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Life Lessons to Be Learnt From Kung Fu Panda

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Animated movies are those kinds of films which children and adults equally enjoy. It caters to the humor and entertainment needs of all age groups. Apart from it, they also carry several life lessons for everyone.


The Kung Fu Panda falls under such movies. With two sequels to the 2008 movie released till date, it comes with valuable life lessons. Merely watching the movie for fun may not help in understanding such lessons. But as time goes by, people gradually relate to it. It is then that the people realize the depth of the movie.

Plot Summary

Kung Fu Panda follows the life of Po, a clumsy panda, and a kung fu fanatic. He lives in the Valley of Peace, working in his father's noodle shop. He aspires to learn kung fu, but helping his adopted father in his shop keeps him aside from it. Master Oogway chooses Po to be the Dragon Warrior, much to the teacher, Master Shifu's surprise.

The approach of Tai Lung alarms Shifu. Tai Lung had undergone training from Shifu, but he could not be the Dragon Warrior. Shifu knows that Tai is on his way to have his revenge. On consulting Oogway, he knows that only the Dragon Warrior can defeat Tai. Oogway urges Shifu to train Po. Shifu changes his mind and trains Po with his students - The Furious Five - Tigress, Mantis, Monkey, Crane, and Viper.

When Shifu hands over the dragon scroll to Po to fulfill his destiny, Po finds it empty. All he can see is his reflection. He later realizes that what he is seeking is within him, and self-belief is all he must have. This realization eventually helps Po defeat Tai Lung, and everyone accepts him as the Dragon Warrior.


One Meets His Destiny on the Path less Travelled

Po had spent all of his life making noodles in the shop run by his adopted father. He was accidentally present at the ceremony where Master Oogway was selecting the person who would be the Dragon Warrior. He had always admired the Kung Fu warriors - Mantis, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, and Master Shifu, but never tried learning Kung Fu.

When he was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, Po often doubted whether he should quit and return to his old lifestyle of making noodles. But under the training of Master Shifu, he was able to come to the path of Kung Fu and met his destiny.

A person may have traversed many paths, met many people, and tried many new things. And in one of these circumstances, he would come across the call of his destiny. He/she would meet fate at the most unexpected path and at the most unexpected time.

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You Are More than What You Think You Are

Po always thought he would remain a cook and a panda who would remain at his stepfather’s shop, helping him. He never got out of his zone to discover more of himself. But when he got introduced to the world of Kung Fu, it was not much time before he discovered his purpose in life. To make this happen, he had to scan himself internally to look at what he is made for.

You may not always know your true purpose in the first instant. It may take a considerable amount of time for many people to come across it. But whatever your path may be, the universe has its way of showing you what your true purpose is. All one needs to do is to be patient.


Be Grateful For What You Have:

Master Oogway says a very pleasing line for all of us: “Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; but today is a gift, that is why it is called Present.” This is one of the most touching and inspiring quotes to be implemented in our daily lives. Many a time we take our lives for granted, and in turn, forget to be grateful for the precious moments that have been gifted to us.

Today is indeed a gift. A gift that has been given by the Almighty for us to use in the best way possible. This can be done by living our lives to the fullest, or else they would go wasted. So whatever the issues that may be holding you back, never forget to live.

Believe in Yourself:

When Oogway nominated Po as the Dragon Warrior, everyone doubted Oogway had made a mistake. Even the teacher, Master Shifu, addressed that Po is not “the one”.

Just because someone says you are not something doesn’t mean that you aren’t. Even if the words come from an authoritative person. This principle is just what Po followed. To overcome the bias and other hurdles, he did was take a very simple step. He believed in himself. And this led him to his destiny - he became the Dragon Warrior.


What You Seek is Within You:

When Po received the Dragon Scroll, which would make him the Dragon Warrior, it surprised him to see that it was empty. After lots of thinking, he goes to his stepfather, Ping, and asks about the ‘Secret Ingredient’ which made his noodles special.

The reply again surprises Po. Ping merely says, “There is no secret ingredient”. He also adds, “To make something special you just have to believe it’s special”. With this lesson in mind, Po looks at the Dragon Scroll once again. All he sees is his reflection. He learns they made the scroll to make the person believe in himself, and he can fulfill his destiny by defeating Tai Lung.

In order to succeed in anything, you just need to believe in yourself. Because by doing so, you are halfway there.

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