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10 Hottest Asian Actors


1. Yu Qingbin - Tall and Masculine

Yu Qingbin is a Chinese actor from Northeast China. At six feet one, he is tall and masculine looking. Different from Western beauty standards, Yu has small, single lid eyes that make his whole face stand out. Despite the popularity of androgynous beauty standards for men in the East, Yu Qingbin is very masculine with his chiseled features.


2. Tomokazu Miura, Masculine and Fit

Tomokazu Miura was super popular back in the days. This Japanese actor was the heartthrob for many ladies during his younger days. Together with his wife, they worked on several movies that were popular throughout Asia. In the 1980s, the East Asian beauty standard for men was very different than today. Unlike many popular East Asian actors today, Tomokazu Miura was known for his masculinity and fit body.


3. Takeshi Kaneshiro, Half Japanese Half Taiwanese

Despite the Japanese name, Takashi Kaneshiro is actually half Japanese and half Taiwanese. He worked with some of the most famous East Asian directors. Being in the entertainment industry, he also worked in the music industry as well. Chiseled features really helped him in becoming a heartthrob in Asia back in the 1990s.


4. Chun Wu, Handsome from Brunei

Chun Wu is a Taiwanese actor that rose to fame several years ago when he first started in the music industry. Chun was born in Brunei and came to Taiwan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Originally, he was a fitness trainer back in his home country. Contrary to the popular belief that Asian men are skinny, Chun is very muscular. Other than his sculpted body, Chun is actually mostly famous for his cute face.


5. Lee Joon-gi, Androgyny Wins in Asia!

Lee is a Korean actor that rose to fame with the movie, The King and the Clown. In this movie, Lee used his androgyny to win over the hearts of many East Asian women. With slanted single lid eyes, he successfully played a very androgynous role. Although not masculine, Lee Joon-gi is still very pretty in his own way.


6. Rain - Insane Dance Moves

Rain was rejected many times by the entertainment business because of his looks. He has small slanted eyes. However, Rain continued to work hard. Finally, he achieved great success with his hard work and talent. On the dance floor, he impressed most women with his smooth moves. In addition to his beautiful body, Rain has a very cute baby face.


7. Hrithik Roshan, Indian Cutie!

Hrithik Roshan is a very famous Indian actor that is known for his cool looks. Born in 1974, Hrithik is already 46 years old as of 2020. However, he is still very good looking today. Aside from his handsome face, this famous actor starred in many Indian films. In 2010, Hrithik worked along side with the famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai in the drama, Guzaarish.


8. Joseph Cheng, Model and Actor

Joseph Cheng is a Taiwanese model and actor. He rose to fame because of his role in the drama, The Rose. In many East Asian countries today, male androgynous actors are favored over masculine ones. With long hair, he won over female and gay male fans alike. Nowadays, Joseph wears his hair short and is a lot more masculine than before.


9. Jin Dong, Handsome Face

Jin Dong is a Chinese actor from the Northern province of Shandong. Born in December of 1976, he is already 44 years old as of 2020. However, Jin Dong looks very young for his age. Even though he is in many films as well as television shows, Jin Dong is mostly known for the characters he played in television shows. At the height of six feet, he is not only known for his handsome face.


10. Zhang Jiayi, Mature Man

Zhang Jiayi is a Chinese actor from the Northwest province of Shannxi. This mature actor is known for excellent acting in many television shows. However, Zhang Jiayi originally wanted to be a professional wrestler. His uncle advised him to go into acting instead. Although not as tall as some of the actors in this hub, his height is sufficient at five feet ten inches.



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