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Own Stund Up


Hey! I have been studying English since I don't know. I hope my English good enough to understand, and I hope it does not hurt your ears or something. So, there are many tutors and teachers or clubs that could learn you another language. However, most of the time I have been studying English by my own, and I am very lucky because of that you know. I will explain to you why.

For instance, I had a situation with my teacher at school. We were having a conversation and at the moment I said: "If I am not mistaken". After that phrase she corrected me and said that I have to say "if I don't make a mistake" because I am not allowed to say like that. I was like: "I am terribly sorry milady, but who told you that information? What textbook showed you that?" Because, you know, most of them are walking textbooks, and furthermore they are making people be like them.

I managed to study English with a tutor. Not personal, but in a group of people. We got good books, good students as seemed to me, and good tutor. However, as every tutor she spoke like a fucking autobot. OK, never mind on her pronunciation. The most terrible thing is that they all have formulaic education. By that I mean that as I mentioned before they learn you everything that is included in the book. They make you be fucking walking textbook.

These tutors are fucking frauds. They take your money, then download useless textbooks in your head and that's it. Then if you see or hear something English that out of your textbook abilities your system is cracking. Just imagine a native speaker and tutor's student are having a conversation. Student begins:

"Hey what is your name?"

"Alex, what's yours?

"My name is Ivan, I am from Russia, I have a brother and a dog.

"That is so informative, my friend"

"Do you have a mother?"

"No, I don't, loudly." "What is he up to?", to himself.

"Do you have a hobby?"

"Jesus, Christ, please somebody stop this Russian crazy guy, what is he smoking?"

However, a native speaker would respect Russian and have a conversation with him, because of only one thing. That thing is Russian accent that scariest a million of people. So, native speaker doesn't have a chance to refuse to conversation with Russian. He has to talk something, to develop the dialogue, and when native one says the things that are out of books, for instance, he says something figuratively or emotional, there is an error in the student head.

Formulaic education. Who has this is Indonesians? I have seen a lot of Indonesians in video chat (don't judge me for that) and, you know, I have never found a one Indonesian guy who would know English better than me or at least speaks fluently. They all have frames in the heads. Each dialogue with them is like: hello, what is your name, how old are, what are you doing, how are you, goodbye have a nice day. And there is a question: "Why the fuck are you asking my name if you are not about to memorize it?"

I am not a racist and I really love Indonesians. They are always funny and in the mood. However, they do really have frames in the head. If something goes wrong Indonesians are just smiling and keep awkward pause, and then boom, "How are you doings". I got a situation with one Indonesian guy in video chat. I don't know why he told me: "Why you are so handsome, bro?" I respond: "Are you a gay?" And just right at the moment he says: "Yes, I am OK." Perhaps, my English is so bad, perhaps, his headphones in bad conditionals, but it was the situation that showed himself at his best. It showed us each Indonesian.