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Top 20 Anime Characters We Love to Hate

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We dish out medals to 20 most hated anime characters who successfully made our blood boil.

There's always a bad egg in every basket, and in some cases, these irritants even managed to ruin a good anime series for us - Every one of their cameos signals our lightening reaction to reach for either the 'mute' or 'fast forward' button. But there's no point in pondering what the writers were thinking when they created these torturous creatures (which the poor viewers have to endure till the end of the series). Instead, this calls for an Award Ceremony to recognize the Most Annoying Characters in Anime History! Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for...


Character With The Most Annoying Voice

And the nominees are...


Number 1 : Shippo (Inuyasha)

To my utter horror, after his trivial showdown with the Thunder brothers, Shippo was welcomed to join Inuyasha and friends on their 193 episode-long journey. From the moment the orphan demon fox toddler spoke, I knew that I would have to watch the whole Inuyasha series with the remote control in my hand to mute his scratchy sore-throat screams and exclamations. The series is long enough in itself without Shippos filler episodes dragging it on; I believe he is the only member in the gang of 5 whose background and story doesn't contribute much to the main plot. Ask me if I care if he just discovered puppy love or learn some life-changing lesson on his way to manhood, all I wanted was for his squeaky voice to break, either that or him locked in the hut with Kaede oba-san so we don't have to hear him whine on almost every episode.


Number 2 : Jaken (Inuyasha)

Rumiko Takahashi (mangaka) definitely set this piece of frog demon out to be hated. For starters, his hideous looks and smug attitude tipped the 'Disgusting Scales', and it didn't get any better when we had to put up with his constant ass-licking and passionate shrieks of "Seeshhomaruu Saaammaaaaaa" almost every 10 seconds into his dialogue. I look forward to every appearance by the awesome Sesshomaru-sama but never fail to cringe when seeing that dreadful toad thing clinging on to his beautiful fur and squawking around aimlessly. "Maybe Jaken's character was created to ease the tension surrounding his serious Lord" - one might argue, nevertheless we can do well without his pointless, very unfunny comic relief.


Number 3 : Renge (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Although she plays a really really minor role in the series, Renge's evil laughter is etched in my memory as one of the most annoying screechy female anime characters I know. I hate the way she enunciates the 'HO HO HOs' as she swivels up from some secret entrance. Yes we get it, she's funny 'cause she's a loudmouth. Not.


Number 4 : Chopper (One Piece)

I know his legions of fans will hate me when I say that Sanji should have cooked a communal venison dish for the crew and spare us of this worrisome little bugger. When Chopper goes into panic-mode, he breaks into an incessant rambling which sound like the massacre of a thousand rubber ducks. You could have hired a quieter doctor, Captain Luffy... or are you simply keeping him on board as emergency food supply?


Number 5 : Happy (Fairy Tail)

Yet another squeal that could rival Chopper's pip. You know...I was never affected by Happy's voice until they made Fairy Tail into an Anime. Unless the majority of viewers are 5 year old kids, Happy is not such a cutie once you've watched pass the 10th episode.


From the moment the orphan demon fox toddler spoke, I knew that I would have to watch the whole Inuyasha series with the remote control in my hand to mute his scratchy sore-throat screams and exclamations.

Who takes the prize?


Number 6 : Yahiko Myojin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Yahiko (or Yoshi in the Eng version : Samurai X) is the weakest link in one of my favourite mangas/anime series. The wannabe samurai makes his grand debut by attempting to rob Kenshin (minus 10 points) and then goes on to act like a class A smart ass by making fun of both Kaoru and Kenshin (minus 15 points). But alas the poor lad is an orphan and gets bullied by street thugs (plus 5 points). However, after getting 'adopted' into the Doujo, he still remains as the same spoilt and cocky prick (MINUS 100 POINTS!).


Weakest Character Personality

And the nominees are...


Number 7 : The entire cast from Lucky star

Enough said.

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Number 8 : Yuki Cross (Vampire Knights)

Where do I even begin ... this big whiner is the reason I dropped the series after about 10 tiresome chapters of the manga. That's right. I couldn't bring myself to listen to her moan about her feelings and act all self-righteous and compassionate in the anime re-make. Not to mention, the manga Yuki's eyes were wayyy too bulgy for that tiny frame of a face (must resist urge to slap) and totally creeped me out. The 'tragic' pure-blood has everything laid out for her, 2 hotties for potential lovers, good-looking friends, cool powers, nice clothes ... yet she wraps herself up in a dramatic emotional turmoil created by a typical self-absorbed protagonist, while ignoring the fact that most of VK shoujo fans just wanna see Kaname/Zero kun's next smexy pose. The mangaka obviously never thought this through when she created such a flaccid and undesirable weakling like Yuki.


