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Trans Siberian Orchestra


Symphonic Christmas Music

Trans Siberian Orchestra is a progressive rock band started by Paul O'Neill in 1993. If you've ever been to one of there shows you'll find their music is classical, orchestral and symphonic with a harder edge and with the most impressive light show you've ever seen.

I was first introduced to TSO when I met they guy who is now my Fiancée. He asked me to this Christmas concert before we even officially went out a date. A little shocking but that's how it happened. He said it's probably a little different then what I was use to and he was right. He brought me a few CD's to listen to and I watched some YouTube video's of them. I was amazed by there performance and the music. After that I was looking forward to attending there concert. Of course we did go out on some dates and got to know each other more before going to the concert. It was the most amazing Christmas concert I'd ever been to. I'm looking forward to attending more in the future. I'm now a big fan of TSO!

Christmas Eve Sarajevo Live Performance

Trans Siberian Orchestra - 10 Years

10 years of music on this CD set of 4 by TSO. A great set to have.

Christmas Canon Rock

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Christmas Eve Sarajevo Video

Ghosts Of Christmas Eve

Ghosts of Christmas Eve DVD

Dream of Fireflies - On A Christmas Night

This is the newest CD by TSO.

Dream of Fireflies

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