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40 Best Italian Songs for Parties

Alessio enjoys vintage Italian TV & music. He also enjoys listening to Chinese POP music.

Do you enjoy Italian music and want to discover some of the most-known Italian artists? If so, you may check the catchy Italian songs on this list.

Do you enjoy Italian music and want to discover some of the most-known Italian artists? If so, you may check the catchy Italian songs on this list.

Italy is mainly known for its food, its landscapes, and its historical heritage, but what about music? This article will list some Italian pop and dance songs that you could play at a party, dance, or even try to sing if you are studying Italian.

1. "Gli Anni" – 883

883 was one of the most famous Italian pop groups between the 1990s and the 2000s. One of their most iconic songs is "Gli Anni," which means "The Years." The song is a hymn and celebration of the 1980s in a melancholy and nostalgic key.

2. "Esci Dal Tuo Guscio" – Cristina, L'Europa Siamo Noi (1991)

The song is taken from the soundtrack of Cristina, L'Europa Siamo Noi. It's performed in the eleventh episode of the Italian television series by Cristina D'Avena, a well-known pop singer and interpreter of cartoon themes in Italy.

3. "Polaroid" – RIKI

Riki is an Italian singer born in 1992, and Polaroid is one of his best-known songs. Using the Polaroid metaphor, the song wants to reflect on the fact that, in an age where people are constantly tied to their phones and take selfies every minute, it is increasingly difficult for them to live a moment to the fullest to impress it in their memories.

4. "Come Mai" – 883

From the era of selfies and smartphones, we go back to the glorious period of the 1990s with another hit: "Come Mai" (which means "Why?"). The song talks about the feelings you feel when you fall in love and how these can change us profoundly, even in front of friends who previously thought we had strong character.

5. "L’Estate Migliore Che C'è" – Cristina D'Avena

Although Cristina D'Avena is best known for cartoon theme songs in Italy, the singer also makes pop music, and "L'Estate Migliore Che C'è" (which means "The Best Summer There Is,") is an example of a composition that has nothing to do with cartoons. In addition to being a summer hit, the piece was also the theme song for Padova Pride Village 2017, the largest LGBT festival in Northern Italy.

6. "Voglia di Dance All Night" – Eiffel 65

"Voglia di Dance All Night" (which means "Going to Dance All Night") is a popular Eurodance song released by Eiffel 65. The song talks about the wish to dance and party without ever stopping, and it also exists in English. Yet, the most popular version is the Italian one, in a 2004 remix.

7. "Senza Pagare VS T-Pain" – Fedez and J-Ax

Fedez is an Italian rapper, and "Senza Pagare" is one of his most famous songs. The title means "Without Paying" and speaks of the ease with which it's possible to get free things when you are famous while recalling a past made up of poverty and sacrifices.

8. "Mirage" – Paps'n'Skar

This song was a summer hit in 2005 in Italy, and it was common to dance to it in beach clubs and at the disco. The lyrics talk about the Moon and its presence as something that will bring good luck.

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9. "Italiana" – Fedez

"Italiana" is a summer hit released by Fedez, but with a specific meaning: the song alludes to various problems in Italy that an immigrant could see for the first time: it starts by mentioning a popular culture made of living low-cost while pretending to lead a rich life, arriving to report an outdated politics, characterized by the presence of the same people, who always make the same promises.

10. "Rotta Per Casa Di Dio" – 883

This funny song by 883 is about a group of friends eager to go to a party and dance with the girls invited. The group of friends, however, gets lost in the street after misreading the map (at the time, there were no Google Maps).

In the end, sad, the group of friends give up the party and take refuge in the first service area they find. Eating sandwiches and laughing together, the group discovers how beautiful a night in a service area can be, even without girls and music, if spent differently than usual and together with best friends.

11. "Sopravviverai" – Max Pezzali

Max Pezzali was a member of 883 and kept releasing songs as a solo artist even after the group split up. "Sopravviverai" means "You will survive" and talks about the feelings you get when a love story ends.

12. "Fiori e Fantasia" – Adriano Celentano

The song is a classic of Italian music and is the soundtrack of the movie "Il Bisbetico Domato." The film tells the story of a wealthy city girl who falls in love with a grumpy and irritable farmer.

13. "Gioca Jouer" – Claudio Cecchetto

"Gioca Jouer" is a dance-game song, which may also be played in schools and discos, even if it was a hit mainly in the 1980s. The song mentions some objects or actions of everyday life, and you have to imitate them with your hands.

14. "Tarantella" – Fabio Frizzi, Franco Bixio & Vince Tempera

The tarantella is not a song but a traditional dance from Southern Italy. One of the most famous tarantellas in the history of Italian cinema is the one dancing in a New Year's party in the comedy film Fantozzi.

15. "A Modo Tuo" – Elisa

This song by Elisa describes the relationship between a mother and a daughter, the difficulties encountered in the growth, and the hope for a future that is not always expected.

16. "Tieni Il Tempo" – 883

The song, whose title means "Keep Time," invites people to enjoy the positive aspects of life, trying to be always happy at any moment.

17. "Stai Su" – Claudio Baglioni

The main topic of the song is the distance between two people, a space which is not long, as people, if they see the same Moon, are closer than they think.

18. "Solitudine" – Laura Pausini

This is one of the most famous songs by Laura Pausini. It tells the story of a teenage girl who is sad because the boy she is in love with leaves for another city. The title means "Solitude."

19. "Senza Averti Qui" – 883

This song, whose title means "Without You Here," is about a group of friends who decide to go to a new disco bar that has just opened. However, one of them does not enjoy the night because he is far from the person he loves or because he has broken up (both interpretations are valid).

20. "La Regola dell'Amico" – 883

This song is about a group of friends who all have a familiar acquaintance with a beautiful girl. Everyone would like to have a relationship with this girl at the expense of others, thus also questioning the concept of friendship.

20 More Catchy Italian Songs

TitleArtistYear Released

21. "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

Eiffel 65


22. "Voglio Tornare Negli Anni 90"

DJ Matrix (Feat. Paps'n'Skar & Vise)


23. "Occidentali’s Karma"

Francesco Gabbani


24. "Tutto Per Una Ragione"

Benji & Fede (Feat. Annalisa)


25. "Una Notte E Forse Mai Più"

Eiffel 65


26. "Vieni Con Me"



27. "Cresciuti Con La Dance"

DJ Matrix (Feat. Jay C)


28. "Vorrei Ma Non Posto"



29. "Vivere a Colori"

Alessandra Amoroso


30. "UH NA NA NA!"

Me Contro Te


31. "Dove e Quando"

Benji & Fede


32. "La Notte Vola"

Lorella Cuccarini


33. "Faccio La Brava"

DJ Matrix (Feat. Cristina D'’Avena & Amedeo Preziosi)


34. "Volare"

Fabio Rovazzi (Feat. Gianni Morandi)


35. "Voglio Vederti Danzare"

Prezioso (Feat. Marvin)


36. "Credo"



37. "Con Te Partirò"

T-Band (original song by Andrea Bocelli)


38. "Nord Sud Ovest Est"



39. "Diventerai Una Star"



40. "Nella Notte"



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