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Movies are a form of popular art that is usually long and recorded on film stock, but can also be recorded in other formats. Movies are mostly made for entertainment, to tell a story, or to provide the viewer with an escape from reality.

Most movies make the viewer suspend disbelief by appealing to his or her fantasies.

During the first century of film, movies were silent and recorded in black and white, but there are now many varieties of movies that can be produced with color, 3D technology, or both.

Movies also have different genres or styles which they may belong to: Action-adventure films , for example, are a movie genre based on action and adventure . Movies can also be categorized according to their historical period : pastiche is an example of a movie type made in the style of older films .

Some genres involve subtle distinctions; comedies , for example, use slapstick comedy while dramas often center around more dramatic situations . Finally, some movies are classified as experimental which means that they do not always follow the standard conventions used in making movies.

Movies are produced using movie cameras or video cameras and projectors such as 35 mm film , 16 mm film , and 70 mm film . They may also be viewed at home on a television set which uses either a cathode ray tube ( CRT ) for standard TV sets or a liquid crystal display ( LCD ) screen for high-definition displays .

Other technologies, including laserdiscs , VHS tapes, DVD discs, and Blu-ray Discs have been used to view movies at home. Movies can also be broadcast by radio or cable television , especially to supplement use of other media. In recent years, there has been an increase in the production of movies available only on the Internet .

Although movies are seen on a screen, they can also be enjoyed live. The first public exhibition of projected motion pictures in the United States was at Koster and Bial's Music Hall on April 23 , 1895 with a brief film starring a commanding female that would lead into other short films.

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In 1896 , Vitascope Hall opened in New Orleans where many of Thomas Edison 's early films were made, along with some from France. A year later , Lee De Forest invented the Phonofilm sound-on-film system which used film to record synchronized sound rather than silent movie footage.

The first movie studio was built in 1897 by Georges Méliès ; other movie studios soon followed. The majority of movies made in the United States during the silent era were produced in California. By 1928, more than half of all movies were made in Hollywood . Like other forms of entertainment , movies also underwent significant changes in the 1950s and 1960s with the development of new film technologies such as color , 3D , and widescreen formats .

Though there are several types of movie, most can be categorized into two different types: fiction and nonfiction . The story is what makes a fictional movie different from a documentary (which contains no story) or home video (which is not intended for public viewing).

Documentaries are nonfictional movies that attempt to give an accurate account of real events and subjects through filming or collection of existing footage. The first African American filmmaker to produce movies that reflected black culture was Oscar Micheaux , whose silent films were released between 1919 and 1948 .

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