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The World's Fastest Guitar Player

As a team leader for a group of guitar teachers I gave a lot of thought to teaching improvisation these articles arose from that experience.

Who Is The Fastest Guitar Player In The World

So you want to know who is the fastest guitar player in the world? It's a fact that guitarists are very often obsessed with speed. They are very competitive and speed on the guitar is easy to measure! Why is it important to be the world's fastest guitar player? The fastest guitar player is hotly disputed, but there are two main contenders for fastest guitar player in the world - Tiago Della Vega and Randall Padilla - and lots of excellent guitarists who can run them a close second, third or fourth. These players are athletes as much as musicians.

Have a listen to the music of the fastest guitar players in the world....

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Electric guitar at rest after a blistering solo attempt.

Electric guitar at rest after a blistering solo attempt.

How Do I Become The Fastest Guitar Player In The World?

Or why Dragonforce sucks...

Just who is the best guitar player in the world? Who is the fastest guitar player in the world? Are they the same thing? How do I get to be the world's best guitar shredder? Can you tell me how to play REALLY fast?

Whether you take acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons you have probably asked your teacher who is the fastest guitar player. Perhaps you would like to know how to play guitar really fast and a more important question if you got here deliberately might be "How Do I Become The Fastest Guitar Player In The World...."

You made the first step when you decided to learn guitar, not everyone who wants to learn how to play guitar necessarily wants to be the fastest guitar shredder but perhaps your dream is to be the best guitar player you can be. Your first step might be to buy one of those cheap Beginner guitars

And why does Dragonforce suck? The simple answer is, they DON'T but the whole Guitar Hero thing does. Guitar Hero is a game, not a musical learning tool and if you only set your goals to be able to play THAT solo (which is so easy on Guitar Hero) you are cheating yourself of the musical study that will make you as good or even better than Dragonforce. It is NOT all about speed, but it IS about the musical USE of speed....

Becoming the fastest guitarist is not about playing Dragonforce on Guitar Hero, or daydreaming about stardom, it is about dedicating yourself to that goal in a safe and sensible way. Here I will give you a few tips but you should be just as interested in sound quality and songwriting.

Is Tiago Della Vega the fastest guitar player in the world? - Tiago Della Vega The Official Record Holder

The fastest guitar players have one thing in common, their fingers hardly move at all! When the fastest guitarists play it looks effortless. This video shows amazing Brazilian guitar player Tiago Della Vega who is currently the record holder. Here you see him play The Flight of the Bumblebee at increasingly fast pace. He makes it look a lot easier than it actually is! Personally I would have been happy with 170bpm for musical results, but I am not a guitarthlete!

Could Randall Padilla just be the fastest guitar player in the world? - Randall Padilla - A Monster Contender For World's Fastest Guitar Player

The best guitar players in the world have one thing in common - their technique is easy and flawless. If you want to know the best hand position for shredding (allowing there will always be variation due to hand size) watch these guys! The answer is positional playing, a "cello" thumb position, and minimal movement.

Heavy metal "wannabees" will often use extended stretches, three note per string scales, and avoid using the pinky - that sort of technique risks injury and slows the player down! Tiago Della Vega has a great left hand technique.

Here we see the most likely contender to knock him off the Guinness pedestal.... Watch that left hand for some very valuable guitar instruction. I have taught so many beginner guitar lessons in my life and they all have one thing in common - the left hand makes big clumsy moves. These guys are almost motionless! Effort is minimal when you look at the fastest guitar shredders!

Randal Padilla Plays 1522 - Randal Padilla's Style Is Reminiscent of Gary Moore's Style

This is gorgeous guitar playing. Randall is aiming for 26 notes per second and the World Record, but this video shows an altogether different side to his playing. Yes, there are parts of this that show blistering speed, but this is a stunning blues instrumental.... Thank you Randall for your visit, your email and letting me know about this incredible guitar music!

John Petrucci - Great guitar player - Rock Discipline from John Petrucci

John Petrucci is one of the fastest guitar shredders of today and a great role model for young musicians aspiring to become the best guitar player in the world.

Just who is the worlds fastest guitar player?

The Fastest Guitarists In The World - From Jazz and Fusion, Through Metal, To Flamenco....

There are many established guitarists who claim to be the world's fastest guitar player, or whose fans claim they are. These lists are often more skewed by fame and popularity than actual technical wizardry on the guitar, but I will let you judge for yourselves. Read the wisdom, listen and watch the videos I have linked for you here, but above all have fun and enjoy the fastest guitar playing in the world!

Jennifer Batten - Flight of the Bumblebee - amazing tapfest!

Michael Angelo Batio - Full Force

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Paco de Lucia - Fastest Fingerstyle player?

Albert Lee - Country Boy

Uli Jon Roth - Sails of Charon - Scorpions sting!

Al Di Meola - Fastest Jazz Picker on the Planet?

Randy Rhoades - Crazy Train solo - live

Timo Tolkii - Speed of Light - live

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie - live

Joe Satriani - Joe Satriani - Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock - Music Book

Frank Gambale - Yang

Trey Azagthoth - Morbid Angel

Steve Vai - Building The Church

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn - the story of his fight against ALS

Jason Becker Albums

Mick Barr - avant garde guitarist - Information

The Great Kat - Metal Messiah

Bloody Vivaldi by The Great Kat

Marty Friedman plays Elixir

How To Play This Fast....

How To Shred Effectively.

So do you want to learn to play guitar in this elegant style and become the fastest guitar player in the world? This is the important part of my lens. If you choose to go for speed as your goal, you need to do so safely. It is no good being the second fastest ex-guitarist and faulty technique might cause severe and permanent injury. If you are trying this without a teacher, then please read these tips CAREFULLY.