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45 Best Songs With “Memories” in the Title

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The article will list some of the best songs that talk about memories.

The article will list some of the best songs that talk about memories.

Memories are among the most important things we have in our life. Time passes, filling our life with good and bad moments. Memories are precious because they can make us relive the most beautiful moments with our imagination.

Sometimes it is enough to look at an old photo or even think about something important that has happened to us to feel the same emotions as in that time.

Many songs have celebrated memories over the years. Most often, these are sad and associate memories with the loss of a person, the failure of a relationship, or regret for a bygone era, even if there are also joyful songs. This article will list some of the most beautiful ones.

1. "Memories" – Maroon 5

"Memories" is a song from 2019 by Maroon 5. The predominant theme is the loss of an important friend with whom you spent pleasant moments of which you have a good memory. Memories are the most important thing, as they recall the lost friend and the moments spent together:

'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

— "Memories"

2. "Making Memories of Us" – Keith Urban

"Making Memories of Us" is a song by Keith Urban, whose lyrics are a typical love dedication. Amidst the various promises to be a faithful man and to love to the end, there is also the desire to create memories, which gives the song its title.

3. "Midnight Memories" – One Direction

"Midnight Memories" is one of the most famous songs by One Direction.

The song has also given the title to the album where it is featured, the third released by the boy band. The song tells about a typical night in London spent having fun with friends.

The title means that everything made during the night is something to remember. In this way, the value of friendship is enhanced, as a typical night in the middle of London nightlife no longer has the sole function of having fun (sometimes with the help of alcohol, whose abuse may disrupt the ability to form memories) but also of enriching life with pleasant memories of a time spent together with friends.

4. "Memories of a Broken Heart" – Crown The Empire

"Memories Of A Broken Heart" is a melancholy song by the US metal group Crown The Empire. The piece shows a post-apocalyptic scenario, alluding to ruins, an imminent end, and regrets for not having prevented this in time.

The desolation shown by this song also metaphorically represents the failure of a love relationship, as evidenced by the title, which alludes to the painful memories of a broken heart.

5. "Memories Of You" – Benny Goodman

"Memories Of You" is a song by Benny Goodman, a famous American clarinetist. Like "Memories of a Broken Heart," the song is a melancholy recall of a past love relationship. The lyrics emphasize this by attributing the emergence of different memories to the vision of various elements of nature:

Every sunset too

Seems to be bringing me

Memories of you

— "Memories Of You"

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6. "Memories Are Made Of This" – Dean Martin

"Memories Are Made Of This" is a song by Dean Martin. Nostalgia is the song's central theme, which describes the relationship between two people in love, from a night of passion to the birth of three children. The title recurs in the refrain, meaning that memories are made of all the love experiences described in the lyrics.

7. "Memories" – Marvin Gaye

"Memories" is a famous Marvin Gaye song. This is another example of a piece talking about the situation after the end of a relationship, in which memories are the only thing left.

Brought back memories, Woah, it's torn me

'Minding me how love used to be

Memories, precious memories

— "Memories"

8. "House of Memories" – Panic! at the Disco

"House of Memories," like the previous songs, is about the end of a relationship. The piece focuses even more on the importance of memories, compared to the previous ones, as here they recall not only a past love but also a desire not to forget each other:

"Those thoughts of past lovers, they'll always haunt me

I wish I could believe you'd never wrong me

Then will you remember me in the same way as I remember you"

— "House of Memories"

Like in the previous songs, the piece talks about memories as something that haunts the song's protagonist. In particular, thinking of past lovers torments him, suggesting a possible relationship breakup caused by unfaithful behavior. Three specific verses, in particular, seem to indicate a song's protagonist's mistake:

You were just too kind and I was too young to know

That's all that really matters

I was a fool

— "House of Memories"

9. "Memories" – Elvis Presley

"Memories" is one of the saddest songs of the famous pop singer Elvis Presley. Its central topic is the passing of time, seen in a melancholy way, as the singer recalls the beautiful moments of life, of which only the memories remain.

