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7 of the Most Inspiring and Best Movies Based on True Story That Are Worth Your Time


Would you like to find out the movies based on true story?

If you want to find a film/movie that will entertain, inspire, and even make you learn a life lesson from these stories, these movies are the perfect entertainment for you.

In this post, I’m going to reveal which these movies/films are, why you need to watch them, and some of the best quotes from these movies.

1. Hacksaw Ridge

“With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together.” –Desmond T. Doss

The movie is based on a young religious combat medic Desmond Doss and the U.S invasion of Japan in the island of Okinawa during the 2nd World War.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Desmond Doss enlisted to work as a combat medic. He joined training but he never wanted to carry a rifle due to his religious beliefs.

He eventually ended up on the island and his unit faced heavy gunfire that they eventually retreated. Doss stayed back and saved 75 soldiers from the Japanese island during the war.

What is famous about the film is the phrase Doss said each time he saved a soldier, “Please Lord help me get one more.”

The film great depiction of the horrific side of war plus how one man’s great resolve and service to others can create great moments and heroes.

It’s a favorite of mine and you can get Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. Aright.” –Chris Gardner

The films focus is on the real life story of entrepreneur Chris Gardner who is played by Will Smith.

Gardner invests in a device called the bone density scanner which he struggles to sell to most physicians. As a salesman he is struggling financially to provide for his family.

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He has a son (Christopher Jr) and wife (Linda) who works as a hotel maid. This puts a strain on their relationship and Linda eventually leaves for New York living father and son.

The story becomes this father-son relationship of a family struggling financially.

How a man in a red Ferrari led him to change career to be a stockbroker eventually working as an unpaid intern at Dean Witter brokerage firm for 6 months.

How he went from broke to homeless during these 6 months.

The film shows the ups and down Chris gardener faced to become a stockbroker with all the pain and tears he experienced.

Also it’s a great illustration of how hard work and what one man’s great dedication and effort will lead to success.

You can get The Pursuit of Happyness here on Amazon.

3. Pele: Birth of a Legend

“If you wanna play professional, you can’t be ashamed of who you are.” --Dondinho

The film is on the life story of the great Brazilian football player and legend Pele. It focuses on how young Pele rose from the slums of Sao Paulo to play for the Brazilian national team.

At just the age of 17 Pele led Brazil to their first World Cup victory against Sweden in 1958.

You’ll get to see his struggles from poverty to the football world stage. Also, the discrimination and racial abuse he encountered during his time at Santos Football Club and during the 1958 World Cup.

What you will learn most from the film is that how being yourself is the only thing you need to do.

If you try to fit in and be someone else it doesn’t lead to success, how being true to oneself and honesty always leads to success.

You can get Pele: Birth of a Legend here on Amazon.

4. Steve Jobs

“I don’t want people to dislike me. I’m indifferent to whether they dislike me.” –Steve Jobs

This list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the life story of Steve Jobs, with Michael Fassbender playing as Steve Jobs. It’s one of the best movies based on true story depicting this inventor, entrepreneur and great leader.

The CEO of Apple and the inventor of the iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, iPod, and iMac have a story full of failures, struggles, and success.

You will get to see the complicated relationship between his colleagues, old girlfriend and daughter.

The film is a great indicator of how failures or a downfall isn’t the end of your story.

You can get the film Steve Jobs here on Amazon.

5. Malcolm X

“I will not touch the white man’s poison; his drugs, his liquor, his swine, his women.” –Malcolm X

This 1992 film of the controversial African- American activist, Denzel Washington’s plays as Malcolm X, it’s a great portrayal of his life.

The film focuses on his life story from his criminal life, his time in prison, his conversion to Islam, his rise to become a prominent figure of the Nation of Islam (NOI), his criticizing of the non-violent nature of the civil rights movement, his marriage and family life.

His pilgrimage to Mecca and how he softened his stance on most of his controversial statements depicts a different Malcolm X.

Denzel Washington portrayed his life to near perfection from when he got out of prison to his rise in the civil rights movement.

You can have the film Malcolm X here on Amazon.

6. Queen of Katwe

“Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. You belong where you believe you belong. Where is that for you?” –Robert

This amazing real life story of 10 year old Phiona Mutesi (played by Madina Nalwanga) shows her life living in the slums of Katwe, Kampala Uganda.

It’s an African story and it depicts the struggles of this young woman and how she succeeded against all the odds.

How chess became her saving grace and how she became an African chess prodigy. Why having a mentor or guidance is important with Robert Katende (played by David Oyelowo) being her chess coach and spiritual guide.

How Phiona ended playing chess in places like Russia and Sudan although she had faced resistance from her mother Nakku Harriet (played by Lupita Nyongo).

This is not a typical Disney movie although it has a happy ending. What you’ll get out from the movie is that you can change any negative situation to a positive.

If you are born or are in a bad situation you’re the only one that can change it.

She was a chess genius and this opened doors for her and got her family out of poverty.

This great African story, Queen of Katwe is available on Amazon.

7. Theory of Everything

“There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, where there is life, there is hope.” –Stephen Hawking

This is a film on the life story of the late Stephen Hawking (played by Eddie Redmayne) an astrophysics student studying in the University of Cambridge.

While working on a thesis about black holes his muscles fail him causing him to fall thereby hitting his head.

In hospital he finds out that he has motor neurone disease which will cause him to lose all function of his body. He won’t be able to move, talk, and has 2 years to live as informed by the doctor.

This film not only focuses on his achievements like stating that black holes created the universe. You get to learn more on his personal life and family.

What you’ll get from the film is how an able bodied Stephen was relegated to using a wheelchair. How he outlived the doctors prediction of living for 2 years only.

How by pure determination and not giving up, Hawking had great achievements. Because he was relegated to use a wheelchair and couldn’t talk he didn’t view these as limitations.

The film Theory of Everything is available on Amazon for you.

These are just some of the most inspiring movies based on true story. You will learn life lessons and appreciate what you have. Therefore, they are both entertaining and will leave you inspired and motivated.


Michael Kamenya (author) from Nairobi on January 21, 2021:

Thank you Pamela and you definitely have to check out "Theory of Everything." It's truly inspiring.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 20, 2021:

I have seen some of these movies, but I have not seen "Theory of Everything". I think it is a movie I would really enjoy. thank you for this review, Michael.

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