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MasterChef US 2013: Season 4

MasterChef Season 4 - episodes available via Amazon Instant Video below!

MasterChef Season 4 - episodes available via Amazon Instant Video below!

MasterChef US Season 4: Recaps, Reviews and More!

MasterChef is a worldwide television sensation, one of the most popular cooking competition shows everywhere from Australia to the United Kingdom to the United States. The third season of MasterChef US drew sky-high ratings for the FOX TV network, as many cheered on the 18 top contestants over the summer of 2012. MasterChef US has made an instant celebrity of Christine Ha - the blind home chef who went on to win the competition, $250,000, and a deal for her very own cookbook (just released in May 2013).

Are you interested in becoming the next MasterChef US? Well, it might be too late for Season 4, as the open casting calls ended on November 30, 2012 and the new season is now on the air. For season 3, over 30,000 individuals applied to be on the show, and I'm sure the numbers for Season 4 were similarly high. In fact, I had a blast going to the open casting call in New York City last November myself - a story you can read about below!

Read on to learn more about MasterChef US Season 4: basic facts about the show, when it's airing, and how to follow the current contestants via social media, their blogs and websites. I'll also be sharing my weekly episode recaps and reviews, along with polls where you can share your opinions about the show.

MasterChef Season 4 Instant Video on Amazon - Miss an episode? Need to catch up?

You can download individual episodes of the current season on Amazon via Instant Video! From the first auditions through each weekly challenge and elimination, don't miss a minute of the action, excitement - and cooking, of course!

Get Luca's cookbook today! - The season four winner's new release

Luca's book, "My Italian Kitchen", was just released in May 2014. And as a fan and an avid home chef, I can tell you that it is great! I've tried a number of his recipes already and they've come out excellent. The book is all Italian in focus and goes far beyond the basics--but is still written in a way that's easy for any home cook to prepare at home. It's a really great collection of recipes that will elevate your home cooking results and teach you simple yet effective ways to prepare restaurant-quality Italian food at home.

Read my full review of Luca's cookbook to learn more, and see photos of the recipes I've prepared so far!

Connect with the MasterChef Season 4 Contestants

Their websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts: official and UNofficial

Have a favorite contestant? You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or check out their website. I've provided links below as I can find them.

Contestant / Twitter / Facebook / Blog/website

Krissi Biasiello / MC4Krissi / MC4Krissi / The Rotund Chef

Jonny Blanchard /

Lynn Chyi / Lynn Chyi / lychyi

Natasha Crnjac / MC4Natasha / MC4Natasha / Natasha Crnjac /

Bime Cruz / MC4Bime / MC4Bime / BimeCruz

Malcolm Green /

Adriana Guillen / Adriana Guillen

Eddie Jackson / MC4Eddie / MC4Eddie

Beth Kirby / MC4BethK / MC4BethK / local milk / local_milk

Bri Kozior / MC4Bri / MC4Bri / Bri Kozior (StarNow modeling portfolio) / _buddhabri / Brianna Kozior /

Jessie Lysiak / MC4Jessie /

Luca Manfe / MC4Luca / LucaManfe

James Nelson / MC4JamesN / Bravado Spice / jamesisdead /

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Kathy Prieto / MC4Kathy / MC4Kathy / Fire's Flaming Kitchen

Jordan Roots / MC4Jordan

Bethy Rossos / MC4Bethy / MC4Bethy / Bethy Rossos / bethyrossos / Cooking Rustic with Bethy Rossos

Howard Simpson / MC4Howard

Savannah Sturges / Savannah Sturges /

Where are they now?

Catch up with the season 4 contestants, now that the show is over...

It's been a year since MasterChef Season 4 first aired. Are you wondering what the Top 18 contestants are up to now? You can find out in my article linked below:

MasterChef US Season 4: Where are they now?
With the start of a new season of MasterChef airing in the United States, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at least year’s group of contestants and find out: where are they now? Are they still pursuing a career/work in the food industry somehow, or have they gone back to their other “day jobs”? ...

Your Favorite Contestant in the Top 18 - Do you have one?

