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Top 100 Greatest Hollywood Actors Of All Time (2022)

greatest actors of all time 25 greatest actors of all time hollywood legends actors top 10 greatest actors of all time 25 greatest actors of all time wikipedia greatest actors of the 21st century 25 greatest actors of the 21st century top 10 actors i

greatest actors of all time 25 greatest actors of all time hollywood legends actors top 10 greatest actors of all time 25 greatest actors of all time wikipedia greatest actors of the 21st century 25 greatest actors of the 21st century top 10 actors i

Who is the greatest actor of all times?

To make the list of greatest actors, an actor should have several things. He must be very talented, versatile and always give his best in each role he plays. On top of that, he needs to stay throughout the years as one of the best actors who ever lived. While many people think oscar awards are not important(because they can be biased),we still consider Oscar-winning roles as some of their best performances.. Also,for an actor to make this list,they need to participate in at least 100 movies. Here is our list for the greatest actors according to critics:

10 -Ben Kingsley

Role(s): Sir Ben Kingsley is an english actor with a long career on stage and screen. His filmography includes 127 movies many of them very famous and popular. Some of his most notable roles include: Ghandi, Schindler's List , Sexy Beast, House Of Sand And Fog , Bugsy, Prince Of Persia:The Sands Of Time..

9- Jack Nicholson

Role(s): One of the greatest actors in history, Jack Nicholson has been acting for more than 50 years. In addition to being a respected actor he is also a producer and a director . His acting career includes more than 150 movies , from Easy Rider to The Bucket List. Amongst his best performances are As Good As It Gets for which he received an Oscar, A Few Good Men , The Shining ..etc

8-Morgan Freeman

Role(s): Morgan Freeman is a multiple award-winning American actor. He has been in movies for more than 50 years and usually plays very wise characters . Some of his most famous roles include: The Shawshank Redemption , Million Dollar Baby, Bruce Almighty , Invictus ..etc

7-Sean Penn

Sean Penn is an american actor who was born in 1960. His works are really impressive, with 83 movies since 1967. He has received 2 Oscar awards so far : one for Mystic River and the other one for Milk . His acting talents come together along with his interest in politics . Some of his greatest performances include Hurlyburly , Fast Times At Ridgemont High..etc

6-Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon is considered as one of the best actors in history. He was born in 1925 and had a very successful career between 1950s-1990s . His filmography includes more than 90 movies, some of them are Some Like It Hot , The Apartment , Missing ..etc

5-Dustin Hoffman

Dusty Hoffman is an american actor who won 2 oscars during his career. As many other great actors he has been acting since the 60's for about 200 roles . Some of his most notable performances include Tootsie for which he won an oscar, Rain Man , Kramer vs Kramer ..etc

4-Al Pacino

Al Pacino is an America actor of spanish origin with a long career on stage and screen starting from the 60's. He has a filmography of more than 90 movies and is one of the most respected actors in history . Some of his best performances include: The Godfather series, Dog Day Afternoon , Serpico , Glengarry Glen Ross ..etc

3-Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is an american actor with a long career that started from the 60s. His films include more than 150 roles, very famous and popular ones . Amongst his greatest performance are The Shining , As Good as It Gets , A Few Good Men ..etc

2-Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando was an american actor who made a revolution on acting during the 50s-60s. His films include about 90 movies and he won 3 Oscars throughout his career . Some of the best performances are The Godfather , A Streetcar Named Desire , Last Tango In Paris ..etc

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1-Johnny Depp

He is the Best. Period.

Check out the 100 top actors as voted by Visitors

  1. Patrick Swayze
  2. Kevin Bacon
  3. Benicio Del Toro
  4. Harvey Kietel
  5. Ed Harris
  6. William Dafoe
  7. Joaquin Phoenix
  8. Michael Douglas
  9. James Caan
  10. Alec Baldwin
  11. Robert Duvall
  12. Alec Guiness
  13. Geoffrey rush
  14. Christopher Lee
  15. Jeff Bridges
  16. Viggo Mortensen
  17. Sylvester Stallone
  18. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  19. Tim Robbins
  20. Ben Stiller
  21. Steve Martin
  22. Mark Wahlberg
  23. Philip Seymour Hoffman
  24. Ben Kingsley
  25. Jon Voight
  26. Woody allen
  27. Orson Welles
  28. Charlie Chaplin
  29. Kevin Costner
  30. Gene Wilder
  31. Steve McQueen
  32. Javier Bardem
  33. Eddie Murphy
  34. John Cusack
  35. Ian McKellen
  36. James Cagney
  37. Peter O' Toole
  38. Robert Downey Jr.
  39. Will Ferrell
  40. Christopher Walken
  41. George C. Scott
  42. Christopher Plummer
  43. George Clooney
  44. Charlton Heston
  45. Joe Pesci
  46. Matt Damon
  47. Samuel L. Jackson
  48. Jim Carrey
  49. Tommy Lee Jones
  50. Clark Gable
  51. Mel Gibson
  52. John Travolta
  53. Gary Oldman
  54. Hugo Weaving
  55. Christian Bale
  56. Will Smith
  57. Nicolas Cage
  58. Tom Cruise
  59. Bill Murray
  60. Robert Redford
  61. Gregory Peck
  62. Gary Cooper
  63. Peter Sellers
  64. Ralph Fiennes
  65. Heath Ledger
  66. Spencer Tracy
  67. Kevin Spacey
  68. Jack Lemmon
  69. Sean Connery
  70. Edward Norton
  71. Christoph Waltz
  72. Bruce Willis
  73. Leonardo DiCaprio
  74. Sean Penn
  75. Denzel Washington
  76. Henry Fonda
  77. Russell Crowe
  78. Kirk Douglas
  79. Liam Neeson
  80. Anthony Hopkins
  81. Robin Williams
  82. Brad Pitt
  83. Sidney Poitier
  84. John Wayne
  85. Humphrey Bogart
  86. Daniel Day-Lewis
  87. Gene Hackman
  88. Paul Newman
  89. Morgan Freeman
  90. Dustin Hoffman
  91. Johnny Depp
  92. Tom Hanks
  93. Cary Grant
  94. Harrison Ford
  95. Jack Nicholson
  96. James Stewart
  97. Clint Eastwood
  98. Al Pacino
  99. Robert De Niro
  100. Marlon Brando