Number 9 : Raki (Claymore)

Starting off as a weak crybaby that Clare has to lug around, this bundle of burdens slowly made his way up the ranks of 'most useless anime sidekicks'. With his gallantly stupid interventions, he creates a heck load of trouble for his poor baby-sitter and successfully stops her from killing major monster villain Priscilla. But ooh the plot thickens... now he is about the same age as Clare (we can see where this is going...) and stronger, yet amazingly still manages to annoy us. In a nutshell, Raki's personality is like plain water, he seems to have no distinct character that it took me a long while to figure out who that annoying teen was in the later parts of the manga.


Characters That Need To Die

And the nominees are...


Number 10 : Kyoko Kirisaki (Black Cat)

My love for Train Heartnet might have added a tinge to the bias against this nutter. Urgh, Kyoko has a really slappable face and an infuriating self-confidence and care-free attitude to match. Usually the cliché of 'a cute and innocent girl who wields a surprisingly deadly power' works well for most characters, but not in this case. She just seems to be pushing that envelope and failing really badly at it.


Number 11 : Misa Ayame (Death Note)

Misa, the disillusioned fan of Kira (Light Yagami), plays a pretty big part in this amazing manga series, mainly since she indirectly caused the deaths of L, Rem and innocent police officers while conveniently having her memories erased and sky-rocketing to fame with her career. The annoying Lolita, who constantly refers to herself in third-person (with the sickeningly sweet moniker Misa-Misa), is a total airhead doormat who gets treaded on and manipulated by her hero, kudos to Light. Aside from the obnoxious personality, there are moments when she complicates things so badly for both L and Light that (although you know it's all part of the complex plot) she just makes your vein pop! Someone should have written her name in the deathnote eons ago and get this b**** done and over with.


Number 12 : Haruno Sakura (Naruto)

Definitely one of the most hated anime characters to date, Sakura lit our heart with a burning fury of hatred when she first came on screen. Packed with more bad attitudes than a street fighter combo move, her personality is a sorry combination of traits like uncouth, insecure, spoilt, selfish, manipulative, vain and predictable (seriously, just pick one woman!) Even her cherry pink hair colour can't save her from amassing a horde of male haters, and since she threw herself in the middle of a love triangle, Sasu/Naru pairing fan girls also add themselves to her momentous anti-fan club. Even though she's already found her destiny, cut her hair and wised up, she has fallen too far behind on Naruto's favorite character poll.

Most Annoying Naruto Character


Characters That Try Too Hard

And the nominees are...

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Number 13 : Chocolove McDonnell (Shaman King)

Don't even get me started about the character design.


Number 14 : Lambo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

"Bokuwa dare da? Kimi wa Lambo! Kimi wa dare da? Boku wa Lambo" Baby Lambo sings. Awww ain't that precious... until he becomes every mother's worst nightmare. When he's not sleeping, he's doing something other than helping out in Vongola battles, like spilling, stealing, or spoiling things.


Number 15 : Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

If anyone can make a straight dude hate a heavy-chested chick, it would be Orihime. The brainless bimbo's mission in life is to heal the supposed wounds on Kurosaki's heart, but someone should tell the poor ditz that saying 'Kurosaki-kun' 10 times in a breath will do nothing but piss the hell out of everyone. Going for the 'eccentrically odd but incredibly hot' image, Orihime turns out to be a major fail and ends up being plain stupid.


Number 16 : Don Kanonji (Bleach)

Bleach heads might protest when I say that this highly acclaimed series has more annoying than cool characters in it and one of these ultimate idiots is Don Kanonji. Appearing after every major fight in some tiring filler episode, he continually fails to make us laugh with his wacky moustache and ridiculously cartoon trademark pose. Try harder Don. Or rather, stop trying so hard.


Number 17 : Tohru Honda (Fruit Basket)

Okay we get that she plays the really dense heroine whose love and words help heal the emotional wounds of her friends without her even realizing it. But Tohru takes 'USELESS' to another level and gets us questioning if she's intentionally acting retarded to gain sympathy from Yuki and Kyo. Fortunately the main plot drifts away from her and begins to unravel more interesting characters in the Souma family, cutting out a lot of her screen time. Thank God.

Most Hated Bleach Character


Shit Crazy Characters

And the nominees are...


Number 18 : Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

She might have seen this coming when she single-handedly murdered millions of people with the FLEIJA. On top of being a racist towards the Japanese and trying to blow up Tokyo, she's also found to be a tad gay when evidence of her unhealthy obsession with Euphemia were out on the table.(pun intended) It's no wonder she bears the brunt of hatred from Geass fans. As if that wasn't enough, the repulsive facial expressions give her haters more reason (and material) to lash out at her.


Number 19 : Team Rocket (Pokémon)

The English-dubbed version almost killed me.