MasterChef US Season Four: May 22, 2013 Episode recap & review

The premiere episode is here and that means it's time for the auditions! Find out who out of the top 100 impressed the judges and who got a thumbs down before even entering the MasterChef kitchen! For the details, read my recap & review at:

Poll time! - Question of the week

MasterChef US Season Four: May 29, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

It's the end of the auditions, and once the final contestants are picked they must fight to stay in it in a contest based on lamb. Who will earn their aprons and enter the competition for real? Find out in this week's recap:

MasterChef US Season Four: May 29, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

With nineteen chefs in the kitchen, it's time to get serious. They must face their first Mystery Box challenge of basic ingredients... and then a luxury ingredient that will send at least one chef home. Who will it be? Find out in my recap:

Poll time! - Your thoughts on this past week's episode

What are your thoughts after the first two weeks' episodes? Are you enjoying MasterChef as much as before, or not liking it as much, for whatever reason? Feel free to leave a comment after voting!

MasterChef US Season Four: June 5, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

It's time for the first team competition for the top 18 home cooks for this season. They must cook for a large group of school kids, and then the losing team faces off over cheesecakes. Who will be sent packing? Find out in my recap:

Poll time! - Your thoughts after this part of the episode

MasterChef US Season Four: June 5, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

The Top 17 contestants have a special guest in the kitchen for this Mystery Box's Gordon! And then the elimination challenge features cupcakes. Whose don't measure up? Find out in my recap and review:

Poll time! - Who's the weakest chef left in the kitchen?

MasterChef US Season Four: June 12, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

It's time for another team challenge as the home cooks must prepare steak dinners for a group of 101 firefighters. Then, it comes down to a tricky egg dish for the elimination challenge. What happens then? Find out in my recap:

Poll time! - Who do you think had the worst plate of Eggs Benedict?

MasterChef US Season Four: June 12, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

From Los Angeles to Las's time for a special elimination test for the bottom four contestants from the last challenge. Who can make a hamburger to impress a room of VIPs? Guess we'll find out...

Poll time! - Are you sad to see Kathy go home?

MasterChef US Season Four: June 19, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

The Top 15 contestants face a challenging mystery box of foreign ingredients...and then a pasta elimination with coaching from guest chef Lidia Bastianich! Whose pasta doesn't meet the grade? You have to read the recap to find out:

Poll time! - Was Joe being too hard on Howard?

MasterChef US Season Four: June 19, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

The remaining chefs have a surprise team challenge: they'll be visiting the set of "Glee" and have to cook for cast & crew members. Then the losing team faces a tough elimination round focused on pies. Who won and who went home? Find out in my recap:

Poll time! - Krissi vs. Bime

MasterChef US Season Four: June 26, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

Looks like it's time for another Mystery Box with 13 "cheftestants" still in the competition. It's a bit of a horror show when they find a pig's head waiting for them...and then last season's winner Christine Ha is there with the elimination test. What does it involve? Find out in my recap!

Christine Ha's "Recipes from My Home Kitchen" - Season 3 MasterChef winner's Asian and American Favorites

Christine Ha became an immediate sensation and fan-favorite when she appeared in the initial audition episodes of Season 3. She went on to win the entire season thanks to her incredibly developed ability to cook without sight but by using her other senses fully.In her just-released cookbook, she shares her story and journey in life along with the recipes that won over the MasterChef judges. It's definitely a "must have" for any fan of MC who wants to know what makes for a winning chef.

Poll time! - Who do you think should have gone home this episode?

MasterChef US Season Four: June 26, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

Here comes the bride...and groom! Which team can rock out a wedding reception meal and which one will be left standing at the altar? The answer is in this episode's recap:

Poll time! - Your thoughts on Sesaon 4 so far

Special MasterChef Update for July 3, 2013

The Krissi Biasiello Racism Controversy

There are no new episodes airing this week due to the Fourth of July holiday. However, there is plenty of news and controversy brewing about the series since broke a story on June 27 regarding local contestant Krissi Biasiello. Sources provided screencaptures of racists comments made by Krissi on her personal Twitter account (now deleted), “krissiloud”. I’m not going to repeat the things she said; you can see them in the article itself.

Since then, there has been no official statement from FOX or MasterChef production/reps. Krissi herself made only one apologetic comment on her official Twitter and Facebook accounts – and it hasn’t exactly been warmly received and accepted by many, although Krissi’s supporters still are standing strong and saying people are just being “oversensitive”.

