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Canadian Humor For South Of The Border

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I admit to watching a good deal of television. Mysteries are one of my favorite genres followed by sweeping epic and historical melodramas.

For Fans of Red Green

Fans of Red Green

Fans of Red Green

Red Green Is Not A Color Scheme

The King of Duct Tape Inventions

To most of us "red green" is a Christmas color combination, but for fans of Canadian humor and d-i-y lifestyles, Red Green is the star of a TV show from the 1990's, and the King of Duct Tape Inventions.

There were 300 episodes of the series produced, so there are plenty of reruns to enjoy and lots of homespun wisdom, a little bit of chauvinistic (tongue in cheek all the while) humor, and lots of good belly laugh shenanigans.

You won't believe what can be fixed with a little duct tape and imagination.

Red Green Clips - You can't forget this voice!

From the set of the Red Green Show

From the set of the Red Green Show

It grows on you

If you go to you can watch the episodes for free, get the news about the 2012 'Wit and Wisdom' tour, and generally catch up on the Red Green Show.

Red Green News

If you miss that raspy voice, and the down to earth advice wrapped in the type of wit only Canadians can produce... you can get your fix of DIY humor and life observations online and in person ( if you are lucky enough to attend the tour events).

Good natured fun - Poking fun at human foibles

Red Green Wear:

Red and green suspenders,a flannel shirt and a bucket hat and you are all set to attend a meeting at the Possum Lodge. Or watch it on your home theater screen.

Hey... why not have a Red green Handyman Party? Now there's an idea, eh?

Duct Tape Forever - Do You love Duct tape, Too?

A running joke for Red Green and indeed all handymen, is the vast number of uses that can be found for duct tape. It almost creates a cult following. People have made art from simple duct tape, fashion, repairs, and of course its usual characteristic of wrapping ductwork.

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For all the macho kidding about it, it was a woman who had the original idea for duct tape. Vesta Stoudt, during WW2 wrote to President Roosevelt asking him to consider the idea in support of the war effort.


Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities

Fix-It Comedy

Handyman humor from Canada seems to strike a note with many of us here in the States. Some of our best comedians come from the Great White North, think Mike Myers and Jim Carrey, John Candy, and Martin Short.

Red Green Facts

A few things about the star and his show

Steve Smith was born in Toronto, Canada. Before he became a comedian, he studied engineering.

He also earned a teachers' certificate at Lakeshore College in Toronto, and worked as an elementary teacher for awhile.

He married Morag Smith and the two of them produced comedy shows before he went on to create the Red Green series.


( I don't think he ever said the "martini" part- Red green is more of a beer kinda' guy)

Smith retired at the age of 60 and the Red Green Show's last episode aired in April 2006; Smith was quoted as saying he didn't miss it and compared his career in the show to velvet paintings... you might want one a certain size, but not a 30 foot one. Ever apt with analogies!

Possum Lodge

This is where the guys of the Red Green Show hang out (hey- isn't that show just all guys, anyway?). A place where they good naturedly complain about their wives and in which one of the membership requirements is that they own powertools... and that they can provide beer....

I don't think they fix martinis there.

The leader of Possum Lodge is known as the Head Possum.

Why do people call it DUCK tape?


What Other DIY Comedies Do You Watch?

I always enjoyed Tim Allen's 'Home Improvement'

OK, I am a pushover for D-I-Yourself type of comedy. The combination of the pratfalls that fixing up stuff can produce along with the home life goofiness and lighthearted moments of just laughing at yourself and not taking life too seriously is a good antidote for the frustrations that inevitably come from the general entropy of the world.

The older I get the more I want a good laugh!

We've come a long way, and can laugh at ourselves

Wow, I can remember how I used to watch shows like Red Green on a small screen TV that seemed to take up lots of space with its huge tube, and when things went bad, no amount of duct tape fixed those ( although we might have rigged up an antenna with a clothes hanger and electrical tape!). Now everything is compact except the viewing area.

Not a color scheme, and not any green thing you might be familiar with... do you know what Red Green is,

Check Your PBS Station

My local PBS station has been airing clips of Red Green at various times. The skits are fun and enjoyable, but not enough for full-on fans! The only reliable source is likely to be your own video collection.

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