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The Hills Cast Where Are They Now?

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The Hills Girls

The Full cast of The Hills

The Full cast of The Hills

Audrina, Kristin, Lo and Stephanie

Audrina, Kristin, Lo and Stephanie

Kristin and Lauren

Kristin and Lauren

The Hills Girls

The Hills Girls

Lauren Conrad (LC) Lauren was the original star of The Hills. After her popularity soared in reality show Laguna Beach, MTV made the decision to film Lauren going of to LA and all the trials and tribulations she faced along the way.

Since leaving The Hills in 2009 Lauren has been very busy and although she didn't make an appearance on the final episode of The Hills, she did film an alternative ending with co star Brody Jenner.

Lauren developed her fashion line 'The Lauren Conrad Collection' which she showcased at the Mercedes Benz LA fashion week in 2008. She later launched LC by Lauren Conrad in Kohl's stores nationwide. Lauren earns an estimated $1.5 Million each year for her clothes collections, TV appearances and product sales which is not bad going for a girl who started of as a reality star.

Lauren went on to write her own novels with her first 'LA Candy' being based on her own experiences. LA Candy is soon to be made into a movie. Lauren also wrote 'Sweet little lie's' and her third novel 'Sugar and Spice' she is currently writing her fourth novel.

She also released a book called 'Style' which tells all about her experiences in fashion. Lauren is still with her boyfriend of two years My Boys star Kyle Howard and they both appear to be madly in love. Lauren has a new reality show coming soon to MTV called 'Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable' which will focus on her fashion career so watch this space.

Whitney Port Whitney first starred in The Hills when she started a Teen Vogue internship alongside close pal Lauren Conrad. Whitney left the hills in 2008 to film her own spin off reality show called 'The City' which shows Whitney moving to New York and working her way up in the fashion industry.

Whitney designed her own clothes range in 2008 made up of cute cocktail dresses and party wear which she labelled 'Whitney Eve' and her spring/summer 2010 fashion line was show cased at New York fashion week.

As well as designing Whitney also enjoys acting and has auditioned for many movie rolls, she is frequently seen modelling on the front covers of some of the top glossy mags. Whitney phoned Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning and confirmed as of now it doesn't look like reality show 'The City' will be doing another series. Whitney is still in a happy relationship with boyfriend Ben Nemtin from 'The buried life'.

Audrina Partridge Audrina starred in The Hills after becoming friends with Heidi Montag when her and Lauren moved in to Audrinas building. Audrina became a popular cast member appearing in more episodes than any of the others. She remained on the show until the very last episode.

Since leaving the show she has starred in the movie 'Into the Blue 2' and 'Sorority Row' she was also rumoured to be playing the staring role in her friend Lauren Conrads movie 'LA Candy' although both woman deny this. Audrina has also filmed scenes for 'Kids of America' and 'Honey 2' which will both be released in 2011.

Audrina has done a lot of modelling work for various magazines and more recently starring in the eleventh series of 'Dancing with the stars' along side her dance partner Tony Dovolani.

Stephanie Pratt Stephanie starred in The Hills for the first time in season three when she was seen kicking off at Lauren Conrad for causing trouble for Stephanie's big brother Spencer.

Later when both Stephanie and Lauren realised they were on the same course they soon became friends which caused a lot of trouble for Stephanie with Spencer and the others.

Since The Hills ended Stephanie has done a lot of modelling work, she appeared as the cover girl for Supermodels Unlimited and H magazine. Stephanie has also been getting involved in a lot of charity work and most recently she posed naked for the Peta Campaign iPhone app to support the animals, she was photographed with just a Bunny to hide her modesty. She recently tweeted that she had just finished filming MTV's 'The Seven' where she will be showing you her decorating tips for throwing a Halloween party.

Lo Bosworth Lo first appeared in The Hills in the second series, she was supposed to be starring in the first series after both her and best friend Lauren Conrad had previously starred along side each other in reality show 'Laguna Beach' however the two girls had fallen out because of Jen Bunny and so Lo did not start filming until her and Lauren had made up and Lo ended up being one of the star roles in the final series of the hills show.

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Since leaving The Hills Lo has appeared at many awards along side her co stars she has also been working hard on her website The Lo down by Lo Bosworth and has recently wrote a book also titled 'The Lo Down' which is out to buy now .

Heidi Montag/Pratt Heidi appeared in Laguna Beach along side her then best friend Lauren Conrad, she then moved to LA with Lauren to star in 'The Hills'.

Heidi was a bubbly member of the cast until she met Spencer Pratt who gradually changed Heidi and was the cause of her hugely publicised fall out with Lauren Conrad. Throughout the next episodes of the show both Heidi and Spencer's became more and more strange and slightly uncomfortable to watch at times. Heidi went on to marry Spencer even though her friends and family strongly disapproved and things for the couple nicknamed Speidi just went from bad to worse.

In the final series of The Hills we saw a different Heidi after having ten cosmetic procedures in one day, risking her life to look like Barbie. In the final series we saw Heidi fall out with all her friends and family and after the fourth episode of the final series we didn't see Heidi or Spencer again this was because Spencer had sent death threats to a show producer and Heidi had accused the show creator of sexual harassment.

Since leaving The Hills Heidi has not been out of the papers it would seem this girl would do anything to get her name and picture in the headlines, Heidi along with Spencer starred in 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of her' where they both accused the directors of torturing them which led to them constantly leaving the jungle only to return again, of course they both knew this would be widely publicized.

Heidi has released many songs which have all flopped and her single 'More is More' is the only one ever to even reach the charts. Heidi has also launched her own fashion label called 'Heidiwood.

