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Top 10 Kengan Ashura Fighters Ranked


Kengan Ashura is a popular manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and depicted by Daromeon. Due to the manga's popularity among fans, it won a poll organized by Ura Sunday, in which the winner was awarded an anime adaptation series on Netflix. There are currently two seasons airing on Netflix, with a third season confirmed to be released in 2023.

The plot is set in Japan, where large corporations hire the best fighters and assassins from around the world to compete in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, an underground fighting tournament. These kengan matches were done in the name of settling differences between businesses and also to determine who would be the next chairman of the Kengan Association. The anime's fighting scenes are graphic and among the best I've seen in recent years. If you enjoy tournament-arc style animes, then you are in for a treat with this one.

In this article, I share a ranking of the strongest Kengan Ashura fighters based on their performance in the tournament.

Spoiler alert! (I've done my best not to include any spoilers in case you haven't seen it yet.)

10. Akoya Seishu (The Executioner)


Nickname: The Executioner
Affiliation: Wakasa Life Insurance
Age (at time of competition): 31
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Underground Fighter, Police Inspector, Vigilante
Record: 42 wins, 1 loss
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 114kg (251lbs)
Martial Arts: Taiho-jutsu

Akoya is a police inspector driven by a warped sense of justice. He serves as the 44th Riot Squad captain and is also an undercover vigilante.

Special Abilities

  • Strongest defense: shield technique
  • Reaction speed: 74 milliseconds
  • Ripper technique: rotation of fists against the opponent's skin in order to cut through.
  • Stance of suppression: A stance modified to fit Akoya's build.

9. Julius Reinhold (The Monster)


Nickname: The Monster
Affiliation: Iwami Heavy Industries, Toyo Electric Power Co.
Age (at time of competition): 36
Nationality: German
Occupation: Fighter
Record: 53 wins, 1 loss
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 210kg (463lbs)
Martial Arts: None, just sheer strength

He gained his strength through a combination of extreme steroid doses that would kill any normal man and also extreme training. He does not believe in martial arts or any techniques and instead relies solely on brute force.

Special Abilities

  • He is really fast despite his weight.
  • Arguably the strongest in the tournament.

8. Hatsumi Sen (The Floating Cloud)


Nickname: The Floating Cloud
Affiliation: Nogi Group
Age (at time of competition): 41
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Fighter
Record: 41 wins, 16 losses
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 80kg (176lbs)
Martial Arts: Hatsumi-Style Aikido

Not much is known about Hatsumi Sen other than he could have been the 5th fang were it not for his slacker attitude.

Special Abilities

  • Unpredictability
  • Gathering Clouds - Triple Strike: It involves delivering a sequence of blows to the vital areas of the face: The glabella, the philtrum, and the chin.
  • Hundred Meetings Throw: Involves grabbing the opponent's wrist and throwing them in the air then pulling down on their arm slamming them head first into the ground.
  • Stardrop: This technique involves putting one hand under the opponent's chin and the other around the opponent's waist and throwing them head-first with their back to the ground.
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7. Kiryu Setsuna (The Beautiful Beast)


Nickname: The Beautiful Beast
Affiliation: Koyo Academy Group, Death Fight
Age (at time of competition): 26
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Assasin, Affiliated Fighter
Record: 2 wins, 1 loss
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 75kg (165lbs)
Martial Arts: Koei style, Niko style

Kiryu was born for the purpose of being an organ donor for his wealthy biological father and had spent his entire life imprisoned and abused. Before his captors could harvest him, Tokita Ohma coincidentally killed them because he thought they were encroaching on his territory. Kiryu later sought vengeance on his father by tracking him down and murdering him, as well as stealing his money.

Two years later, Kiryu met The Other Tokita Niko, who taught him the Niko Style and also informed him about Tokita Niko and Taira Genzan, who later became his master.

Not long after, Taira Genzan challenged and killed Tokita Niko, who was Ohma's master, leading Ohma down a revenge path. Before he was able to exact his vengeance, Kiryu killed Genzan, thus earning Ohma's wrath in return.

Special Abilities

  • Rakshasa's Palm: involves a palm strike with a twisting impact
  • Rakshasa's Sole: a variation of the Rakshasa's palm made by Kiryu that utilizes the same technique with your feet
  • Footwork that creates a vanishing illusion

6. Kaolan Wongsawat (The Thai God of War)


Nickname: The Thai God of War
Affiliation: Yato Trading Co., Kingdom of Thailand
Age (at time of competition): 28
Nationality: Thai
Occupation: Affiliated fighter, boxer, bodyguard
Record: 2 wins, 2 losses
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 91kg (200lbs)
Martial Arts: Boxing, Muay Thai

Kaolan began his fighting career as a practitioner of Muay Thai 20 years ago, when Thailand's King, Rama XII, recognized his abilities. He quickly gained the title "Thai God of War" after becoming the greatest Nak Muay. Kaolan took part in the annual cross-border encounter between Myanmar and Thailand when he was 15 years old. In their bout, he met Yoroizuka Saw Paing for the first time and defeated him by the judge's decision. Saw Paing has repeatedly challenged him to a rematch since then, even crossing the border to achieve this goal.

