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Top 5 Sexy Actors in Martial Arts Movies


This is my hub on the top 5 hunkalicious (yeah, it’s probably in the slang dictionary) men who are into martial arts and they are also actors. They kick butt when they have to and do it oh, so very well too.

These men are the ones in my book who make my heart and other body parts go pitter patter.

This hub was inspired by other writers here who have similar articles. So, thank you and come with me for the ride.

By the way Bruce Lee is the undisputed king of this genre and will forever be revered. 


Jason Statham

Jason Statham was born on July 26,1967 in Derbyshire, England. He was a world champion diver for the Brits diving team in 1992. His first role was in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998).

He goes to the top of my list because I just whimper and simper when I see him. What a bod!! Add his martial arts and this baby’s got game.

What a great delivery boy he is in The Transporter (2002) and The Transporter 2 (2005) and 3 (2008). He can be my UPS guy anytime.

Some of his movies for 2013 were Parker with costar JLo(Jennifer Lopez for those who don't know). He delivered non stop action as usual. Redemption and F&Furious 6 and 7 in 2015 and Fate of the Furious 2017, were some of the others.


Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes was born in Orlando, Florida on July 31,1962. He called South Bronx, home. He is a 5th degree Black Belt. His career really took off when he appeared in Michael Jackson’s video, Bad. He has lots of films to his credit and doesn't only appear in one genre of film.

Wesley Snipes, is a mighty, mighty fine man. He’s the man’s man. You know the type, macho and totally masculine.

Although, he might not be considered a martial artist by some people, he’s on my list. Noteworthy action films are Passenger 57(1992), Rising Sun (1993) and Blade (1998), Blade 2 (2002), Blade Trinity (2004). Now, I know blade is not the typical but it does have the action.


Jet- Li

Jet Li was born on the April 26,1963, in Beijing, China. He began to train at the Beijing Wushu Academy, at a very early age. He won the Wushu world championship several times. He was involved in the film industry in China and Hong Kong before taking America by storm.

Jet Li, is hands down the best martial artist on this list. There is absolutely no doubt about his sex appeal either. Those smoldering eyes of his just pull me in. He came to my notice in Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, where he played the bad guy. Catch him in, The Expendables 2 (2012) with a long list of well known actors such as Jason Statham, Sly Stallone, Arnie, Jean Claude and Dolph Lundgren to name some. More note worthy movies where he displays his awesome skills are Romeo Must Die (2000), Kiss of the Dragon (2001), The Mummy (2008), The Expendables 1, 2 &3.

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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was born on April 7,1954 in Hong Kong. At six years of age he became an apprentice at the China Drama Academy (or "opera school"). There he was trained in music, dance and martial arts. His first role was as a stunt player in a film.

Again Jackie Chan may not be considered handsome to some people but I find him irresistible and adorable. Plus, he’s so incredibly funny too. The man has a chest full of martial arts stunts that he uses in every movie. He also does all of his own stunts. The funniest movie that I love with him in it is Rush Hour (1998) and Rush Hour 2 (2001) Rush Hour 3 (2007) with Chris Tucker. They made an awesome team.

I loved Jackie Chan in The Karate Kid (2010), where he played Mr. Han a Kung Fu master. One of his latest movie is The Lego Ninjago movie (2017) and The Foreigner (2017).


David Carradine Died in 2009

David Carradine, birth name John Arthur Carradine, was born in Hollywood, California on December 8,1936, and educated at San Francisco State College. He worked as a commercial artist before he started his Hollywood career. His most memorable work in my opinion was in Kung Fu (1972) and Kung Fu:The Legend Continues (1992) the television series.

So he was in the business long before most of the rest of the people on the list were even born.

David Carradine was one of the innovators who brought this type of action to films and television in America. It didn’t hurt that he was tall and sexy too. In his Kung Fu, series he was always so humble and cool while knocking off the bad guys. You know they got what they deserved when they took him on. He had a comeback in Kill Bill 2.

David Carradine, 72, died on June 3, 2009 in Bangkok,Thailand while on location for a film. He was found hanging inside of a closet in a hotel room.

Tell me what you think

© 2009 Chris Eddy111


vamsi krishna on April 27, 2012:

jetli or jackie can come first in list. I like both

arnis boy on January 16, 2011:

I like wesley sniper?

