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Reasons We Miss Flight of the Conchords

Major Flight of the Conchords fan. Would be tickled if they got the show back together, but is not holding her breath.

Come back!

Come back!

Their Clever, Catchy Songs.

Some of my favorites?

-Leggy Blonde--"I had a budgie, but it died. I like pie!"

-Albie the Racist Dragon--"Albi began to cry dragon tears, which as we all know, turn into jellybeans!"

-I'm Not Crying--"I'm not crying. It's just been raining...on my face.", "I'm making a lasagna...for one".

Not all were PG-13, but all were memorable. What are your favorite FOTC songs?

By the way, I heard that Bret/Jemaine cancelled more seasons of their show because it was hard for them to constantly write new songs. I don't blame them. It still stings though!


Bret's Awesome Animal Shirts.

Only Bret could be as handsome in his quirky animal shirts. Why he wears these shirts specifically is a mystery, although he seems to be quite motherly. I'm not sure what that has to do with animals.


One Name: Murray.

The man, the myth, the legend.

He's their leader, and that's a scary thing. Only he could seem virtually normal, and be a complete disaster. Be the foil and a quick wit. "Squint your ears", and you could miss his hilarious delivery. He's an underrated comedian, in my opinion. He's the perfect balance for them. That's right, I said perfect.


Jemaine's dry and unemotional delivery.

It's strange how calm and dry he keeps even when things get out of hand. He can get mouthy, but he never really raises his voice. I don't know how someone can be that way all of the time, as I am extra emotional, but more power to him. He's charming in his own way. He adds to the awkwardness.

Mel's Creepiness

Oh my lord. Where do we start with this one?

She follows Bret and Jemaine everywhere they go. She is the sole member of their fan club. She made cookies that look just like them. She made a painting of Jemaine. She stalked Bret in the bathroom, and accused him of inappropriate dream behavior. She was jealous of the new fans.

Did I mention that she usually stalks Bret and Jemaine with her husband, Doug (who she stalked originally) in the car? Only the writing and her delivery could make this acceptable. Kristen Schaal is another underrated comedian.

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He taught Bret and Jemaine how to use the "bird". He owns the pawn store and lives with his parents, thought he denies it, but that's basically all we know about him.

He's close to them, yet not at all. He gets "it", but yet not at all. He's kind of delusional, kind of a jerk, kind of charming. I don't get it, but I do. Weird.


Their Fantastic Guest Stars.

The Australian who steals, the New Zealand mayor who's airy, Lucy Lawless. Coco. The "Fans". The strange toothpaste executives. Will Forte. The Robbers that keep reappearing and that Jemaine eventually works with at one point. They're all great.

Anytime Bret and Jemaine tried to act cool?

Bret has his own hair helmet that he wears when riding his bike. And, remember the time with the hair gel? When they dissed rappers and Bret formed a gang? Or when Jemaine became a prostitute because of the new cup? Or the time when they accidentally paid for the tab of the womens' hockey team, and then drove Murray's "Hondur" into the pool? Yeah, they're not cool, and that's what I love about them. They're dorks, just like me.


The cheesy and numerous New Zealand posters in the New Zealand consulate.

These posters are just hilarious details to add to the show.

Pictured below:

-Why Not Moove Here?

-New Zealand: You Should Come

Not pictured: New Zealand: Take Your Mum, New Zealand: Better Than Old Zealand


Their subtle dialogue.

I'll let it speak for itself:


Other Memorable Quotes:

-Jemaine: "You're too easily offended". Bret: "I can't believe you just said that".

-Murray: "Be careful with it. Don't stand next to any big magnets." Jemaine: "Why would I stand next to a big magnet?" Murray: "I don't know what you do in your personal life".

-Bret: "Todd's not cool." Murray: "What do you mean? He's cooler than both of you put together. Look at him over there with all his friends. He's like the Pied Piper of cool. Pied Piper was cool wasn't he?" Bret: "Pied Piper wasn't cool, he took all those kids into a cave." Murray: "No, I mean before that phase; when it was just the rats."

-Murray: "I'm so angry, I feel like swearing."

-Murray: "Jermaine?" Jermaine: "Present". Murray: "Bret?" Bret: "Yep." Murray: "And Murray... yes, present, thank you... I'm always here anyway, I don't know why I bother with my line".

-Mel: "Does... does Bret's girlfriend look anything like me? A bit?" Murray: "A little bit. 'Round the eyes." Mel: "Oh yeah? Big eyes, huh?" Murray: "Well she's... she's got eyes."

-Eddie (their new boss): "The job is you have to hold up this sign and you have to make sure it points in the right direction. Now, does that sound like something you can do?" Jemaine: "Sounds like something a lamppost could do".

-Murray: "I've told you. When you are in a band, you don't get with your bandmate's girlfriend. Past or present." Jemaine: "Yes, well, thanks for that." Murray: "You get a love triangle, you know, a Fleetwood Mac situation. Although there was four of them, so more of a love square. But you know, no-one gets on." Jemaine: "Ok, I see." Murray: "Mind you, they did make some of their best music back then".
Bret: "Rumours". Murray: "No. No, it's all true".

What are some of your favorite memories?


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