Who is the greatest actress of all times?

The greatest actress of all times is Bette Davis.

Besides being a talented actress, she was also an activist that fought for the rights of actors and actresses through her famous feud with Jack Warner while she was at Warner Bros.

It might be quite difficult to choose between these three women because they are all equally great actresses. However, let's say that I would pick Meryl Streep as the second greatest actress of all times.

As for Katharine Hepburn, although she was indeed a great actress in some movies, there were others during which she didn't meet my expectations; consequently, I wouldn't consider her to be one of the greatest actresses ever.

If you ask me who is the third greatest actress of all times

Who is No 1 actor in world?

A recent study in The World Almanac and Book of Facts: 2005 reveals that the world's number one actor is Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.

According to the survey, Amitabh Bachchan has acted in more movies than any other actor (more than 170). Among the million dollar earners,he ranks second with earnings of $33.5 million between June 2004 and June 2005.

Pointing out that just last year he received a commission from India's highest civilian award --the Bharat Ratna which he was awarded by Government of India for his contribution to Indian cinema industry.

The survey did not include stars from Hollywood because it did not have access to their financial records but included foreign actors who worked in Hollywood.

The Top 10 (in order) actors in the world are: 1) Amitabh Bachchan (India), 2) Tom Cruise (US), 3) Johnny Depp (US), 4) Bruce Willis (US), 5) Keanu Reeves (US), 6) Jim Carrey (Canada-US), 7) Tom Hanks (US), 8 ) Mel Gibson(Australia-US ), 9) Morgan Freeman(US). The list is rounded out with Jackie Chan of Hong Kong fame at No.10.

After Amitabh Bachchan, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp were ranked second and third respectively among top paid movie actors worldwide with earnings of $33 million and $32 million between June 2021 to June 2022.

Who is the top 10 actors in the world?

Who is the top 10 actors in the world?

Some people might say its Brad Pitt, some say it's Leonardo DiCaprio. Some even say Robert Downey Jr., but I'm going to tell you who is truly the top 10 actors in the world - no particular order.

1. Will Smith: Will smith is an awesome actor and he has proved that over time with his great performances, whether it be comedy or action or even drama! He has made himself into a very versatile actor and one of his best performances hands down was in Ali where he played Muhammad Ali, but besides that will smith deserves this spot because if it wasn't for him Hollywood wouldn't have so many great African American actors!

2. Tom Hanks: It's true, all roads lead to tom hanks! He has been around for decades and he hasn't stopped entertaining us with his performances such as Forrest Gump and Castaway just to name a couple but besides all that tom hanks has received the most academy award nominations of any actor ever and twice won best actor in a leading role.

3. Denzel Washington: All I could say is that he kills every role he takes on because within 5 minutes of seeing him on screen you actually believe his character! The first time I saw him I was blown away by how easy it was for me to relate to him as an African American man from the east coast living through civil rights movement in America, and not to mention he got the best reviews and academy awards for his performance in that movie.

4. Michael caine: This man should be first, honestly I don't even know why he is not #1 on this list because over his career he has been impressive time and time again with his performances! To me there's no question about it, michael caine deserves this spot because he has been a prolific actor since what 1960s and still going strong by starring in movies such as interstellar from 2014 to now! 5. Marlon Brando: There's only one person who can play the god father so well that everyone forgets its an actual person playing a character but marlon brando, another great versatile actor who was equally amazing in comedies as he was in dramas!

6. Denzel Washington: Another time, another denzel on the list, this one is for his latest performances from the past 5 years from 2013 to now which have been so great and they all deserve a round of applause because they deserved a lot more recognition then what they actually got which is unfortunate but besides that great job my man!

7. Morgan freeman: Oh how I love his voice, it just gives you chills every time you hear it and he is an amazing actor who has portrayed some very iconic roles such as Red from The Shawshank Redemption and Nelson Mandela in Invictus to name a couple memorable parts he has had throughout his career, but besides all that he is a great actor and has been one of the more prolific actors as of recent times!

8. Robert Downey Jr.: A lot of people don't like him but I do, he is an amazing actor who can be serious or comedic and always impresses with his performances such as Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! He has had some rough patches in his career but besides that he deserves this spot because he possesses great creativity when it comes to choosing roles even if sometimes they are playing characters that are way over the top at times!

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