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hairy celebrities


Hairy Celebrities The Girls May Like

Some Hairy, Some Not So hairy

The video above is for the girls or for men who like men (not me). The video highlights some hunks with hairy chests and some hunks with shamefully light hairy chests.

Simon Cowel: loves to be center of attention and for some reason is attractive to the girls. Maybe it is because of his hairy chest, maybe its because he is rich, I don't know but he makes the list.

Tom Jones: Been a heart throb for decades now. Maybe doesn't look as handsome as he used to be but he still struts his with the young artists of today on the voice.... and his hairy chest.

Russel Brand: This guy defines the term "plonker". What girls see in this dude I have no idea. He actually looks like a girl, I also believe some girls have a hairier chest than him!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Great actor, as you can see in the video he has eaither let himself go or been working out to much.

Phill Collins: Never seem him as a heart throb but what do I know? im a bloke! Great musician all the same.

Ben Affleck: who is that meant to be in the video? I don't recognise him as Ben Afflect, is he not fatter than that?

Paul Rudd: Looks like he just loves his hairy chest, he is looking at it in the mirror.

Big Tom Selleck: Now that's what I call a hairy chest, its more like a persian rug. A great actor in Blue Bloods viewing on Sky Atlantic.

Robbin Williams: If Tom Selleck's hairy chest is like a persian rug, Robbin's is a carpet.

Alec Baldwin: Comes in at number one with the thickest hairy chest of them all. That thing will take some grooming.

There you have it, the top 10 hairy celebrities.

Sexy Hairy Celeb


Guess Who

The cameraman should be sacked for spotting the hairy bits on this celebrity beauty.

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