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The Humming Of My Dad

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I am an Author, Artist, Model & Jewelry Designer. Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother! I selling products online and enjoy cooking.

The Humming of My Dad

Is a song written by my father about his own Dad who was a very jovial man and was always humming a tune as he went about his work. My father said that it was so enjoyable that he would always remember his Dad humming a tune throughout the day.

My Dad passed away in Feb 28, 2016. Posting his music to the public is my way of keeping him alive and allowing others to enjoy his songs too.

He used to go to all the Convelesent hospitals in his area every Tuesday and entertain the patients. They and all the staff looked forward to his visits each week.

I am hoping that you enjoy his entertaining as much as we did.

© 2016 Judy

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