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The Movie Legend by Ridley Scott Starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry

image source - movie still

image source - movie still

To this day when asked, "What is your favorite movie?," I always find myself replying "Legend, you know, Ridley Scott's movie with the unicorns." Many times I get, " Oh, I love that movie! I grew up with that movie!" Sometimes, I get a blank stare, and this always surprises me. I think, how could you possibly not know this film?! Well, If you have not seen the movie, I'd like very much to introduce the movie, the characters, and the music soundtrack to you.

If you've never seen this fantasy adventure fairy tale by director Ridley Scott, I believe you are in for a real treat. Legend came out in 1985. I was 15 years old. My family and I were snowed-in and just before the storm hit, my mother rented Legend. My father, mother, sister, and I watched it for the first time during a snowstorm, and it was an everlasting magical experience for all of us. Since, we have all watched the movie over and over again. My sister and I have introduced it to our sons. We are not alone. Many love this movie, and it has become a timeless classic cult movie.

If you have already seen the movie Legend and love it, then have a happy nostalgic trip down memory lane!

Before we get started, let me state that this movie is for adults just as much as, or probably more so, than for kids. It has a PG rating, and it is a darker style fairy tale, depicting both good and evil. A couple of the dark characters are very intense on the screen (remember Meg Mucklebones?). Therefore, you definitely want to be there with your child if he or she is very young. I've included video clips below so that you may get a good feel for the movie.

Legend is a Fairytale Between Good and Evil

The Movie Legend - image credit - all images are movie stills

The Movie Legend - image credit - all images are movie stills

- in traditional beauty and dark style

Legend is a British-American film written by William Hjortsberg and directed by Ridley Scott starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara. It's story line centers around the Unicorn, a pure, sacred creature that wanders the Earth. As long as at least one unicorn roams the earth, the earth and all its creatures will exist in harmony. There will always be a balance between Light and Dark.

There are two types of viewers that like this move. This movie is for those who love the legend of unicorns and who enjoy the beauty of a good fairy tale, and it is for those who just can't get enough of the The Lord of Darkness in this film. The Lord of Darkness is played by Tim Curry and his costume and character have stood the test of time.

The soundtrack released with this movie was a hit as well. There are actually two soundtracks, but the one I am writing about features Tangerine Dream, an early 80's pioneer of electronic sounds and music. You may recall their song Moments in Love from the 1980s.

Jon Anderson of Yes is also on the Tangerine Dream soundtrack. His vocal addition to the movie's song Loved By the Sun is amazing! It is a beautiful song and with Jon Andersen's angel-like voice, you're left in awe. In fact, they hit you with this at the end of the movie, and you are just left speechless. At least, we all were.

Starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara

Tom Cruise and Mia Sara as Jack and Lily

Tom Cruise and Mia Sara as Jack and Lily

A young Tom Cruise and Mia Sara play Jack the forest child and Lili. the maiden. Lili is a young girl of suitor age who gallivants off into the forest to meet with Jack, her found love who teaches her the language of animals. In fact, there's a scene at the beginning of the movie where Jack is listening to Lily communicate with a bird. It's a very nice sweet scene, depicting both Jack and Lili's innocence.

I don't want to give away too much of the plot. Personally, I don't like knowing too much about the plot of a movie before I see it. Rather than give away the plot, I would like to introduce you to this fantasy adventure through its characters. All of the characters are really marvelous.

What I will tell you is that Jack and Lili together learn that there can be no light without dark, a common theme in fairy tales, but down fantastically well in this film.

Before I delve into each of the main characters, if you'd like to purchase Legend, I've provided two links to what I think are the best choices for buying this movie.

See the Movie Legend!

There are Two Versions Available - Please Read Descriptions

If you would like to purchase the movie Legend, please make sure you read the description closely!! There are two versions. There is the director's-cut with music produced and composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and then there is the box-office US theatrical release version featuring music by Tangerine Dream.

