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Movies and TV - The Pros and Cons


To Watch or not to Watch - that's the Question

Nearly every home in the U.S (and perhaps the world) has at least one television. In fact most probably have more than one, even if a person lives alone. The question I'd like to address here is this: "Is our fascination with television good or bad? Is it healthy or harmful?"You can read my opinion below, and then you'll find a spot to add your two cents.I'm expecting a lot of controversy on this topic so don't be afraid to leave your opinion, just be kind and keep it G-rated. I don't want to delete any comments, but I will!


Kids and Television and Movies

And while we're at it, Video Games

My personal opinion is that kids watch too much TV today. And the shows they watch need to be highly monitored, even the cartoons. Power Rangers (even with all the good guys) can be a very violent show. Caillou (on PBS) whines ALL OF THE TIME. SpongeBob has a lot of adult humor and bullying. iCarly and Hannah Montana put a lot of emphasis on clothing and being "in." Are these the kind of values you want your child to emulate?

I've seen more than one child demonstrate violent tendencies, and then found out later he was allowed to play one of the most violent adult video games created. And while not every child develops bad behavior because of a movie, television show or video game, isn't it enough that some do? I've never heard of a child damaged emotionally or psychologically because she wasn't exposed to inappropriate Television. In fact, my own three daughters turned out very well even with a restricted television and movie list.

Here are just a few they were not allowed to watch:- Married with Children (they turned the channel as soon as the music came on)- Power Rangers- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

And my grandchildren are not allowed to watch these at my house:- Sponge Bob- Caillou- Max and Ruby

Leave a list of ones you think are inappropriate for kids in the "Comments" box below.

Why Ban Those Innocent Shows?

Many people ask why I banned some of those shows on that list above. While "Married with Children" is a more obvious choice, some question "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and Caijou as objectionable materal. But here's my reasoning:

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  1. Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - These shows are geared toward younger children, but there's a lot of violence in them. I think they are fine for older teens, but by the time my girls were allowed to watch them, they didn't interest them. I know the good guys always triumph and the morals are excellent, but I just didn't want my young children exposed to any more violence than real life offers.
  2. Sponge Bob - I truly think that this favorite cartoon character offers way too much adult humor. Plus, he tends to bully Squidward (I know it's in fun, but it's hard for some kids to know the difference), and I don't think his interaction with several of the other characters is appropriate for children.
  3. Caillou - We used to watch this until I listened to it from another room one day. The boy does nothing but whine. Every sentence is in a whiny tone. I simply did not want my grandchildren to pick up that habit.
  4. Max and Ruby - Ruby is bossy and has way too much responsibility for an older sibling. I never wanted my older grandchildren to think it was acceptable to boss the younger ones around the way that Ruby does. I don't like the absence of any parental supervision in this cute cartoon, so we don't watch it.

Just a reminder - these are my opinions. I am not condemning yours, just sharing mine.



Movies for Kids and Adults

Adults and Movies

Plus television and videos

I'm guessing 90% of you think that kids need to be monitored in what they watch, but what about adults? Do you evaluate everything you watch and turn off the television or walk out of the theatre if what you see is not good for your mind? I've walked out on the "Exorcist" and "White Men Can't Jump" and turned off the Eddie Murphy version of "The Nutty Professor." "The 40 Year Old Virgin" only got to play for 5 minutes or so, and after a few years of watching daytime dramas, I decided they weren't fit to fill my brain. My husband and I really feel like putting sex, violence and bad language into our minds makes us vulnerable to compromising our standards and perhaps even causing us to treat others badly or become insensitive to the evil in the world.

The only movie I've ever watched in its entirety that had pretty bad language was "Hardball." I even allowed my teenage daughters to watch it with us. The movie came across more like a documentary than a blatant abuse of the English language. We felt it was good for the girls to understand that in real life there are young children who use language and behave in ways that are unacceptable, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad people. The truth is not everyone has the same opportunities our girls had. We use the ratings given to movies to guide us, but that doesn't mean we never watch an "R" rated movie. Often we won't go see a movie in the theatre, but will rent it later so we can just turn it off if it doesn't meet our standards. The bottom line is I believe that the pictures, words and music we allow to penetrate our minds molds us and forms us. These forms of media can influence our personality and damage us. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our family and those we come in contact with to keep our mind safe. You might not agree with me, but that's OK. Leave your opinion below . . . just be nice!

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind . . .

— Romans 12:2

What Do You Think?

TV for those with some form of Dementia

Television can be a useful tool

Recently my mother-in-law moved in with us. Who'd have thought this would cause a shift in our television viewing. My husband especially likes "cop" shows, and I watch things like "The Voice" and "Biggest Loser," as well as a nighttime drama here and there.Something we discovered as she watched our television choices was that some made her uncomfortable. She has short term memory loss, which means she can't follow a movie or a drama. Even the "reality" contests are a bit difficult for her because she can't remember what happened the last week. We did find out (quite by accident) that the Game Show Network is perfect for her. There is no violence to scare her, no subtle humor that she doesn't understand and no plot to follow. The characters are here today and gone tomorrow, she doesn't have to remember who won last week or what they were like.Not only that, but it stimulates her brain! She likes answering before the contestants. On "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader," she'll sometimes ask me for the correct answer, and she loves "Family Feud." "A Minute to Win It" has her cracking up! If you know someone suffering from short term memory loss, I highly recommend Game Shows. There's no plot to confuse with real life, no drama to play out. Perhaps not what I'd choose as my source of entertainment for hours and hours a day, but when the body is too frail to get out and do much and the mind won't let a person play strategy games or read anything other than the daily paper, these 30 minute snippets of "what do you know" are perfect!

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