More recently Heidi starred in an Adam Sandler comedy called 'Just go with it'. Realising her and her husband was no longer getting a lot of press coverage the pair announced they had separated, Heidi moved out of the marital home and did numerous interviews about divorcing hubby Spencer, but predictably they are now back together.

Kristin Cavallari Kristin also starred in Laguna Beach and was caught in a love triangle with Stephen Coletti and Lauren Conrad. Kristin first made an appearance on The Hills at the end of series 4 but then had a regular starring role for the final two series of the show. Kristin has had roles in numerous films such as National Lampoons Van Wilder: Freshman year. She has also done a lot of promotional work and charity work including raising awareness for Aids and HIV. Kristin is also a regular at fashion shows and is rumoured to be dating Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Holly Montag Holly is the older sister of Heidi and we first saw her appear on two episodes of Laguna Beach, she then became a secondary cast member on the fourth series of The Hills when she moved to LA. Holly was never a fan of Spencer as he was very aggressive towards her and didn't like Holly to have anything to do with her younger sister.

Holly also appeared as a contestant on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of her' when Heidi and Spencer made their exit. While in the jungle she became very close to American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar and they were rumoured to be dating after the show. More recently Holly has announced that she wants to be a comedian after doing a ten minute stand up routine on stage.

Heidi and Jen Bunney

Heidi and Jen Bunney

Jayde and Brody

Jayde and Brody

Roxy and Whitney

Roxy and Whitney

The Other Hills Girls

Jen Bunney Jen was a minor star of The Hills as Lauren Conrad's friend from high school but their friendship met a grizzly end when Jen hooked up with Laurens love interest Brody Jenner at a birthday bash that Lauren had arranged for her. What made it all the more cringe worthy was Lauren had only minutes before had presented her friend Jen with real diamonds for her birthday, ouch! Since then Brody Jenner confessed Jen Bunney had a part in 'The Lauren Conrad sex tape rumours'. No one had heard a lot more on Jen until Heidi and Spencer Pratt split up recently and so Heidi went to live with Jen and they were supposed to be doing a reality show together which Jen was really excited about probably because she hadn't had any other offers in the pipeline, unfortunately for her Heidi dropped out at the last minute.

Stacie Hall Stacie was the bartender in The Hills and first made an appearance when Spencer Pratt hit on her leading to a show down between Stacie and Heidi. Stacie then started briefly seeing Brody Jenner's best mate Frankie Delgado and hit it off with Kristin Cavalarri sealing her a permanent role in series 5 and the final series 6 of The Hills. Stacie is now living with Holly Montag (Heidi's older sister) and is seen at different celebrity hang outs.

Jayde Nicole Jayde is a Canadian model and was Playmate of the month in January 2007 and crowned Playmate of the year in 2008. Jayde dated Brody Jenner for a year when she starred in The Hills throughout series five, Jayde had a spat with Audrina after it came to light that Brody had shared a room with Audrina while on a weekend away and then Jayde became extremely jealous of the bond Brody had with his ex Kristin which marked the end of their relationship. Since starring in the hills Jayde has appeared in many shows including Fox's 'Million Dollar Poker Challenge' MTV's 'Bromance' and Es 'The girl next door' and 'Party Monsters Cabo' but more recently Jayde has been filming a new show for the E network called 'The Bunny House' which is a bit like The playboy mansion but a mini version where all the playmates live. Jayde can also be seen regularly doing charity work especially for any animal causes. Jayde has also recently appeared in Hollys World where she shows herself to be little more than a bully and a troublemaker.

Roxy Olin Roxy first appeared in The Hills as Stephanie Pratt's best friend who bitchily confronted Lauren Conrad over her spat with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. The Hills producer actually asked Roxy to become a regular on the reality show but because they were already on their fifth series she declined his offer and instead moved to New York where she starred in The City alongside Whitney port as her bitchy assistant.

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#its Me Gayle on August 05, 2014:

Jersey shore. Tha Hills. Entertainment at its best. Reality? I don't think so. MTV? Reality shows killed tha video stars!

Brigitte on May 24, 2014:

Lo is such a bitch. She came into my store once with her friend who knew one of my co workers. While he was chatting her friend up who seemed really nice, I asked Lo if she needed any help and she looked at me like what dirty hole did I crawl out of..definitely not nice a girl and she's not even that pretty to warrant that bitchy attitude.

LAlover on August 23, 2012:

I just started watching the hills on netflix. all 6 seasons are there! I have got really into it, even though I knew it was fake. its a pretty good trick..and this show really paved the way for all the new reality shows on TV. lauren conrad and whitney port are the only two girls on the hills that have their lives in order. I love that they are go getters cuz now their lives are glamorous. Heidi is pathetic..and she always has been. ruining your face to get your picture in US weekly is sad. lying about a divorce is really sad. shes always been a loser..and she thinks she shouldn't have to work to get rich. lame and pathetic. but The Hills is always gonna be a gteat show no matter what. I just think its kinda absurd how they only revealed the show was phony cuz there was huge rumors of that. otherwise they wouldve let fans believe the lies. they sorta wasted a lot of their loyal fans time.

hah on August 23, 2012:

wow...this show is sucks that its all fake. but you can tell it is

Zoey (author) from South England on March 19, 2012:

@shey, yes Laguna Beach was a great show, it is strange when you watch it now and see them all so young :)

shey on February 05, 2012:

The Hills and City were both great shows, but personally Laguna Beach was my favorite. Loved LC and Lo in that!

Zoey (author) from South England on July 27, 2011:

Thank you for your comments. I love The Hills to and still watch the re-runs on MTV. I am now hooked on Audrina's new show :)

whitton on July 27, 2011:

Very fun post. I loved the hills.

ChristineVianello from Philadelphia on March 28, 2011:

I miss the Hills, I wonder if there is going to be a new season? Hmmmmm

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