Meanwhile the show is plagued by other controversies this season, including reports of possible sexual harassment and abuse by show judges and staff members, and an upcoming episode (already filmed) featuring Paula Deen – currently under fire for her own alleged racist and harassment issues in the past.

Your thoughts on the Krissi Biasiello racism controversy - Share them here

MasterChef US Season Four: July 7, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

There's a special Mystery Box this week courtesy Eva Longoria and a selection of Latin-themed ingredients. And then an elimination test which will be based on sweet or savory ingredients!

My review:

Poll time! - Your thoughts on Lynn's elimination

MasterChef US Season Four: July 7, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 2)

Time to hit the beach this episode and watch the cheftestants make fish tacos for a bunch of surfers! Then it's a tough elimination based on chicken prepared three different ways.

Poll time! - Who's the strongest competitor left in the MasterChef kitchen?

MasterChef US Season Four: July 18, 2013 Episode recap & review

First the contestants have to create their own sausages from a variety of ingredients for the Mystery Box challenge. Then it's a mushroom elimination round: fresh or canned. Who will end up "getting canned" as a result? Find out in my recap:

Poll Time! - A surprising elimination or not?

MasterChef US Season Four: July 24, 2013 Episode recap & review

The remaining 8 home cooks spend a night "roughing it" in the wilderness and then have to prepare an elegant meal for the judges featuring rabbit or pigeon. Then the elimination test involves creating chocolate eclairs. Whose ends up falling flat? You'll find out in my episode recap:

Poll time! - Which team would you have picked as the winner of the wilderness challenge?

MasterChef US Season Four: July 31, 2013 Episode recap & review

It's family reunion time as the contestants get to make a loved one's favorite dish. Then it's a tag team elimination test involving a sushi platter.

My recap and review:

Poll Time! - Do you think the judges sent home the right person this challenge?

MasterChef US Season Four: August 7, 2013 Episode recap & review

The remaining six have a break this week - because three previously eliminated chefs are going to do battle to earn back their aprons! Find out who comes back to try again in my recap:

Poll time! - Your reaction to Bri's return

MasterChef US Season Four: August 14, 2013 Episode recap & review

There's a T-Bone steak for each chef in their Mystery Box and they must do their best to elevate a steak dinner. Then it's time to cry fowl in the elimination test as each of them will have to prepare a different kind of poultry.


Poll time! - Is your favorite chef still in the competition?

MasterChef US Season Four: August 21, 2013 Episode recap & review

It's time for the dreaded restaurant takeover! The chefs have to prepare appetizers and entrees in a trendy new Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Members of the losing team have to battle it out over fried calamari.

My recap & review:

Poll time! - Predict the next elimination

August 28, 2013 Episode recap & review

The judges' sons are putting together the Mystery Box ingredients this week, and the end results could be a real challenge. Then it's a Vietnamese noodle dish that could send someone home from the kitchen. Who will it be? Find out in my recap:

Poll time! - Were the judges fair to James in this episode?

August 29, 2013 Episode recap & review

The remaining 5 home cooks must prepare a special luncheon meal for guests of Paula Deen. Then three of the chefs must recreate dishes from the judges' restaurants to stay in the game.

My recap and review:

Poll time! - Who is leaving the show next?

September 4, 2013 Episode recap & review (Part 1)

The remaining four home cooks have to pair up to prepare a three-course meal for the judges. The losing team must then compete against each other in a chocolate-themed elimination test.

Recap & review:

Poll time! - Did the judges select the right team?

September 4, 2013 Episode Recap & Review (Part 2)

And then there were three. This time they must re-create their initial audition dish and see who has learned the most over their time on MasterChef. Then they each get a different luxury ingredient which they must use in a dish, with only two of them going on to the final battle. Who doesn't make it? Find out in my recap:

Who is going to win MasterChef? - Time to cast your vote!

September 11, 2013 Episode recap & review

This is it: the final battle. It's Luca versus Natasha in a race to complete a stunning three-course meal for the judges, who will then name the next MasterChef!

