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Everything You Need to Know About "Dune"

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everything you need to know about 'dune', a universe that captivates you, action-packed blockbuster recently released

Presenting the Movie

To begin ...

This film is based on a series of books of the same name written by Frank Herbert.

(To the readers of Duna I sincerely apologize ... I have never read the books so consequently I don't know how faithful this film is to the literary work)

The film tells the story of a planet called Arrakis or as "Dune" is better known about its inhabitants and the administration of this impetuous planet.


Let's Talk About the Movie

Duke Leto Atreides is in charge of Arrakis, which by the way is a very, very complicated place to live... the duke accepts this responsibility to "take care" of this planet and goes there with his family and his trusted council. In Arrakis there is a substance called "melange" or "spice" this substance is very valuable, for the Fremen (a native people) it can prolong human life and provide accelerated levels of thought. The cultivation of this substance is risky because in the mining fields there are creatures called sand worms (which are giants by the way) that make an operation difficult, as if a difficulty with the worms was not enough... they have enemies the 'Harkonnen'

His son and heir "Paul Atraides" is a prodigy of the Atreides house and owner of an extraordinary future, some people see him as a "promised" of an ancient prophecy.

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But his ascension has yet to begin and to tell you the truth I look forward to what this boy will accomplish... he will surely be a great warrior, equal or even better than his father.

Success For Sure

A film much awaited by theaters, high expectations and I believe there were no disappointments in this regard.

Released in theaters on October 21, 2021, a smash hit surpassing the 330 million mark worldwide, considered Warner Bros.'s biggest debut.

A budget of 165 million USD invested in the film, which in my opinion was very worthwhile.


An incredible production! Perfect actors who totally dedicated themselves to their roles, very realistic, breathtaking special effects, wonderful soundtrack, we live trips to the planet Arrakis for free and without leaving our chair !!

Final Idea

Before finishing, report that I had a small break in expectations, because, during the course of the film, so many things were happening... giving an idea that something would happen (watch the movie to know what it is) but it turned out that this "something" didn't it happened... my biggest wait is for Paul Atraides, to know how he will return in the next film...

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