Both movies are very different from one another, down to the filming, lighting, scenes, scene editing, and music. I am recommending the box-office release with the music by Tangerine Dream as your first introduction to Legend. I don't want to take away from Ridley Scott's director's-cut or Jerry Goldsmith's music. However, I really do think you'll like the other better. Besides, you get to hear Jon Andersen at the end of the Tangerine Dream version!

Both Editions I have selected here come with both versions. As I stated before, please watch the US Theatrical version with Tangerine Dream first.

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What have we here, a little boy?

Some Would Argue Tim Curry is the Star - Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness

Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness

Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness

The Lord of Darkness, or rather "Darkness," character is liked so much by fans that often, movie posters for Legend feature the Lord of Darkness and not Jack and Lili. Tim Curry did a marvelous job in this role. He has a very intense strong presence on screen.

If you watch the official trailer that I have below, you will see just how great Tim Curry is in this role, and you will see why so many believe Darkness stole the show! Also, I just have to give credit to the costume designer, lighting crew, sound crew, and editing crew. You'll see why in the trailer. Scenes with the Lord of Darkness are fantastic all the way around.

Legend won several make-up and costume artist awards. A loved costume for Halloween to this day particularly for adults is the Lord of Darkness. Those who like to collect "monster" masks and busts often have respect and appreciation for the creator of the Lord of Darkness.

"The Dreams of Youth are the Regrets of Maturity. Dreams are my Specialty. Through Dreams, I Influence Mankind."

— Darkness

Highly Collectible Lord of Darkness Figurines on eBay

A Lord of Darkness bust or full figurine would make a marvelous gift for any dark guy in your life.

They all love the Lord of Darkness. I have talked with so many, and it's true.

Even though this is a fairytale, they all like it and love Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness.

Higher, higher burning fire, making music like a choir.

— Blix

My Sister Might Say Blix is the Star - Alice Playten as Blix the Goblin

Alice Playten as the Goblin Blix

Alice Playten as the Goblin Blix

Blix is one creepy ugly looking goblin! I will never forget how horrified my mother was when my sister at age 12 came home from school with her latest art project. It was a clay bust of a demon-like creature, and it freaked our mother out. She didn't understand why my otherwise cheerful and happy sister would create such an obscenity. Well, I took one look at it, and said, "It's Blix." Then we all laughed. It was true. It was only Blix.

Blix is played by actress Alice Playten, and she does a really great job playing a servant to the Lord of Darkness. Blix is a must see character, as he is oddly funny, clever, cocky and sarcastic. He's got some great lines in the movie that have lasted over time. Die hard Legend fans can recite many, if not all, of his lines.

Now, that I think about it, I'm not sure if one can tell the gender of the character of Blix. I remember trying to figure this out at the dinner table one night after watching the film for the first time.

I also note here that Alice Playten also plays the voice roll of Honeythorn Gump, of who you'll be introduced to soon!

You Be a Forest Child and not know The Gump!? Honeythorn Gump at your service.

— Gump

My Father Might Say Gump is the Star - David Bennent as The Gump

David Bennent as Honeythorn Gump

David Bennent as Honeythorn Gump

Honeythorn Gump is the elf leader in this film and played by actor David Bennet. When we first meet the Gump, he is tough and angry at Jack. However, Jack quickly reverses this and is in Gumps favor. Gump helps and guides Jack through Jack's adventure and battle. David Bennet's acting is fabulous, and there isn't a better actor to be found who could have played this famous elf. -and I like his ears :)

Yes, they took the poor lass before they killed me.

— BrownTom

My Mother Might Say Brown Tom is the Star

Cork Hubbert as Brown Tom

Cork Hubbert as Brown Tom

- and also his side-kick Screwball

These two goofballs are two dwarfs that travel with Gump. They are silly, goofballs, and in their own way, adorable. You know that they are the best of pals. They provide comic relief in the film, and they are played by actors Billy Barty and Cork Hubbert.

