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Funny Signs and Bizarre Billboards

Photos of Unexpectedly Funny Signs

Have you ever seen a funny sign or billboard that made you go, "What?!!"

Do you remember the infamous "Cruise Ships Use Airport Exit" freeway sign outside of San Diego, or the old [ North South ↑ ] freeway sign outside Christiana Mall in Delaware?

This page is my collection of unintentionally funny signs, humorous church signs and othor visual humor inspired by the old website. I have gleaned them from Creative Commons photos, mostly those posted on Flickr.

Most of these signs are Creative Commons or public domain images I've collected over the years; some are photos by myself or my mother. (Thanks, Mom!)

Note: CLICK ON THUMBNAILS! There are multiple photos in each gallery.

Miscellaneous Odd Signs on YouTube (tip: turn down volume)

More Silly Signs: A Few Are Repeats But Still Fun

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