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Her Two Thousand Touchable Parts

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I am an Author, Artist, Model & Jewelry Designer. Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother! I selling products online and enjoy cooking.


Her Two Thousand Touchable Parts

This is a funny little song that my Dad wrote about my Mother. We grew up listening to my Dad sing which was one of his great loves. He used to go to the Convalescent Hospitals in his area and perform for them every week, they loved him. He passed away on Feb 28, 2016. I want his legacy to live on by sharing his songs with as many people as I can. He was a great man a hard working, honest family loving man. He never knew a stranger everyone was his friend. In his neighborhood for 24 yrs he was known as the Tootsie Roll Man by all of the children because he handed out tootsie rolls to all of them when he took his nightly 5 mile walks. A habit he got into many years ago after a back surgery. He was 88 when he passed away and has been missed every day. His dream was to be a performer so I will share his music so he will live on!

Posting his music to the public is my way of keeping him alive and allowing others to enjoy his songs too.

He used to go to all the Convelesent hospitals in his area every Tuesday and entertain the patients. They and all the staff looked forward to his visits each week.

I am hoping that you enjoy his entertaining as much as we did.

© 2016 Judy

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