Van Hohenheim is another great story. Generally, FMA is a good shonen anime for you to watch. :)


Someone on December 23, 2018:

Where the frocking frack is Hunter x Hunter

nipster on June 14, 2017:

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! Do not read comment unless you have seen full metal alchemist!

Did you notice that the ice guy at the start of full metal alchemist all along. He tried to warn everyone about the furor and we thought he was a lunatic. By the end everyone knew what he said was true but by then he was long forgotten!

Martin on June 07, 2015:

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