Years after watching this film for the first time, my sister and her family got a lab and named him Brown Tom.

Some Would Say Meg Stole the Show - Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklebones

Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklebones

Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklebones

Okay, if you have a youngster at home who may be too young to see the scary parts in this movie, don't let your child see Meg. She'll give your child nightmares.

Meg's role is very small. She's not on screen for long, she's not a big character in the film, and she doesn't have many lines, but her presence is ever-lasting and will stay with you. Her full character name is Meg Mucklebones, and she is actually played by a male actor, Robert Picardo. Let me tell you that Robert Picardo shined in his role.

I Kinda Thought the Adalusian Horses were the Stars - and stole the show!

Lili with the Unicorn

Lili with the Unicorn

Okay, if you've seen my I love Black Friesians and Gypsy Vanners Article, you know I'm a horse lover.

The horses in this film that play the two unicorns are Andalusian horses. Andalusians are descendents of Iberian horses from Spain and Portugal. They are known for their intelligence and docile behavior. While they are docile, they were often chosen as war horses for their large athletic grace.

Andalusians come in many different colors, and most are grey. However, it is the white Andalusians that receive most of the oooohs and ahhhhs, and are therefore used to depict unicorns and circus performing horses.

They are truly beautiful horses.

The Official Trailer for the Movie Legend - enjoy! It's great.

Loved by the Sun - Song by Tangerine Dream, Vocals by Jon Anderson - beautiful Legend scenes, beautiful music, beautiful song ... Enjoy!

"Legends can be now and forever, teaching us to love for goodness sake - Loved by the Sun"

"Sweet Songs of Youth, the Wise, the Meeting of all Wisdom - to Believe in the Good in Man" ~from the song, "Loved by the Sun"

"You think you have won?! What is Light without Dark?! I am a part of you all! You cannot destroy me! We are brothers eternal." ~Darkness

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Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on January 20, 2014:

@anonymous: I'm glad you agree :)

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on January 20, 2014:

@takkhisa: As always takkhis, thank you kindly.

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on January 20, 2014:

@tonyleather: Yay! a big fan :) Thank you Tony.

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on January 20, 2014:

@Stuwaha: hello and thank you :) I absolutely agree!

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on January 20, 2014:

@SimonJay: hello and thank you for reading my take on it. Well, I think it's worth re-watching :) Enjoy the show!

SimonJay on January 20, 2014:

I watched this movie 2 times as a child and i don't remember much of it, i really need to rewatch this film thanks.

Stuwaha on November 18, 2013:

I loved this movie as a child and I very much enjoyed rediscovering it as an adult. It's just enchanting and the bonus features on the DVD make it even better!

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on November 13, 2013:

@HealthfulMD: thank you so much, and thank you for taking the time to read my review. I love this movie. So, anyone else who does...well, it's like an instant bond. My nephew watched this movie over and over and over when he was pretty small. My son, however, wasn't ready for it until recently. (He turned 12 in September.) I hope you daughters like it!

Kirsti A. Dyer from Northern California on November 13, 2013:

Loved this. Mia Sara was gorgeous. Tom Cruise is so cute (and young) in this one. Tim Curry was amazing. I have shared this one with my daughters. Now that they are a bit older, they might enjoy it more.

tonyleather on November 06, 2013:

One of the most memorable movies I ever saw!

Takkhis on October 21, 2013:

I love this movie as well! You were 15 when this move was released, I actually did not appear in this world at that time, however I watched this movie with my brother exactly 2 years ago from now, we both enjoyed watching it, thanks for sharing this great lens :)

anonymous on May 06, 2013:

Great movie!!!

Melanie Wilcox (author) from Pennsylvania, USA on May 04, 2013:

@anonymous: You are very welcome :) -and I'm thrilled you agree!

anonymous on May 04, 2013:

I loved this movie when I was a kid! Ill have to check it out again. Thanks for the fun review!

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