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Movies That Revolutionized Cinema

The 7th art

In 1895 (When it waas the first screening of a film in public) this form of expression was born and it evolved together with society, but was it really alwas like this?

As you surely imagine the answer is obviously no.

When did all this really start?

Battleship Potemkin (1926)


At first, the movies were practically plays until Sergei Eisenstein (A russian director) decide to make those scenes more dynamic with static shorts, inclusing even contrasting with symbolism, giving a identity and way to the cinema we know today.

The Jazz Singer (1927)


Imagine watching a movie in 1927 and suddenly hearing the characters speak, as a viewer that must have been a very shocking moment since it was the first time this had been done. Since then, more films with sound began to be made, leaving silent films almost completely

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Perhaps of the aforementioned this is the best known case since this was a film that managed to fool the entire public by posing as a real case, which made them believe that this was a video found of some boys who had disappeared while investigating the legend of the Blair Witch and it was not known that this was a fiction film until its premiere (But this did not do anything other than draw more attention from the public at that time).

This led to found footage movies becoming more popular and relevant.

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