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Raito (Light) Yagami From Death Note


Light Yagami and the World of Death Note

Raito (more popularly known as Light) Yagami is the brilliant and twisted mastermind in the anime/manga Death Note. With a death note, shinigami, and an incredible mind he manages to outsmart the world and transforms it via his secret-identity, Kira. Light believes Kira to be Justice even if this justice means destroying more than the evil of this world. His personality and actions will leave you in awe of this young man and questioning your feelings towards his means of achieving justice. Learn more about Light Yagami and the people who have helped shape his devious actions as Kira.


Who is Light Yagami?

The Innocent Man Before the Death Note

Before receiving the Death Note Light Yagami was the perfect son, student, and an all-around gentlemen.He is completely and utterly brilliant in his studies even receiving a perfect score on his college entrance exam to the prestigious university. Ladies sigh over Light's handsome features and charming personality. Light's family is immensely proud of his academic achievements and adores their son. Instead of being jealous of such a perfect brother his sister, Sayu, idolizes her brother and he clearly loves her as well.

Light himself is a different story. As an absolutely brilliant young man he has always been far beyond his peers. To be quite honest, Light is bored with this 'rotting' world. He keeps all of his true feelings inside all while hiding behind a mask of indifferent perfection. The Death Note will not change the perfect mask Light keeps in place but it does finally unleash the fascinating dark side of Light.

Light-on-the-eyes Cosplay

Light-on-the-eyes Cosplay

Light-on-the-eyes Cosplay

Light's Philosophy Made a Reality - The Death Note!


After Light discovers the Death Note to be real he becomes almost obsessive in his drive for bringing justice to the world. Ryuk, the Death Note's Shinigami owner, is astonished to see just how many names Light has written down in the Death Note in only five days. Light's plan is to kill the evil criminals of this world via a heart attack as a warning to future criminals. If they do not cease their behavior then they too will die.

As L draws closer Light's philosophy becomes muddled as he begins to take innocent lives in order to keep his secret. He still maintains Kira to be justice but as he grows more and more immersed in using the Death Note his mind begins to change. Instead of simply changing the world he begins to see himself as being the god of the new world. He becomes delusional with his idea of being god and being the one worthy of judging the people of this world.

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Kira vs Light

Justice or Madness?

Kira is not a name made by Light but the result of how the English word killer sounds in Japanese (there are no l's in the hiragana or katakana). Once the name Kira starts it stays and becomes the name used. Light and Kira are both the same and different which is recognizable immediately when Light first gives up ownership of the Death Note. Without the Death Note, he becomes the Light Yagami from before who is brilliant yet kind.

Once Light recovers the Death Note and regains his memories the Kira part of him returns. He once again begins to start his reign of justice and journey to becoming this world's god. Although both Kira and Light are the same even other characters notice the difference. L continually maintains Light was Kira but now isn't after Light's captivity and before his own demise. There does not seem to be a dual personality mental fight within Light but it's obvious Kira and Light are almost two separate entities.

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Ryuk, the Apple-Eating Shinigami

and the Death Note's True Owner

Ryuk dropped the Death Note to alleviate his boredom in the Shinigami world. He finds Light to be simply hilarious and is always with him. Light manipulates Ryuk but rarely does so because most of the time the shinigami just laughs at him. As a shinigami Ryuk must be an intelligent one because he was able to get a second note from the Shinigami King by tricking him. Ryuk also can only be seen by the person who has the Death Note or had contact with it. This is why he can constantly be around Light and not terrify people by his presence.

Ryuk wrote down the rules of the Death Notebook but never goes out of his way to explain more than needed to Light. The only time he really gets into explaining is if the situation would be amusing or Light asks directly. Unlike Rem he holds no personal feelings for the owner of his Death Note and just wants to be amused. In the manga and anime he is always talking about his love for apples and admits they are to shinigami what drugs & alcohol are to humans. If he does not get any then Ryuk gets withdrawals, a fact which Light takes advantage of when L has his house monitored.

Humans are so interesting!! ~ Ryuk

Ryuk Cosplay...Find it at the market!

Ryuk Cosplay...Find it at the market!

Ryuk Cosplay...Find it at the market!


L Lawliet/Ryuuzaki/Ryuuga

Light's friend (kinda). Kira's enemy

L is the character who pushes Light and makes Death Note the suspenseful story it is. He declares the Kira Light to be his first friend which Kira Light completely scoffs at. When Light has no ownership of the Death Note the two seem to be more like friends although it's mostly one-sided by L. Both are brilliant, childish, and absolutely hate to lose. Their similarities do not change the major differences between the two. Light is handsome, well-liked, and adored by the world. L is paler than death, leads an almost completely solitary life, and completely lacks the social skills which make Kira so deadly.

Unfortunately the Light/L one-sided friendship has to end when Light's memories return. L is a threat to Kira's success as the new world's god and has to die. As L dies his 'friend' Light plays the perfect role and holds him close with a realistic display of heartbreak. To the others the illusion is perfect but L is face to face with the killing intent found only in the eyes of Kira. His suspicions were correct but Kira will have the final act.

Best L Cosplay!

Best L Cosplay!

Best L Cosplay!

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Soichiro Yagami

Light's Father & Head of Kira Case

Light's father is the dedicated police director who is leading the investigation of Kira with L. He is a brave and loyal man who obviously loves his son very much. When Light submits himself for imprisonment his father is so devastated he insists on suffering the same punishment. Although it bothers him he still allows L to investigate his son in the hope of proving L wrong.

