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Which Poké Ball to Use for Legendary or Mythical Pokémon? a Fun Read!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!


Master Ball

The master ball catches all Pokémon without fail. This is the perfect ball to use for the hard to catch legendary or mythical Pokémon. However, the master ball is incredibly limited. You just don't have that many to catch all the hard to catch powerful pocket monsters. Also, do you just want to release all of your Pokémon from the master ball? Your opponent will know that you cheated! So, reserve the master ball for one of your absolutely favorite Pokémon.

Ultra Ball

The ultra ball is readily available in the market and it's the ball of choice for catching legendary or mythical Pokémon. With a modified catch rate of 2x, this ball is twice as good as a regular Poké ball. Although cheap and easily accessible in all the games, there are better options to use when catching certain legendary or mythical Pokémon.

Dream Ball

The elusive dream ball got an update in the newest generation of Pokémon (Sword and Shield). No longer constrained to the Entree Forest, the dream ball can be obtained through repeated battling. Not the easiest ball to obtain in the game, you definitely want to use it on a Pokémon you like. Also, the dream ball is no longer another version of the master ball, it's effect is also updated as well in gen 8. When the Pokémon is asleep, the modified catch rate is 4x, otherwise, it's just like a good old Poké ball. When trying to catch a legendary or mythical Pokémon, you always want to use status to ease the process anyways. So, putting the Pokémon to sleep is very easily accomplished. Personally, I like to use the dream ball on the cute Pokémon Mew. The pink Mew is a perfect match for a mostly pink dream ball.


Heavy Ball

This ball is very useful. Lots of legendary or mythical Pokémon are on the heavier side. Check their weight to see if this Poké ball is appropriate to use. For example, Regigigas, Heatran, Necrozma, Zygarde, Giratina, Dialga, Zamazenta, and some other large legendary Pokémon are all going to be easier to catch with the heavy ball. Plus, the heavy ball design looks very cool.


Quick Ball

The quick ball has a modified catch rate of 5x. This is a pretty high rate. However, it only has that catch rate if used on the first turn of battle. When the legendary or mythical Pokémon is at full health with no status condition, it's very difficult to catch. However, it's still worth a try if you want to have one of your legendary or mythical Pokémon inside the quick ball. When you only have one quick ball, you will have to keep on restarting the game to make sure that you catch the pocket monster in question with the quick ball. Personally, the yellow and blue design is very awesome and very fitting to house the legendary dog, Raikou.

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Net Ball and Dive Ball

The net ball is great at catching water or bug type legendary or mythical Pokémon. This special ball has a 3.5x modified catch rate. The dive ball has a very pretty blue design and it's better at catching underwater Pokémon. Kyogre resides in the seafloor cavern, technically it's part of the underwater cave. So, not sure if the dive ball gets the higher catch rate on Kyogre or not. However, the dive ball is really perfect to house Kyogre (personal opinion).


Fast Ball

The fast ball can be utilized to catch some legendary and mythical Pokémon. More specifically, this ball has a modified catch rate of 4x when the Pokémon has a speed of 100 or more. That's really not a problem for powerful Pokémon because some are really fast. The fast ball is a yellow orange color which I think it's going to perfect for the mythical Pokémon, Zeraora. The mostly yellow feline Zeraora is also very fast.


Timer Ball

The timer ball is another really good ball at catching all legendary and mythical Pokémon. This ball's catch rate increases as the battle drags on, which is very beneficial for powerful Pokémon encounters. Usually, you want to reduce the HP as much as possible through battling and also add in a status condition. After 10 turns, the timer ball reaches its maximum catch rate of 4x.

Dusk Ball

The dusk ball is another very good ball for any legendary or mythical Pokémon. Its catch rate increases to 3x when used in caves or at night. Lots of powerful Pokémon resides in caves. And to get it's 3x high rate for Pokémon that not in caves, you simply have to catch them at night. The dusk ball also has a super awesome design with with striking colors of red, green, and black. Some of the dark themed legendary or mythical Pokémon (Eternatus, Galarian Zapdos, and Yveltal come to mind) will for sure like to reside in this special ball.



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