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Is Taylor Swift a Secret Satanist?

I began my journey in the Occult back in 1992 when I discovered Satanism. Since then, I have shared my ideas on Satanism with the world.

Uncanny Resemblance?


Is it Simple Genetics? Or is She a Satanic Clone?

Taylor Swift, the beautiful and popular American pop singer, whose indiscretions on her love life made public through her songs rose to fame in the past few years. Unfortunately, her fame has made her a target of Christian conspiracy theorists. The story behind that cover photo is that Taylor Swift is a Satanist because she looks similar to an already well known Satanist.

The claim is that Taylor Swift is a genetic descendant of Zeena Lavey. As a notable figure in Satanism, Zeena is the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan. In the 1980's she became popular on daytime talk TV for coming out about her life in Satanism. Later on, in the 90's she created her own branch of the Church of Satan.

You can't deny that the resemblance is uncanny! They are both beautiful women. But, just because something is similar, that does not automatically make it the same. Taylor Swift as a clone of Zeena is an internet rumor that has been circulating for several years, mostly on conspiracy websites. But what do these conspiracy theorists really mean when they say that someone is a genetic clone?

The Psuedo-Science Behind This Conspiracy Theory

How did the rumor begin that Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey are related? You may need to adjust your tin foil hat to see what some of these conspiracy theorists believe about America's rich and powerful. Apparently, back in 2013 some people on Reddit, the social posting forum that has a reputation for housing some of the darker side of the internet, used Google's image face match and aligned the two and from there the dots were connected and an internet rumor was born.

How someone is a genetic clone is not so easily answered. According to this theory, there are many celebrities that just for how they look or their career choices they make, they are associated with something that is considered to be evil. It is part science fiction and part bending of the truth of genetics into a mold that fits their theories. If a celebrity is rich and influential, then they must have ties with the Devil.

Conspiracy theorists also use movies and TV series like Star Trek and Jurassic Park as a basis to prove that genetic cloning exists. They may claim that Hollywood isn't so fictional, that it is partly a portrayal of what is possible when it comes to science. Some even believe that several of our U.S. presidents have been cloned in order to keep the rich and influential in a seat of power.

But it goes one step further with some theories suggesting that clones of people have been turned into robots and machines that can be programmed at will. Some even believe they are a hybrid of robot, genetic melding, and even more outlandish, what they call "Reptilian", alien creatures who are lizard like and pose as humans! There are many conspiracy websites out there making outlandish claims about celebrities and their supposed connection to Satanism.

All of it stems from the beliefs that the rich and powerful in society have been in league with the devil. If money is the root of all evil, then surely those who hold the most power and fortune in society can not be anything other than Satanic.

These people are singled out as being part of an elite organization funded by the Bilderberg society, a group of rich elites that supposedly pull the strings of society to keep themselves in power. Established in 1954, the Bilderberg Group holds an annual private meeting of almost 200 of the worlds most influential people, including celebrities, politicians, academics and financial experts. The secret nature of these meetings makes them a target for conspiracy theorists.

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Stories Based on Real Satanism

What we have now in this era are Christian conspiracy theorists who are creating their stories based on the lives of real Satanists.Now that Satanism has been established in society for well over fifty years, and it has survived more than one generation, Satanists are becoming the target of these conspirators who want to claim that Satanists are still ruling the earth in some secret way.

Take it from a Satanist like me that most of us are not rich and powerful and we prefer to stay in the shadows rather than to be in the public eye of society where we could have an influence. The claim that entertainers, politicians and other public figures are allied with Satanism is laughable at best and at worst, part of the fear mongering that makes a lot of money for a few select authors and rumor makers who make their living off feeding people's fears.

The secret societies of the Illuminati exist only in the minds of the people that perpetuate the myth that there are secret meetings between the world's rich and powerful who conspire to rule the world through their influence. In this way, they can use the idea that there is a secret unknown force that creates chaos in the world, when in reality, there is no such underground group controlling the world.



About Zeena LaVey

Many people know about Taylor Swift, because she is always in magazines and on celebrity shows, and she is one of the most famous pop stars today. But, not many people know about the life and times of Zeena, who has worked hard to break free from her life in Satanism and carve her own unique path in life.

Zeena, who was born to Anton LaVey and Diane Hegarty, grew up in the early days of the Church of Satan. According to her account, it was not a happy childhood, because of the types of people and activities that were involved in the early church. Eventually she was ordained as a priestess of the church and overtook the duties that the job involved, including being their spokesperson.

As the voice of Satanism in the 80's, she was featured on the television show Good Morning L.A. with Johnny Mountain, where she discussed her life in Satanism as a leader and pioneer. This was in the 1980's during the height of the Satanic Panic, a time in America where false rumors were being spread by none other than conspiracy theorists who were later revealed to have concocted stories about Satanists and other sinister and outlandish cult activities just so they could sell books and television appearances.

After her marriage to Nicholas Schreck in the late 80's she disassociated with the church, and created her own spiritual movement in 2002 known as the Sethian Liberation Movement. Now known professionally by her artist name Zeena, her workshop is based in Berlin, Germany. She is an American artist, musician, author, animal rights activist, and Tantric Buddhist. According to her, she states that "I'm not a satanist but I find them .... fascinating."

Even though she no longer represents Satanism, she remains one of the first women pioneers in Satanism. Satanism is generally a male dominated field so it is rare and often special to have women who stand out above the crowd.

Zeena Schreck Interview with Good Morning L.A.


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