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The Top Ten Best Unfinished Anime


The Top Ten Best Unfinished Anime

Sadly a lot of really good anime are scarped sometimes midway through the series, sometimes they just never get their proper ending and sometimes they end before they ever began.

This list is best anime that for whatever reason never exceeded 13 episodes and was left undone.

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Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth DVD Cover

Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth DVD Cover

Number 10

Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth

Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth is a two episode OVA that was released in 1997.

It starts off pretty typical, an orphan young man, named Yuusuke, sees a young lady fall from the sky she goes by the of Rouge. She has amnesia and he takes her back to his home. The two spend time together and fall in love.

The plot picks up in the second episode when Rouge's sisters come to take her back. Rouge is the oldest sister of the Underground. The second leads us to believe that she is not the sweet young lady the show paints her as and it could have turn into some much darker than the first episode suggests.

But since the show ended at episode two we'll never the real plot of this fairly unknown, unfinished anime.

Princess Rouge: The Legend of the Last Labyrinth Trailer

Gestalt DVD Cover

Gestalt DVD Cover

Number 9


Gestalt was a two episode OVA released in 1997. Gestalt is based on an 8 volume manga that ran from 1992 to 2001.

Gestalt is a fantasy about a priest trying to find a banished god and his sorcereress companion. As they track down the banished god on a forbidden Island know as "G", they are being pursued by another powerful sorcereress.

The characters are fun and the show is silly and makes funs of fantasy tropes. Unfortunately the shows ends before the characters can ever set foot on "G" so there are many, many unanswered questions.

Angel Sanctuary DVD Cover

Angel Sanctuary DVD Cover

Number 8

Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary is a 3 episode OVA released in 2000. The anime was meant to be an introduction to the manga series which is 20 volumes long.

The plot of Angel Sanctuary is a battle between Heaven and Hell and an angel who had been reincarnated into a boy who is fated to miserable and is in love with his sister.

The manga series is dramatic and over the top with gorgeous artwork. The anime did capture the same style of art and since it's meant to be an introduction to manga doesn't even try to go deep into the series or characters but you are left wanting more of the story in an audio/visual media.

Angel Sanctuary Official Trailer

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My Dear Marie DVD Cover

My Dear Marie DVD Cover

Number 7

My Dear Marie

My Dear Marie is 3 episode anime released in 1996. It was based on 10 volume manga.

It tells the story of a hapless geek who in love with a beautiful girl named Marie, deciding that Marie is out of his league he builds an android look-like also named Marie. He made Marie too human-like and she makes it her mission to get him together with the human Marie.

Marie never gets to complete her mission as in the third episode she is programed to dream which results is some surreal dream sequences.

Alien Nine DVD Cover

Alien Nine DVD Cover

Number 6

Alien Nine

Alien Nine is 4 episode anime based on 3 volume manga.

It's about a group of elementary school students who hunt alien and wear "Borg", a symbiotic life-form to help them.

It's a very bizarre surreal show. The show was never really scraped instead it has been considered in development hell.

The show has become somewhat of a cult classic in the anime world

Alien Nine English Trailer - English Dub

Legend of Basara Anime Volume 1 Cover

Legend of Basara Anime Volume 1 Cover

Number 5

The Legend of Basara

The Legend of Basara is a 13 episode anime from 1998. It was based on 27 volume manga that ran from 1990 to 1998.

It takes place in Japan at the end of 21st century. The main character is Sarasa, who is the twin sister of Tatara "the Child of Destiny" who is said will free the country and stop the tyrannical rule of the Empire. When Tatara is killed, Sarasa assumes his identity.

The series roughly covers only the first 5 volumes. The manga is very plot heavy so it's shame that they didn't complete the anime has it could have been an epic masterpiece like manga.

Scene from Legend of Basara [TV] - episode 5

Please Save my Earth DVD Cover

Please Save my Earth DVD Cover

Number 4

Please Save My Earth

Please Save My Earth is a 6 episode OVA from 1993-1994. It was based on a 21 volume manga.

It's about a bunch of students who all have the same recurring collective dreams. The dreams are actually memories from their past lives as alien scientists who were station on the moon to gather data on the Earth.

The OVA only covers the first 9 volumes, so it's doesn't go in the depths of emotions and character development that the manga does but it does create a beautiful, tragic, dramatic, romantic and hunting shoujo anime.

Please, Save My Earth Ending - I love this song, It's beautiful!

3x3 Eyes DVD cover

3x3 Eyes DVD cover

Number 3

3x3 Eyes

3x3 Eyes is a 7 episode OVA that is in two parts. The first part is from 1991-1992 and the second is from 1995 to 1996. It's based on a 40 volume manga that ran from 1987 to 2002.

It's about Pai who is a three eye immortal demon who wants to become human and is seeking a relic to do so. She enlists the help of the son of an archeologist who was helping in her. In their first meeting the son, Yakumo, is accidentally killed by her pet demon and she consumes his soul making him an immortal too. He can only die if she dies.

The anime only covers 5 volumes so the anime leaves you wanting more by the end. 3x3 Eyes does have violence and horror but there are also really sweet and romantic moments.

Fan Made Trailer

Bastard!! DVD Cover

Bastard!! DVD Cover

Number 2


Bastard is a 6 epsiode OVA from 1992. It's based on a 27+ volume manga that has run since 1988 and is still going though it's on hiatus.

It about the Kingdom of Metaricana and how it's attacked by the four lords of Havoc. This prompts the high priest to ask his daughter to awaken Dark Schneider, a wizard and former leader of the Riders, from within the body of 14-year old boy.

Bastard is a ton of fun to watch but you are left wanting more episodes by the end since nothing is ever concluded.

Bastard Amv

Dragon Half Cover

Dragon Half Cover

Number 1

Dragon Half

Dragon Half is a two episode OVA from 1993.

The story is about Mink, who a half human and half dragon. She is in love with pop idol Dick Saucer who is a dragon slayer. She wants to get his attention and thwart her rival Princess Vina who is half slime.

This anime is hilarious and has lots of fun interesting characters. It pokes fun at Anime cliches and is a ton of fun to watch. It's tragic that it wasn't made into more episode.

Dragon Half Ending plus Traler - The song is awesome!

Dragon Half DVD

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Mokuren from Please Save my Earth

Mokuren from Please Save my Earth

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Anonymous on October 13, 2020:

Shamanic Princess. It’s not on the list, but the art and music are incredible. The plot left a lot of holes, but it would have been incredible if the series was expanded to at least 12 episodes.

N B Yomi from Dallas, TX on June 24, 2019:

Okay so I know that Dragon Half and Bastard were unfinished, but Angel's Santuary, Please Save My Earth, Gestalt, and 3x3 Eyes...? Really, those weren't finished...? Shows what I know...

Levon on August 10, 2017:

Where's Claymore?

Baskerville LM on June 22, 2013:

Dragon Half was so funny. I was thinking of adding it to my list too.

CalobrenaOmai on August 14, 2012:

It'll be interesting to see Alien9 anime some day. I only read the 3 volumes of the manga along with the 4th that showed them a little more grown up (sort of).

anonymous on April 01, 2012:

No berserk cmon

Tolovaj Publishing House from Ljubljana on September 17, 2011:

Not a fan of anime, but you made pretty impressive list. If I find some time I'd love to see some of presented animes:)

cuteordeath on August 11, 2011:

Wow, I remember most of these. I'd love to see Alien Nine come back!

OrganicMom247 on May 26, 2011:

I know nothing about Anime except the fact that the kids at school LOVE this stuff. Nice lens.

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