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Taxi Series

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I missed out on Taxi the first time around. Maybe it fell on the evening I worked until 9 pm at the library. After I married, I found my husband often referred to incidents and characters from Taxi. He was shocked at my ignorance of this popular show.

We got the videos and watched them together, laughing at the wit and wisdom of Louie, Elaine,

It seems like a simple sitcom, but the show touches you with the daily drama of the taxi drivers as they interact with each other. Louie DePalma ( ) is the dispatcher who never misses a chance to give a mean dig or to gloat over another's misfortune.

Meet the Characters from Taxi

These scenes, compilations and even complete episodes give you insight into the characters.

Enjoy This Video to Meet Some of the Great TAXI Characters

Here's Louis! A Compilation of His Great Scenes

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Love Him or Hate Him? How Do You Feel about Louis on TAXI?

Alex and Elaine - Scenes from TAXI

Get the Complete Series of TAXI And Settle in for Some Fun Viewing

Where Are They Now? Video Showing What's Happened with the Cast of Taxi

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