Number 20 : Malcolm C. Lvellie (D-Gray Man)

The guy had it coming ... You can't really blame anyone for hating on you when you model your facial hair after Hitler.

You can find endless scores of forum debates and blog rants on these unfavorable characters, but despite driving us up the wall, we still gotta commend them for spicing things up sometimes. In fact, these vein-popping personalities have united anti-fans across the world into one single wave of loathing that it nearly brings a tear to my eye.

*Sniff* What can I say - A common enemy truly makes the best of friends!

Have beef with some character who ruined your anime series? Think we missed out an annoying character from the list? Disagree with our award nominees? Tell us what you think!

Dissing a fictional character is fun :) - Tell us your most hated anime character of all time!

Lexi on April 17, 2019:

I can agree with most of these except Tohru. She’s a sweet girl who’s gone through a lot but manages to stay positive, which I find admirable. I can’t see why anyone would hate her, she wasn’t a damsel in distress and she’s not useless at all either. She literally broke the Sohma curse and got Kyo to go back to his original form. Her love for all of the zodiacs is so precious, and she’s overall a well developed character who deeply cares about everyone.

i have no name on April 01, 2019:

how is happy anoying!? I think he is cute

Renny Leap from Philippines on June 01, 2018:

That Nina Einstein...Where do I even begin..

Lilianna Flores05 on November 01, 2017:


Kanna on February 23, 2017:

Nice list. I don't know all characters but I think that everyone put Sakura (naruto) on their list. I don't hate her but personally I don't understand why she didn't work hard on herself. She had a potential.

Cateleon10 on January 02, 2016:

Chopper for real? he's the sweetest crew member and a great docter.

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on May 05, 2015:

Nice list, Max. Team Rocket *really* should have left Pokémon years ago. Look forward to seeing more from you!

rinrein on August 01, 2014:

@Aja103654: and...and.. he killed lelouche TT^TT.. the feeels

three michi on January 15, 2014:

@nekoichilove: I need to catch up on my reading.... did not know she broke the curse. D: But yes I loved her too!

Max Wong (author) from Singapore on October 21, 2013:

@nekoichilove: Thanks for your feedback nekoichilove. I agree that anime can really put down a great character in a manga form.

nekoichilove on October 21, 2013:

The only thing I disagree with is Tohru Honda. She is not useless, the anime literally destroys her character. In the manga she is kind, but also not afraid to voice her opinions, she grows a backbone and sticks up for the other zodiacs against Akito. Akito even attacked her on several occasions because of it. Also in the end of the manga she was able to break the family curse, so yes she was useful, she was able to do something no one else could do in the Sohma family. Also Fruits Basket popularity polls usually always has her in the top three. She's not as hated as you think, but this isn't the first time a anime as ruined a character from a manga.

Max Wong (author) from Singapore on August 06, 2013:

@anonymous: Thanks for the detail feedback One Piece Lover. After reading them, I have to say I agree to most of the hated characters you mentioned. ^^

anonymous on August 06, 2013:

You forgot four of my most hated characters from One Piece. Out of all the annoying and ear grating villains in the show these are my top three.

4. Enel. His look is one thing to be annoyed about, especially his ears. But he always goes on and on and on and ON about how he's God and all that stuff. He ruined the entire Skypeia arc. The Skypeia arc was beautifully done and this idiot had to go and ruin it. And now just because he ate a devil fruit he is now some almighty powerful God. NOT! The trip up to Skypeia was awesome and the toll was just outrageously funny, each person for 5,000,000. Yet they were told they could could go without paying the toll but later they found out it was illegally. The police their, who were following Enel's laws, had so many ridiculous laws and the punishment was also ridiculous - it was not the kind of funny ridiculous but the kind of ridiculous that pisses you off. That was just the creme of the crop for how the arc was ruined, now whenever I'm rewatching the show and this arc comes up I skip Angel island and go straight to Upper yard. And then when Enel comes up I skip to after the fight because he's just so ANNOYING.

3. Buggy the Clown. Just his look will send someone up the wall, and to make matters worse his nose is his actual nose! And after the Impel Down and Marineford arc my hate for him went even worse. A bunch of these really strong prisoners were praising Buggy as if he was some god even though he only had a 15 million berri bounty - he was the second to weakest pirate with a bounty the show had and now he's a Warlord? And those prisoners kept going on and on about how Buggy was going to 'rule the world'. And the only reason they were acting like that was because Buggy had freed them from their cages in a super prison and how Buggy got to them was by using his powers to get free from his own cage because he got imprisoned cause he was stupid and literately walked into a marine base. And during the first five minutes of him getting free he gets caught by a monitor and triggers the alarm. So does he do the smart thing and quietly hide while everything quiets down? No, he runs screaming for help everywhere he went. And it was by pure luck he ran into Luffy who had to help him beat up the guards. Not to mention his voic