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Piano Keyboard Rockjam- Product Review

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Although the keyboard price is quite a lot I believe is a great present for yourself or others I have the same as a keyboard just in the color gray difference is not really seeable it just depends on which color you prefer the keyboard arrived on time completely packed. I was really surprised when I open the package because everything was neat and unbroken it also offered you a free month of free piano lessons on SimplyPiano this really helped me at the beginning to learn how do use the piano the sad thing is that Once you finish that month you're gonna have to pay and the price is quite a lot. Another interesting thing that I found inside the package was stickers which helped me to understand how to use the keyboard. The stickers are really easy to both takeout or glue in. The keyboard is really clean even though it gets dust easily. In the package, they offer you a table to put the keyboard on, some pair of headphones, script holder and lastly a sit. This year is a piano seat is pretty low and it's not that comfortable but it's spongy. The audio is wonderful, sometimes too loud also if you can regulate it. The headphones are really uncomfortable but you can’t pretend a very high-quality headphone. Now, the options on the keyboard are so much, you have tones and rhythms. While playing the piano you have a huge opportunity of using different insurance of rhythms and tones. While the rhythms offer you a different type of music that you can play with your piano the tone give you the instruments switch. There's also a keyboard percussion which offers you a meantime plane to use to add small sounds to your play, is really fast and it makes your music better depending on how you use it. The keyboard is well a rhythm selector, a tones selector, and a demo. The demo is the best because offers you to know the song also if you to fake play and look like a famous artist, or to understand what is your mistake. The demo is the most popular beginner learner songs. Finishing up the keyboard as well a recorder and playback which means that you can record everywhere and find out what your error is. This is a great keyboard that can also be taken around the world with you. Other than the bottoms shown above you can find others less important but useful. Overall the price isn't that bad and if you really want it I believe is the best one yet.

Rockjam keyboard

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This piano keyboard is a good keyboard for beginners and thanks to the free monthly active account on simply piano gives you a basic understanding of how to use the piano. The package is protected and it comes on time. I love all the options.

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