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Top 10 Female Degrassi Characters

Top 10 Females of Degrassi

Degrassi was the show that was not afraid to go there. When days were rough, I could turn on Degrassi and instantly be taken to place that was happier. While I may have grown older my love of all things Degrassi has stayed the same. With that being said let's break down the list of Degrassi's top 10 ladies.

1. Manny Santos

Miss Manny Santos has always been a fan favorite. From her love of cheer, theatre, and bad boys she was easy to relate to. She went through so much in her teen years including terminating a pregnancy. She grew into such a beautiful and dynamic character. I'd be cuckoo bananas not to have miss Manny as number 1 on this list.


2. Emma Nelson

Oh Emma. She was both frustrating and yet also very relatable. She was the OG teacher's pet. She was extremely competitive but focused on making the world a better place. From her eating disorder to witnessing a school shooting she went through the absolute most but still stayed true to her roots.


3. Clare Edwards

Clare started out her teen years solely focused on her schooling and didn't care what others thought of her. She found her high school sweetheart, beat cancer, and bounced back from a miscarriage. She went through more in just a few years than most do in a lifetime.


4. Bianca Desousa

The girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She was rough around the edges and acted too cool for school. After a near death experience, she settled down and focused on her education. She was easy to dislike but under her tough exterior she was a sweet soul that just wanted happiness.


5. Fiona Coyne

Fiona was your typical trust fund baby. She was fed with a silver spoon and never had to ask for anything. She was difficult to like at first but when she lost all of her parent's money, she became humbler. In the end she learned the value of a dollar and became a super likable character.

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6. Anya Macpherson

Anya was such a related character for me personally. She let her friends control her choices and couldn't stand up for herself. It took some time, but she finally stood her ground and became a strong independent woman. She found love and then enlisted in the army. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see a ton of miss Anya, but she was easily one of the best characters in my opinion.


7. Holly J. Sinclair

Holly J. was the character that you love to hate. She was bossy, a self-proclaimed queen bee and most notably Heather Sinclair's sister. Once her best friend shunned her, she lost all her parent's money, and was held hostage at the Dot she realized that she was no better than anyone else. In the end she became one of my favorite characters.


8. Lola Pacini

Lola was so likable. She was sweet, funny, and had the best heart of any character in this series. She stood up for what she believed no matter the backlash she received. She spoke out about her abortion and let everyone know that she didn't care what people thought of her. Unfortunately, Degrassi Next Class ended before we could see any more of our candy haired friend.


9. Maya Matlin

Music ran through Maya's veins. She was destined for greatness. Her high school career pushed her to her limits with multiple people dying around her. After her suicide attempt, she managed to pull herself together and focus on her future. Watching her go through so much and seeing how she handled everything made her super relatable.


10. Zoe Rivas

Zoe was a character that was difficult to like in the beginning. She was your typical mean girl that would step on anyone to get ahead. After her sexual assault she changed. Her character continued to change and evolve into someone that was quite enjoyable to watch.


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