Will you buy Luca's cookbook when it comes out? - A quick poll at the end of the season

MasterChef Season 4 F.A.Q. - Basic Facts and Information

  1. Can I still apply to be on MasterChef season 4?Obviously, no, not at this time as the show is back on the air! Casting for Season 4 took place in the fall of 2012. According to the MasterChef open call list, this is when and where they took place:San Diego - October 6th 2012Nashville - October 13th 2012Minneapolis - October 13th 2012Miami - October 20th 2012Chicago - October 20th 2012Dallas - October 27th 2012Cleveland - October 27th 2012Los Angeles - November 3rd 2012Boston - November 3rd 2012Portland - November 10th 2012New York City - November 10th 2012 (I attended this casting call!)New York City - November 11th 2012
  2. What are/were the eligibility requirements to be on MasterChef?According to the MasterChef casting website, you must:1. Be 18 years or older as of January 1, 2013.2. Be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States.3. Not currently work as a professional chef and you cannot have ever worked as a professional chef.4. Cannot be earning your main source of income from preparing and cooking fresh food in a professional environment (this includes restaurants, hotels, catering, etc.)
  3. When did MasterChef Season 4 film, and how long did the filming run?Given you must have been 18 years old by January 1, 2013 to audition, the actual filming of MasterChef was likely to have begun sometime after the new year. How long filming took I do not know, although if you check the contestants' official Facebook pages, all were created in early February 2013.
  4. When will MasterChef Season 4 air on television?MasterChef Season 4 began airing on FOX on May 22, 2013. It has been airing on Wednesday nights between 8:00 - 10:00 pm Eastern Time.
  5. Will there be a season 5 of MasterChef, and how can I be on it?Apparently so! The MasterChef Casting website just recently updated to reveal there will be a 5th season. You can currently pre-register there for an open call, to be held in the following cities this year:ChicagoColumbusDenverHoustonKansas CityLos AngelesNew OrleansNew YorkOrlandoPhiladelphiaPhoenix

What's it like to audition for MasterChef?

My experience at two open casting calls.

Yes, I'm enough of a fan to actually try out to get on the show myself -- not once, but twice. You can read my stories about the experiences at the following links, which also take a look at what consider an issue of age discrimination and bias in who gets cast as supposedly the best home cooks in America...

My MasterChef Casting Call Experience
Auditioning for a reality television series is not something I had ever dreamed of or planned on doing. But in November of 2012, I spent the day lined up with hundreds other hopefuls in New York City...

Is MasterChef US Ageist?
MasterChef is a televised cooking competition series which is popular around the world, and in 2014 will be airing for its fifth season in the United States. The show bills itself as a competition to find “the best home cooks in America” through casting calls held around the country…

Learn More About MasterChef!

Background and information on previous seasons

Want to learn more about the basics of MasterChef: the origins of the series, links for previous contestants, and episode-by-episode recaps? Then check out my page linked below which is all about season 3 and the history of the MasterChef phenomenon.


MasterChef US 2012: Season 3
This page is your headquarters for info on MasterChef USA - The Third Season. If you've become addicted to the series MasterChef on Fox, then you're in the r...

Poll: How Much of a MasterChef Fan Are You?

Interested in being a MasterChef? Then you should likely spend some time at the following sites learning about the show, previous challenges, and previous contestants (especially previous winners!)

Planning on Trying Out For MasterChef? - You might want to brush up on your cooking skills first!

Stay tuned as this page is updated throughout the season - I can't wait to hear what you think about it!

© 2012 Nicole Pellegrini

Anything else to say? - Your feedback and comments welcome!

anonymous on September 08, 2013:

Finally Krissi went home, very long overdue! I feel sad for her son, he must be so embarrassed by her, she should be ashamed for her comments and behaviour throughout the competition. I was a little disappointed in this season, mostly because I felt they kept Krissi on much longer than she deserved, to keep ratings up. I enjoyed the other years far better.

Haileyfrancis on August 26, 2013:

i want to know its winner.

webscribbler on August 22, 2013:

What would the producers have done without Krissi this year? Everyone else seems to understand they are in a competition but that doesn't mean you can't be nice to each other. The sauce flicking incident should have led to her removal, or at least a public calling on the carpet. She's certainly generated most of the high drama this season.