Light's father ends up dying, not at the hands of the Death Note but as a failed mission directed by Light. Before dying he had received the Shinigami's eyes but dies before writing down Mello's name. He dies still believing Light could never be Kira and in some ways it is a blessing he does die early. With so much pride I think he would have been completely broken at knowing Light was actually the mass murderer Kira.

No...anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness. ~Soichiro Yagami


Sayu Yagami

Light's Beloved Little Sister

Sayu is Light's younger sister and one of the people I believe he really does love. Before becoming Kira he dotes on his sister and helps her with her homework. The two share a loving rapport and her kidnapping upsets Light greatly. For once he actually is more concerned for her than his own plans.

Both Sayu and her mother are two of the people Light is creating his new and safe world for. They are both innocents and have to suffer through not seeing their son for weeks and weeks with no word. Even without word from Light they still love him and a few days before Light's demise he is overheard on the phone promising they will all be together soon.

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The Ladies of Light Yagami

He's a Lady-Killer. Literally

Light's looks and charms make him a deadly person to love. He is not above using sweet words, love, and even physical affection to get his own way. The woman of his life become murders for the sake of their love never realizing Light could care less for them. I highly doubt Light even has the capacity to truly love a woman and he shows it by killing or plotting to kill the ladies who love him just to keep his secret.

Do you believe Kira is capable of romantic love?


Kiyomi Takada

Takada was one of Light's college girlfriends and is later chosen by Mikami to be Kira's spokesperson. Light completely uses her position to his advantage even going so far as to reveal his true identity as Kira to her. With her elegant looks she is completely different than the bubbly Misa but her feelings for Light run just as deep. The two even end up having dinner together just to spend the night arguing about who Light actually cares for.

Although Light does seem to prefer the intelligence of Takada over Misa's bubbly personality he does not love her either. His promises of a future together and feelings for her are a complete lie. Takada's loyalty for Light is rewarded only with her death. Light kills her to ensure her his Death Note secret is kept safe forever.

Naomi Misora

The Woman Who Trusted

Naomi Misora is one of Light's innocent casualties. She is the fiancée of Raye Penber, the FBI agent who was tailing Light Yagami. As a former FBI agent she is brilliant and starts to form theories which would put Light dangerously in the spotlight as being Kira. Light has a chance meeting with her and as he speaks with Naomi begins to formulate a plan to kill her and ensure she is not found via the Death Note.

Light becomes angry and worried when his attempt to kill her fails. He needs her real name and she gives him a fake (go Naomi!). Unfortunately Light Yagami is a charming and manipulative genius. He finds out the name by gaining her trust and ensures she will never ever get a chance to reveal her theories to the police. Her death shows just how incredible Light can be at playing a personal role worth of someone's trust and killing them without a single sign of remorse.


Misa Amane

The 2nd Kira and Obsessive Light Lover

Misa is a character you might be annoyed by but still have to end up pitying. She adores Kira for avenging her parent's and once she discovers Kira is Light she is swept up in love at first sight. Her love is so strong she is ready to not only kill but also die for Light. Although she continually halves her lifespan for the 'shinigami's eyes' she does it willingly for the sake of Light's love.

Once Light discovers Misa to be the second Kira he is annoyed and just plain pissed at her. To him Misa is an irritating girl who is only safe from death because Rem threatens his own life. Light plays her completely doing everything from having her lose memories, halve her life, and promising to love her if she complies with his wishes. He could care less about her fame as a model and actress even to the point of promising to marry her if she drops a film.

Even though she can be completely annoying and a total airhead you do have to admire just how far her obsessive love for Light goes. How many of us would kill and even not mind if we were killed all for the sake of our love? Not to mention constantly attempting to win Light's heart, being rejected, and still loving him. Ironically for all of Light's desires to kill her she ends up surviving and is still alive at the end of the manga.

Misa-Misa Cosplay

Misa-Misa Cosplay

Misa-Misa Cosplay

Misa's first meeting with Light in the manga

Misa's first meeting with Light in the manga

Misa's first meeting with Light in the manga

The True Successor to L


Cosplay Necessaries for Misa - If you want to be her then you need to get the look

i love Misa's look when she first meets Light in the manga and have given you a good basis to recreate her cosplay look for yourself. Don't forget to accessorize! I could only feature five products here so I just did her clothing aspect. If you are going to be Misa then remember to get the key jewelry pieces she wears. They are a long necklace with a cross pendant and a black choker around her neck.


Near aka Nate River

The Lolita boy

Near is one of L's successors who came from Whammy's house. He is brilliant but lacks certain traits which keep him from surpassing his idol. Light does not see him until the end but to us Near appears as a childlike figure with an obsession for toys only rivaled by L's for sweets. He has a very loyal team but honestly sucks at communication with people and most people are not impressed by him as a character. Never the less he is the one who will ultimately outwit the master known as Kira.

Classic Near in Cosplay

Classic Near in Cosplay

Classic Near in Cosplay

Finger Puppet's & Key Chains of Near's Play Characters

Look closely at the cosplay picture and you will see Nate has little finger puppets representative of people in the Kira case. They can be cute but honestly I think Kira would just want to kill him more for having such an annoying obsession. After all, it might not be flattering to look like a bandit out of The Incredibles movie!

Comments? Questions? Flames? Experiences with Death Note? - I read them all :)

Shell Mayers on July 01, 2013:

very cool lens, I don't really know the series you're talking about, but it really got me interested.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on May 28, 2013:

Death Note is an exceptional series! I watched it over several days with my son and I was quite tempted on multiple occasions to skip ahead without him. It is a very compelling story. Even now, I feel like I know the characters personally. You did an excellent job of reviewing it!

anonymous on May 25, 2013:

I've seen Death Note both in Anime and the Movie and it is really great. Hope they will make more movies like it.

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