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What Are the Boys From the Hills Doing Now?

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Justin Bobby

Justin Bobby



Jason & Jordan with Lauren and Heidi

Jason & Jordan with Lauren and Heidi



Brody Jenner Brody first appeared in reality TV show 'The Princes of Malibu' and his then friend Spencer Pratt was his manager.

He then went on to star in 'The Hills' when Spencer started dating Heidi and Brody briefly dated Lauren Conrad. Brody became a regular star on the popular MTV show as the hills playboy.

We saw Brody hook up with Jen Bunny behind Laurens back, fall out with Spencer on numerous occasions. He had a relationship with playmate of the year Jayde only to flirt with both Audrina and Kristin behind her back until he broke up with Jayde and became 'friends with benefits' with ex girlfriend Kristin and caused more trouble when he started to see other girls.

On the last series of The Hills Brody was seen saying an emotional goodbye to Kristin who was leaving LA for a new life in London he actually filmed another ending with Lauren Conrad but the show decided not to use it.

Since leaving the Hills Brody has starred occasionally in 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' where he is shown visiting his step sisters and his father Bruce Jenner who is married to Kris Kardashian. Brody also had his own MTV show 'Bromance' where lads competed to become one of Brody's friends.

Brody has done lots of modelling work for labels such as Guess and Agent Provocateur, and is also known as a socialite. Brody has had a string of famous girlfriends including Nicole Ritchie, Avril Lavigne and more recently is engaged to model Kaitlyn Carter.

Spencer Pratt Spencer was the creator and executive producer of reality show 'Princes of Malibu' he then went on to star in The Hills when he started dating Heidi Montag.

Spencer was the cause of Heidi and Laurens famous fall out and constantly bad mouthed Heidi's friends and family. Spencer married Heidi twice in the hit reality show but towards the end of the fifth series his behaviour had become erratic to say the least.

Spencer was seen at the start of the last series losing his temper with Holly Montag and his own sister Stephanie, and he was also seen telling fellow cast member Kristin that he doesn't allow his wife Heidi to go anywhere or do anything without his say so. He had become infatuated with crystals and was eventually sacked from The Hills when he threatened a show producer.

Since the hills Spencer has appeared on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' alongside his wife Heidi which they ended up leaving and claiming the show producers were torturing them. Spencer is regularly on social networking site Twitter where he continually slags off other celebrities.

Spencer and Heidi had a brief separation in June 2010 which many believe was a publicity stunt and even more so when they decided they love each other too much and are now back together. More recently, Spencer and Heidi revealed they had spent all their money (an estimated $10 Million) and are now living in Spencer's parents guest house.

In 2013, Spencer and Heidi appeared in the UK's Big Brother, they also did Celebrity Wife Swap, and a spin off on E. In 2014, they are set to appear in Marriage Boot Camp.

Spencer Pratt has recently had a baby boy called Gunner with his Wife, Heidi.

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Justin Bobby Justin was in The Hills from the first series when he started dating Audrina Partridge their relationship was on and off throughout the series with Justin constantly giving Audrina the run around and not willing to commit.

Justin also caused trouble for Audrina when he started dating Kristin Cavalarri after Heidi and Spencer's wedding. We never really found out much about Justin other than he was in a band and rode a motorbike and liked to dress grungy.

Since filming the Hills Justin has done modelling work and now owns his own Salon 'Brush your Hair.'

Apparently Justin is a very talented hair stylist, he even used to be the personal stylist to Maroon 5 before joining the cast of The Hills.

Frankie Delgado Frankie was friends with everyone in the hills but mostly seen with best mate Brody Jenner. Although we find out very little about Frankie when he starred in the hills he is successful in his own right.

After being a successful club promoter in both LA and Las Vegas for more than five years Frankie is connected with some of the biggest hot spots in the areas as well as a string of the biggest celebrities on his friend list.

Since leaving The Hills Frankie has also starred in Brody Jenner's MTV show Bromance and had a brief appearance on Keeping up with the Kardashians alongside best mate Brody.

Frankie also teamed up with the popular game 'Sims 3 Late Night' where he takes you all around Hollywood and shows you how to get past the red ropes and get the ultimate rock star treatment.

Frankie has previously dated Hillary Duff and is now married to Jennifer Acosta who he has just had a baby girl with.

Jason Wahler Jason originally starred in 'Laguna Beach' along side Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. He was known as a bit of a player and shocked all his mates when he started dating laid back Lauren Conrad.

He then starred in The Hills as Laurens boyfriend but after a rocky relationship Lauren walked out on him. Jason was the guy who was accused of having a sex tape with Lauren Conrad and in 2009 Jason challenged Spencer Pratt (who apparently started the sex tape rumour) to a fight.

When Jason left the hills Jason he was drinking heavily and had been arrested for criminal trespassing and assault, he also broke his probation.

Jason appeared on celebrity rehab, and has since been living a healthy life style while perusing an acting career. Jason is happily married to model girlfriend Ashley Slack.

Jordan Eubanks Jordan appeared in series one of the hills with best mate Brian. He was known as Heidi Montag's immature and jealous boyfriend. After celebrating their six month anniversary on the show Heidi and Jordan split up.

Since the hills Jordan has become an Actor/Producer and co-produced '2 Dudes and a Dream' which friend Brian Drolet also starred in. Jordan has also been in films such as Iron Man, The Steam Room and Damage Control.

You can see Jordan presenting alongside friend Brian on Breakfast Burrito Sports News Channel on YouTube.

Doug Reinhardt Doug and Lauren knew each other from Laguna beach and he had previously taken Lauren to his school prom. Doug first starred in The Hills as Lauren Conrad's new boyfriend but they didn't last long although remained friends.

Unfortunately Doug forgot the rules of friendship when he started dating Laurens friend Stephanie Pratt which caused trouble between the two girls.

Doug was a professional baseball player and sports agent.

Since The Hills, Doug has been named the top highest paid athlete, earning an estimated $82 million between 2013 and 2014. Wow!

Doug is worth an estimated $245 million. Doug has his fingers in lots of pies, including his own fashion label, numerous restaurants and even his own brand of Vodka.

Doug has been in a string of relationships. His very public on/off relationship with Paris Hilton was well documented by the press.

Charlie Smith Charlie appeared in series 6 of the hills as Spencer Pratt's best mate and surfing buddy. I couldn't find any other details regarding Charlie except that he turned up uninvited to The Hills finale party.

At the end of the day he was probably the most boring cast member of The Hills anyway so who cares?


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Ellen on January 24, 2012:

Sounds like the boys from the hills have'nt faired so well. Can't say I'm unhappy about how Spencer Pratt ended up, he deserved it.

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