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Suki Baby Origin Story


Upon the release of Drake and 21 Savage's joint mixtape "Her Loss" in November 2022, the cover model, Suki Baby, real name Qui Yasuka, quickly shot to fame. The artist, model, adult dancer, and nail technician was born in the state of North Carolina. Suki Baby and the new mixtape's cover art caused quite a stir when Drake first revealed them in 21 Savage, but many listeners were left wondering who the mysterious woman was and how she had become so prominent in Drake's life.

Suki is of Japanese, black, and Cherokee descent. She was born in North Carolina, but she and her mother eventually moved to Japan, where she spent the better part of her childhood. During that time, she began studying Japanese, the first language she would ever learn.


While growing up abroad, she endured years of bullying because she was the only student of African-American and Japanese descent in her city. There were many rude comments and outright insults directed at Suki while she was in class not only from the students but the teachers as well. Even though her mother tried to protect her, the situation deteriorated to the point where Suki needed to be sent back to her father in Houston, Texas, where she could grow up in a more suitable environment. Suki, then a teenager, felt a greater sense of belonging in her new community.

After moving back to the United States, she also pursued her interest in nail art, which had its origins in her father's garage and would later come to play a significant role in her life. As the years went on, Suki split her time between Houston and Japan. While she was in Japan, she discovered an interest in 3D modeling. She had started using 3D animation software and even uploaded some of her early work to YouTube. But that interest always faded when she went back to her regular life in Houston.

Suki later enrolled in university. To make ends meet, she took a job as a dancer. But to her surprise, she found that she really enjoyed it, and before long Suki had decided to drop her college studies in favor of her dancing career. Suki Baby is a regular performer at club Onyx in Houston, Texas, but her popularity extends beyond the Lone Star State, and you can see her in clubs from Atlanta to Hollywood.

Suki is more than just a dancer; she also runs a nail salon as a side business because she loves doing nails so much. Over the past few years, Suki has also developed a passion for grills and antique jewelry, which she has been exploring in order to incorporate into her own designs. Right now, though, Suki's creative energies are being channeled into a series of stunning art prints that she plans to sell on a brand-new website that will be launching very soon.


What's most impressive about all the projects on which Suki is working on is that she has done so while simultaneously expanding her social media presence to unprecedented heights. Although she has greatly benefited from working with Drake and 21 Savage recently, well before the month of November 2022, Suki had independently amassed a large audience for herself with over 91,000 Twitter followers and over 35,000 on Instagram.

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Suki is also no stranger to the adult entertainment industry. To increase her visibility, she has created an onlyfans account where she occasionally performs intricate pole dancing routines for her twitch viewers.

Now that you know more about her, let's go back to the mystery of how Suki baby got featured on the cover of Drake and 21 Savage album.

Drake posted the album's cover art on Instagram two days before its release, prompting a lawsuit from the record label. Fans of Drake's music were captivated by the photograph of Suki Baby, with her two gold teeth, long, wispy eyelashes, and perfectly laid baby hair. Complex claims that Houston-based photographer Paris Aden shot the cover shoot three years ago. What this means is that the photo wasn't made for Drake and 21 Savages's album.

Paris later revealed to complex that OVO contacted her out of the blue a few weeks ago to ask for permission to use the photo for their album cover. Rapper Lil Yachty claimed in an Instagram post that he was the one who found the photo and suggested it to Drake as the ideal cover art for the album, suggesting that Drake may not have even been involved in the decision-making process. As several tracks on the mixtape "Her loss" were produced by Lil Yachty, this totally makes sense.

Being the face of one of the biggest Rap Albums of 2022 Suki Baby has only Drake and 21 Savage to thank for her newfound fame.

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