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on October 14, 2010:

@eventsyoudesign, Cool!

eventsyoudesign from Nashville, Tennessee on September 26, 2010:

Jet Lie is great, but I am in love with Jackie Chan. He makes my heart go pitter patter. Love to watch him in action movies such as the above mentioned. This is a good article. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks! Teresa

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on September 16, 2010:

led~ Me too. Thanks for your comment.

led on September 11, 2010:

I like Jason Statham

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on April 20, 2010:

Alex Simon~ thanks for your comment.

ALEX SIMON on April 20, 2010:

April 20th, 2010

Tutle Publishing,

Yaekari Building, 3rd Floor,

5–4–12 Oski, Shinagawa-ku,

Mr. Bruce Ayiem Lee,

Producer-Actor-Martial Pro',

Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku,

JAPAN 141–0032.

Phone: (03) 5437–0171.


Mr. Alexander Simon,

Sir William Place,

Apartment #305c;

Boonie Doon,

8820-85 Street,

Edmonton, Alberta,


Telus Carrier Residential Phone: (780) 466-9719


Dear Mr. Lee:

By entry into a cave such as a Mammoth looking to protect her young; a man defends his off-spring to the point of death, and that is the Catholic way. In history man has endured considerable dismay in defending their lives; and thus began the need for physical conditioning; in early Tibet began Kung-Fu; here tribesman competed by 'kicking' each other, light, then hard. Following 15,000 years of primitive defence; the Roman Catholic Registered created the military art of Karate for the Orient in Osaka; with the development of the hand 'thrust' and 'side' kick; Kung-Fu faded by 5 million 'Black' Belted of Master level at the peak of the Viet-Nam War ending officially on February 6, 1971 and Mr. Millhouse Nixon signed a treaty as confirmed at the Smithsonian Museum in Austin, Texas. The reason the former interest ended was due to the superior all Catholic fighting way; only Judo; a military fight and 'throw'; plus Kendo a style of Korean attack fully comparable to the American sport.

By 1991; boxing prevailed and Judo, Kendo and some Karate waned; today the former sparring is gaining a resurgence; in policing; the Kendo in Korea, particularly the southern perimeter has total value and can be incorporated every where.

Mr. Bruce Lee has mastered every art and will forever live with the annuals of history; he is truly a great male accomplished in the area of cartooning and singing; in his entire career in area of martial conditioning; 10 percent of his gross billing was invested to charity including one marked for Manila Island.

I thank all who care about the Catholic way of defence.!!


Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 19, 2009:

UMM~ You are sooo right. My bad. I didn't forget and he is the greatest.

UMM on December 17, 2009:

uhh, dude, you forgot the ultimate martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Being born first doesn't make you great. Being Great makes you GREAT!!!

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on June 01, 2009:

rosariom~ Hehehe, sure you're right. I've got an eye for the cuties though.

rosariomontenegro from NEW YORK on May 30, 2009:

I'll have to check with my son. I strictly follow him in these matters so the "sexy" part does not come into consideration ... :-)

One thing is sure, the SS's films are practically sex-less, and romance is practically inexistent.

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 30, 2009:

rosariom~ You just hit upon one of the actors that I really don't like. That would be SS. Just can't stand him. Now, if you had said Jean Claude Van Damme, I would say, him I can tolerate and he's cute too. You gotta be sexy and all a dat to make my list lol. Thnks for your comment and for stopping by.

rosariomontenegro from NEW YORK on May 29, 2009:

I like Jackie Chan, Jet Lee ... and you might want to add the fearless and greatest of all: Steven Segal.

Just kidding. I do like them, though. I inherited them from my son. Before being a mom it never crossed my mind to watch a martial arts film. But it's funny how one ends up liking what your kids like.

I also like the martial arts Master from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Yun Fat Chow, but he does not specialize in the genre, he's an excellent actor for any role.

Chris Eddy111 (author) from Ontario, Canada on May 27, 2009:

Lee~ Thanks and nice list too.

AMax~ I'm with you on that.

Queen cleo~ Go girl!! Hubby is always best.

EC Mendoza from Philippines on May 27, 2009:

I like both Jackie Chan and Jet Li though I don't think them as sexy (my husband is still the sexiest man on earth :-) I like Wesley Snipes as Blade, too.

AdinusMaximus from Asia on May 26, 2009:

I'd also bet that they'd make a good starting five for a basketball team. Great list!

Leed on May 19, 2009:

Great article... Hmm would have to say my order would be Jet-LiWesley SnipesJason StathamBruce LeeYoda (he's so cute for an alien, lol)

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