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10 Mind-Boggling Shows like Mr Robot

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Mind Boggling Shows Similar to Mr Robot

Mr Robot easily goes down as one of our favourite all-time shows. It is a complex mind-boggling mix that is full of twists and turns that keeps you sitting on the edge as Elliot (played by the brilliant Rami Malek) ventures through problem after problem.

In all, a fantastic series that constantly has you questioning what's 'really' going on. If you are into that type of series and episodes where you like to question reality and have a deep technological aspect to the show as well, then you're going to love our list of shows like Mr Robot.

Shows like Mr Robot:

Here's a quick rundown of the top 10 shows and movies.

1. Fight Club

2. Hanibal

3. Dexter

4. Black Mirror

5. Utopia

6. Bates Motel

7. Altered Carbon

8. Westworld

9. Maniac

10. Legion

#1 Fight Club

Ok, although technically not a 'show', Fight Club clearly has a lot of parallels going on with Mr Robot. Not to break too many spoilers, however, clearly, the main characters (Eliot and his dad) with Tyler Durden and 'the Narrator' have a lot of the same psychological issues, both start up a cult and go about to try and achieve very similar aspects. It's clear that Mr Robot has taken a lot of inspiration from this film, so if you haven't seen Fight Club - this would be a goto and you can start to pick on up on the resemblance.

I don't want to waste another spot my recommending another film rather than a specific tv show on this list but there are certain themes that can be taken from V for Vendetta as well with the anonymous aspect that is centred within the show with F Society (specifically the Guy Fawkes masks as well as F Society masks) rising up against the top 1% of the top 1% etc).

#2 Hanibal

Unlike the first suggestion, here, we are specifically referring to the show rather than the set of films. The clue is in the name with the show specifically featuring the character development and behaviour study of the dark world that Hanibal resides in. Similar in the sense that everything seems to always be on edge with scheming and planning consistently taking place. If you enjoyed Mr Robot but want more of a killer edge, then Hanibal is certainly worth taking a look at.

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#3 Dexter

There are a lot of parallels with Dexter and Mr Robot in the sense we can hear the constant narrator within Dexter's mind as well as Elliot's. We have Dexter's dark passenger who can be quite likened to Elliot's father, both are a sort of anti-hero that goes about doing good deeds in dark ways. All round, Dexter is a great show to try out, if you haven't already. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of how just how good this show is or if you have already seen it, be sure to check out our list of shows like Dexter that you might like as well.

#4 Black Mirror

There is a whole range of episodes that could be matched up from Black Mirror to Mr Robot, however, the one that stands out to me as being eerily similar is the Bandersnatch episode. This is certainly something you will have very unlikely experienced before. However, like Mr Robot it explores the life of a coder and has you questioning consistently what is and what isn't real. A fantastic one-off watch.

#5 Utopia

The British drama that originally aired on Channel 4 is a work of art in terms of general grit and character development. It has the same sort of theme and story level that Mr Robot offers and the overall theme is similar in the quest for a 'better quality of life'. Definitely, worth checking a few episodes out to see if it is up your street, we are sure if you appreciated Mr Robot, you certainly will of Utopia too. Recently there has been a US version to finish the show off too.

#6 Bates Motel

Bates Motel explores the back story of the classic thriller movie Psycho. A character development series of the infamous Norman Bates and how he turned from what at first seems like a reasonably normal kid to 'Psycho'. Similar in the way we see Elliot unhinged and how he progresses throughout the seasons and how he changes throughout.

#7 Altered Carbon

What happens when death is no longer a permanent destination and more of a transformative state? That's what the TV show Altered Carbon explores with a new technology featured 300 years into the future, where you can transfer your brain and thoughts across. Sounds a little bit like Elon Musk's Neural Link (or at least the early stages of). This is a show based on Richard Morgan's Cyberpunk Noir Novel, again fantastically rated and worth checking out.

#8 Westworld

A very highly rated show that is well worth checking out the trailer for (just watch that below) and a TV show that does have some similar undertones to what Mr Robot features. Based in an amusement park of the future, the visitors go ahead and interact with some of the automatons (attractions), however, when a robot starts to act up - you can see there is certainly going to be trouble to be had.

#9 Maniac

Based around the two main characters getting to know each other through a somewhat unofficial pharmaceutical trial process - with varying reasons to participate - one with a difficult relationship their mother and the other with a case of schizophrenia (both relatable to Elliot at this point). They are told that this 'drug' will be able to solve all mental issues (alongside the other willing participants), however, that would make for a pretty short show if everything went swimmingly from the off? Certainly another great show from Netflix that is worth checking out.

#10 Legion

Unlike a lot of the classic Marvel shows legion can be considered a bit gritter. The show follows David Haller who like Elliot suffers from schizophrenia-esque symptoms. However, realising it and exploring it he comes to realise the power of a parasite that has inhabited him. A show that is very much revered by critics as being acted fantastically well and produced to a high standard. You certainly don't have to be a 'Marvel' fan to appreciate this show.

Hopefully, from the list of above, you have a fair few shows like Mr Robot that you can have a go at. Which one will you try first? Of course, if you have some suggestions for shows like Mr Robot that we might have missed, pleased let us know in the comment section below - we would love to check them out as well.

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