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Mind-Blowing Thriller/Horror Movies You Should Never Miss!!

Fan of thriller movies? Trust me. Below picks are from my personal experience which will stick in your mind for days. These may not be popular, but worth watching which will keep you on the edge of your seat!

1. You're Next

Adam Wingard's home invasion movie where group of people in the middle of nowhere are gathered together for their anniversary getaway, and some mysterious strangers covered with masks starts attacking people. It's deep, scary, creepy and funny in a different way. There is kind of tension this movie develops through out. Soon the killer comes to know that one of the victims had courage and talent for fighting back.

2. Hush

This was another home invasion movie that really got me into thriller jenre. Story of a deaf and mute girl who stays alone in the woods has to fight for her life in silence when a masked man appears at her window. It's intense and breathtaking. Regardless being a thriller, it's relentless. Lack of sound in some part of the movie will really make you feel what's going on inside. More than home invasion, I would say it's a psychological game that is being played with the woman which will keep you out of your comfort zone!

3. Case 39

A mystery movie where a social worker named 'Emily' while working on her Case 39, fights to save a girl from abusive parents and somehow that girl ends up staying with her. Later Emily gets to know that the story is completely different while some mysterious and creepy things starts to happen in her life. One hell of a suspense movie which will twist your mind in predictions and has a dark ending.

4. Ready Or Not

This movie is messed up and I like messed up!! Story of a girl getting married to a wealthy rich family. The In-laws have a tradition of playing games with new brides like an initiation to be in the family. Game happens to be picking up the cards and based on the card you choose, you can end up even in life or death scenario. Intense movie where the new bride has to save her own life until sunrise. You'll definitely love this!

5. Orphan

Story of a husband and wife who recently lost their child, gives adoption a chance. They bring home a matured and innocent 9 year girl and was a happy family. Barging things starts to happen where at last people get to know who she truly is. Effectively disturbing, unpredictable and outstandingly portrayed which is one good movie for thriller lovers.

6. The Call

Korean film with superb concept which will keep you engaged through out the movie. Story of two girls living in two different time zones gets connected to each other through a phone call which changes heir whole life. Complicated film where the girl living in 2019 affects the future of the girl in 1999 and vice versa. Slight disappointment at the ending but the movie is definitely worth watching.

7. Train To Busan

One of the best zombie movies ever made. Emotionally powerful Korean movie where passengers are trapped in a train heading to Busan. There are zombies on the train and the people on the train has to get through it without getting turned or killed. This movie puts the characters in such a situation where solution sometimes comes out to be heart tearing. Amazing build up of intense story line where you can even see a role of a father. Give it a shot!

8. Before I Wake

More of a fantasy film where a couple dealing with grief of loosing his son adopts a boy. the nightmares, dreams becomes actual things when he sleeps. This turns out to be a little horror later. Would really learn some life lessons which you usually don't find in horror movies. Worth the watch!

Enjoy Watching!

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