10. "Memories Are That Way" – Bill Withers

This song by Bill Withers is a hymn about the importance of memories and the joy of recalling a beautiful past that is now gone. The piece is nostalgic and describes the power of memories to take everyone back to good times. The most probable reason the singer refers to the past as something beautiful, maybe better than the present, is that he may miss his childhood, which was the happiest period of his life.

11. "Rainy Nights & Memories" – Don Williams

From the nostalgia for childhood, we go back to one of the predominant themes in many songs on this list: the sadness for the end of a love relationship. Don Williams shows it well in his song "Rainy Nights & Memories," in which the rain is a metaphor for the pain, and the memories bring back the last goodbye on every rainy night:

Rainy nights and memories go together

And with every drop of rain I feel the pain

I can almost hear my pleading, on the night you were leaving

But I might have well have tried to stop the rain

— "Rainy Nights & Memories"

12. "Living on Memories of You" – Dolly Parton

"Living on Memories of You" reaches the highest levels of drama compared to other songs about relationships that are over. For the first time, there is not only a reference to memories as the only thing that remain of an ended relationship but also to the inability to eat when hungry or sleep when tired. The sadness for a failed relationship is so high that there is nothing to do to survive unless recalling memories of the past relationship that even replace basic needs such as eating or sleeping.

13. "I'll Take the Memories" – Tanya Tucker

"I'll Take the Memories" is another song that deals with a relationship that is over. The song begins with a van containing all the couple's personal belongings, which should be divided between them. The song proceeds with a request that one makes to the other: to take all material things, leaving him only the memories.

Once again, memories are represented not only as something more precious than material goods but also as something that allows people to overcome the end of a relationship, remembering the beautiful moments spent together with someone.

14. "Bad Memories" – James Carter and Meduza

This song talks about a night spent drinking too much, emphasized by the recurrence of a single verse:

One more drink she said

— "Bad Memories"

The title's meaning alludes to the fact that under the effects of alcohol, it is easy to build bad memories, even if the song's verses express the awareness and the desire for this to happen.

15. "Memories to Burn" – Gene Watson

"Memories to Burn" talks about a man who thinks his girlfriend is making fun of him. The man, talking to her, hopes she is not "another lesson to learn," as he already has old memories to "burn." The verses and the song's title well express the fact that the man has faced several love disappointments or betrayals, with a fear that her actual girlfriend will be the next one to make fun of him.

30 More Songs About Memories

TitleArtistYear Released

16. "Memories"

Leonard Cohen


17. "Maze of Memories"

Stray Kids


18. "Memories Can't Wait"

Talking Heads


19. "Memories of a Dream"

City Girl


20. "Memories"

Grand Funk Railroad


21. "Tender Memories"

Vangelis (from "Alexander" movie, 2004)


22. "Carousel of Memories"

Jean-Philippe Rio-Py


23. "Sweet Memories"

Carmine Padula


24. "Forest Of Memories"

Lee Nyeom and Park Se Jun


25. "Memories Of The World"

Brian Grey


26. "Childhood Memories"

Ennio Morricone


27. "Memories of Us"

George Jones


28. "Drifting Memories"



29. "Memories Of You"

Robert Wyatt


30. "Music For My Memories"



31. "Island Memories"

Lovers Lane


32. "Our Memories"

Aden and JungHun


33. "Thanks for the Memories"

Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney


34. "Those Memories of You"

Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt


35. "Christmas Memories"



36. "Brazilian Memories"

Grover Washington Jr.


37. "Moments Make Memories"



38. "Pastel Memories"



39. "Childhood Memories"

Paolo Vivaldi


40. "Mechanized Memories"



41. "Endless Memories"

Theo Aabel


42. "A Stirring of Memories"

Gareth Coker


43. "Feeling Memories"



44. "If Only for Memories"

Streetlight Manifesto


45. "Silver Medals And Sweet Memories"

The Statler Brothers


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