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How Many Seasons Will My Hero Academia Have?


My Hero Academia - How Many Years of Content Can We Expect?

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi that has been ongoing since July 2014 in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The titular anime was first released in April 2016 and season 1 wrapped up in August 2016, giving us 13 episodes of fresh content that took the anime world by storm.

Its popularity can be easily explained as it did offer something completely new - a world where every character (well, almost) has a superpower, "a quirk", and where our main characters are working to become professional superheroes.

Our hero, Izuki "Deku" Midoriya is quirkless - but his attitude and personality caught the eye of All Might, the greatest superhero in Japan, and he shares his quirk with him and enrolls him in a prestigious high school for training and educating heroes.

So far so good, right?

Well, even better than that, if we consider the facts.

The series proved to be so successful and popular that it would appear that all the initial plans for its story have evolved into something else, and a lot of fans are rightfully beginning to compare it with longstanding series such as Naruto, One Piece or Dragon Ball.

The reasoning for this is quite simple - the series' creator has, as of July of 2020, churned out 27 volumes of tankobon and so far 281 chapters of the manga have been published.

The anime series, quite predictably, is behind in the manga story, by about 100 chapters worth of content.

All of that said, the author previously mentioned that the series will end when our characters graduate from the Hero Academia, so that is a point that certainly puts things into perspective for us - our characters are still freshmen, and the school is supposed to encompass three years.

The fact is, Deku is still the first year in the UA Academy so we can safely assume that he still has a long way ahead of him and many challenges to overcome until he graduates.

We further discuss exactly how long that may take.

How Long Will MHA Last?

This is a difficult question to answer due to many factors, and most notably the series' skyrocketing popularity. We can consider several factors in this though, as follows:

  • Deku and co. are wrapping up year one of UA Academy. That's about one-third of the way in if we are having three years of school.
  • Originally, the story was supposed to be about 30 tankobon volumes, and we are already at 27 with no end in sight.
  • MHA is becoming extremely popular and that may affect the pacing - more popularity almost always guarantees more content.
  • If the author decides to give us more chapters after the characters become Pro Heroes, all speculation is off the table as that leaves the door open for as much content as we are willing to consume.
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If we simply assume that the story will actually finish when the characters complete their academy training though, we are about 30% of the way there. That implies about 75 to 90 tankobon volumes and at least 10 seasons of anime ahead.

Translated into time, that is anywhere between five and ten years of chapters and the anime may take even longer to follow suit. This would make Boku no Hero Academia comparable in length to Naruto.


Why MHA Anime is So Good

The main reason people enjoy My Hero Academia might be because it is very faithful to the manga as its source material. We all know that this is hardly the case with a lot of our favorites that not only change things, they make them feel completely different and deviate from the manga so much that there are clear divisions between the anime and the manga fans. This is not the case with Boku no Hero.

If you are worried about the experience, you are completely fine just delving into the anime without worrying that you will miss a detail or enjoy a different canon entirely. This is particularly the case with action scenes that look and feel stellar on small screens - huge props to Studio Bones on this one.

The artwork in the manga is brilliant, but Studio bones did such an amazing job with the animation that it is fully on par. But enough about that, when is season 5 coming to us?

Season 5 News - When Can We Expect Season 5?

The MHA anime has been keeping us entertained for four seasons straight and after the Funimation announcement of season 5 from April this year, we are all more than eager to hear more about the possible release dates.

If we consider the facts though and take the coronavirus pandemic into account, it is very hard to say when season 5 will be released or if it will be soon.

However, the announcement in itself is an indication that Bones is hard at work in getting new episodes to us as soon as possible and it would not be far-fetched to guess that we can expect them sometime in 2021. What we need to be aware of unfortunately is the fact that due to the pandemic, schedules are bound to move further into the future so an early 2021 release does not seem as likely.

In that vein, the localization and the dub could be even further delayed - as we remember, the last five episodes' localization had been delayed for the above-mentioned reasons as well.


Boku no Hero Academia - A New Naruto or Dragon Ball?

The author has previously expressed that if fans want more after the main story he planned out is over, he will oblige and provide us with more content to enjoy. The manga would proceed to explore the early Pro Hero careers of our favorite characters, which would, in an "a la Naruto" way, possibly extend the lore and the story indefinitely.

The facts are - Deku as a character has a long way to go in his development and that does not only refer to his abilities - he has a lot of room to grow. All in all, the way things are going, we will be talking about My Hero Academia for many years to come, for better or for worse.

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