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The Amazing Lives of Abby and Brittany Hensel


One Body, Two Lives

Abigail Lorraine and Brittany Lee Hensel were born on March 7, 1990 in a small town in Minnesota. They are conjoined twins which means they are connected physically.

Although they are conjoined twins and similar in many ways, they also have very different personalities and different ways of expressing themselves.

They are amazingly coordinated, Abby controls the right side of their body while Brittany controls the left.

Although they don't always agree about everything, they seem to be able to communicate so well that they anticipate the others' movements and are able to do just about everything that anyone else is able to do.

While the girls understand that people find them fascinating, they also do not like to be stared at and they want people to know that they are just like everybody else aside from sharing a body.

You could say that Abby and Brittany are very comfortable in their own skin.

They have filmed documentaries over the years (video clips below) to give people the opportunity to better understand their lives and show how they function as conjoined twins.

One thing that really comes across about these two girls after watching these documentaries is that they are happy, and wouldn't change anything about their unique body even if they could.

Filming their reality show on the TLC (The Learning Channel) network was a great way for Abby and Brittany to show people that although they share a body, they are most definitely two very distinct individuals.


Similarities & Differences

Most twins have a lot in common, and Abby and Brittany are no different.

While these women most definitely have many similarities in looks, personality, and mannerisms, there are also many things about them that distinguish them from each other.

I think one of my favorite videos of Abby and Brittany is when they are being asked to describe the others' personality traits by the interviewer.

It is so clear from this interview that although they know each other so well and actually share a body, they are two very distinct people.

They are an amazement to watch not only because they share a body, but because they have a zest for life that most people don't have.

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They just keep going, moving on to the next phase of their life probably with challenges that no one else could know, but seemingly with effortless ease,

They are beautiful, outgoing, outspoken, full of life, strong, committed to each other's happiness, and smart. They are, without a doubt, an inspiration.


The Twins Also Share a Positive "Can-Do" Attitude

Abby and Brittany both have such a positive attitude towards life and don't let anything get in their way of enjoying it.

While there are probably some things the twins may not be able to do as well as everyone else, that can be said about most people in general.  Everybody isn't good at everything after all.

That being said though, they seem to be able to do anything anyone else can do and what's really great about it is watching them because they are so in sync with each other and extremely coordinated.

I think watching them speak to the camera and how they finish each others thoughts and speak with their hand movements is simply fascinating.

While Abby and Brittany realize their life is different because they share a body, they also have never known anything else so to them this is their normal life and they never let anything stop them from doing anything.  If they want to try something, they do.

They don't always agree with each other, and in one interview their answer to the question from someone who wrote in asking, "Do you fight?" their simple answer in unison was "All the time."  What they do when they disagree is they bargain with each other - an I'll do this, if you'll do that kind of thing.

They know that people are fascinated by their lives and understand that they will draw a crowd at times, but they also feel that they are just like everyone else and they don't want to be stared at.

I admire their spirit, their willingness to try anything new, and their positive outlook on life more than anything because although doing everything for them may not always be so easy, they don't let anything stop them from moving on to the next thing because they enjoy their lives so much.



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