Later on, Kaolan took up boxing and trained in it to compensate for Muay Thai's weaknesses. In just four years, he became the heavyweight champion of all four major boxing leagues.

Special Abilities

  • One of the fastest striking speeds
  • Fast reflex

5. Kure Raian (The Devil)


Nickname: The Devil
Affiliation: Kure clan
Age(At time of competition): 21
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Assasin, Affiliated fighter
Record: 1 win, 2 losses
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 94kg (207 lbs)
Martial Arts: Kure clan style

He is the strongest member of the Kure Clan and one of the few members able to achieve 100% removal.

Special Abilities

  • Able to reach 100% removal
  • Well-versed martial artist
  • Kure clan style techniques

4. Wakatsuki Takeshi (The Wild Tiger)


Nickname: The Wild Tiger
Affiliation: Kengan Association, Furumi Pharmaceuticals
Age (at time of competition): 40
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Assasin, Affiliated Fighter
Record: 309 wins, 3 losses
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 193kg (426lbs)
Martial Arts: Grappling, Karate

Takeshi was different from the moment of his birth because of his body's abnormally high muscle density, which resulted in a birth weight of 26 lbs. Due to his condition, he was unable to live a normal life and was kept in the secret laboratory of Furumi Pharmaceuticals until he was seven years old. At that point, his future boss, Furumi Heihachi, encouraged him to punch him as hard as he could to teach him how to control his strength. When he was younger, he got into a fight with some members of the judo club and sent five of them to the hospital without getting harmed.

Special Abilities

  • 52 times higher muscle density than the average.
  • One of the strongest in the Kengan matches
  • Master of Rokushin Kaikan Karate
  • Grappling skills
  • Blast core: it involves focusing all his muscles into one area in the center of his body, then releasing it. A technique he had developed to use against Agito.

3. Ohma Tokita (The Ashura)


Nickname: The Ashura
Affiliation: Yamashita Trading Co.
Age (at time of competition): 28
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Affiliated fighter
Record: 8 wins 1 loss
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 96kg (212lbs)
Martial Arts: Niko style


Ohma Tokita is the main character in Kengan Ashura. He grew up in "The Inside," a lawless region free of government intervention. This is where he met Tokita Niko, who later became his master and taught him the Niko Style.

After his master was killed, he was filled with rage and vowed to take revenge on Gensai. However, Gensai was later assassinated by his student Kiryu Setsuna, who then became the target of Ohma's rage.

Special Abilities

  • Demonsbane
  • Advance/Possessing spirit
  • Damage reduction
  • Flame Kata
  • Niko style flowing edge
  • Adamantine Kata
  • Redirection Kata
  • Water Kata
  • Able to use a combination of katas

2. Kanoh Agito (The 5th Fang of Metsudo)


Nickname: The 5th Fang of Metsudo
Affiliation: Kengan Association
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Fighter, Bodyguard
Record: 161 wins, 1 loss
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 128kg (282lbs)
Martial Arts: Formless, Niko Style

Agito was an orphan from mainland China who was discovered and accepted as a student by The Other Niko Tokita. Twenty-three years before the events of Kengan, Ashura Agito was sealed in a chamber with the rest of The Other Niko's students as part of a last-man-standing human Gu ritual. Fighting and killing his way to the end, he was discovered and adopted by Katahara Metsudo, who later educated and trained him to become one of his bodyguards.

Special Abilities

  • A master of the formless technique
  • Ability to evolve during a fight
  • Deliver knockouts from any range
  • Fast reflex
  • Striking speed
  • Stamina
  • Tactician

1. Kuroki Gensai (The Devil Lance)


Nickname: The Devil Lance
Affiliation: Motorhead Motors
Age (at time of competition): 51
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Assasin, Affiliated Fighter
Record: 5 wins, 0 losses
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 96kg (212lbs)
Martial Arts: Kaiwan Style

He was taught by the former master of the Kaiwan Style, Shimochi Kazufumi. Sometime later, after his master died, he went to Mount Shirobara Daisen Temple, a "holy land," to train both his body and mind. It's there that he performed the 'Purgatory Austerity' with ease, a ritual that was considered very difficult and dangerous. He is the most experienced martial arts fighter in the tournament, and his technique is unmatched.

Special Abilities

  • Hands as strong as steel
  • Motionless technique: ability to predict opponent's move.
  • Nukite technique: using hands as a spear
  • Illusion

Ohma Tokita Poster

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