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Halloween Movie Trivia Questions and Answers


I've gathered lots of Halloween movie trivia questions and answers just so you can have a little fun this October. I love trivia and have included easy, medium, and difficult questions on this page, along with the answers. You can print them out and use them as a fun holiday game to play with your family or your party guests. Let's see who really knows their Halloween movies!

I've created these holiday movie trivia questions while watching some of my favorite Halloween movies. I've included old, new, scary, and fun Halloween films to the list of questions so everyone has a chance to answer some about their favorite genre. I love them all, fun or frightening. The Freddie Krueger movies are always at the top of my list but so is Young Frankenstein and Practical Magic... just to mention a few oldies but goodies. You will also find questions about more current films to challenge your company with. Please let me know if you think you know a good question that you don't see on the list!

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions—Set 1

  1. What blood sucking role was Bela Lugosi famous for?
  2. What monster was made using body parts from the dead?
  3. What 1960 horror movie starred Jamie Curtis's mother, Janet Leigh?
  4. Who are Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester?
  5. What scary looking but lovable character was played by Fred Gwynne?
  6. What was the affliction suffered by Larry Talbot?
  7. Name the George A. Romero classic film where zombies walked the Earth.
  8. The young possessed girl, Regan MacNeil, in the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist was played by what young actress?
  9. What killer attacked his own sister, Judith, in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween in 1963?
  10. What movie takes place in the bizarre home of of Dr. Frank-n-Furter?

Halloween Movie Trivia Answers—Set 1

  1. The blood sucking monster played by Bela Lugosi was Count Dracula.
  2. Frankenstein was assembled from dead body parts.
  3. Janet Leigh starred in the 1960 horror film, Psycho.
  4. Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester are members of the Addams Family.
  5. Herman Munster was played by Fred Gwynne.
  6. Larry Talbot was a Werewolf.
  7. George A. Romero's cult classic film was The Night of the Living Dead.
  8. Regan MacNeil the young possession victim in The Exorcist was played by Linda Blair.
  9. Michael Myers first killed his sister Judith in 1963 when he was 10 years old.
  10. The movie filmed at the home of Dr. Frank-n-Futer was The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions—Set 2

  1. What 1980s horror movie starred Bette Davis and Lynn-Holly Johnson?
  2. Who wrote and directed An American Werewolf in London starring David Naughton?
  3. What film's screen writer was married to Harrison Ford. E.T the Extra-Terrestrial.
  4. "They're Here" is this scary movies tag line. What film is it?
  5. Based on a Stephen King book, this movie told the story of a malevolent circus and its diabolical owner who prey on the townsfolk in the small towns they visit.
  6. This John Carpenter film takes place in Antarctica and stars Kurt Russell.
  7. More video than movie, John Landis filmed a story of a date interrupted by a zombie attack to music, name it.
  8. What kind of building is the Ghostbusters office in?
  9. In what 1985 movie does Charlie discover his new neighbor is a vampire?
  10. Mildred Hubble goes to an academy for witches in this 1986 movie. What is the name of this film.
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Halloween Movie Trivia Answers—Set 2

  1. Bette Davie and Lynn-Holly Johnson starred in The Watcher in the Woods.
  2. John Landis wrote and directed An American Werewolf in London.
  3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial's screen writer, Melissa Mathison, was married to Harrison Ford.
  4. They're Here is the tag line from Poltergeist.
  5. This movie based on one of Stephen King's books was Something Wicked This Way Comes.
  6. The Thing is the Kurt Russell and John Carpenter movie filmed in Antartctica.
  7. This was the first music video, Thriller.
  8. The Ghostbusters offices were in an old firehouse, complete with a pole to slide down instead of taking the stairs.
  9. Charlie discovers his new neighbor is a vampire in Fright Night.
  10. The Worst Witch is the adorable movie about Mildred Hubble.

Halloween Movie Trivia Questions—Set 3

  1. In what movie do Jason Patric and Corey Haim star in as brothers who move to Santa Carla, California, a small town with a huge vampire problem.
  2. In what movie do a group of young kids enthralled with monsters find legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing's diary, but it is written in German?
  3. Homeowners, Barbara and Adam Maitland, are killed in an auto accident and try with the help of another ghost to scare the new family that purchased their home. Name this 1988 movie.
  4. Name the Halloween movie where the Grand High Witch is attempting to give a potion to all the children in the world, a potion that will turn the children into mice!
  5. What is the name of the movie in which Ernest releases a horrible troll who wants to turn the children of Briarville, Missouri into wooden dolls?
  6. In what movie does Fester come back to see Gomez and Morticia after a 25 year gap?
  7. Brain Dead, or Dead Alive, is a film about a monkey bite causing a zombie apocalypse. Where does this film take place?
  8. 3 angry witches, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, who died in the 1700s are resurrected by young Max. Name this movie. wants to celebrate?
  9. How did Jack Skellington get to Christmas Town?
  10. This Halloween movie is based on a book by Ray Bradbury and tells the story of 4 friends who learn about the history of Halloween while trying to save their friend.

Halloween Movie Trivia Answers—Set 3

  1. The Lost Boys is the movie that takes place in Santa Carla, California.
  2. Abraham Van Helsing's diary is found in The Monster Squad.
  3. Just don't say it 3 times - Beetlejuice.
  4. The Grand High Witch tries to turn the world's children into mice in The Witches.
  5. Ernest Scared Stupid is the name of this Halloween movie.
  6. Fester, Morticia, and Gomez were in the movie The Addams Family.
  7. Dead Alive/Brain Dead takes place in Wellington, New Zealand.
  8. Winifred, Sarah, and Mary are characters in the movie Hocus Pocus.
  9. Jack Skellington opened the portal from Halloween Town to Christmas Town.
  10. Ray Bradbury wrote the book of 4 friends trying to save another in The Halloween Tree.

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