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The Best Darth Vader Gift Ideas


Give The Gift Of Darth Vader Memorabilia

Does Darth Vader need an introduction? Not really but we thought wed let you know that he was brought to life by George Lucus and by those who took on his role in the Star Wars movies. He is the talk dark and handsome, er, mysterious being on Star Wars.

Star Wars is extremely popular and so is Star Wars merchandise. Fortunately, there are a lot of great items to chose from. Take the attractive coffee mug in this photo for example. What would the gang at your office think if you showed up with this handsome mug?! They would all be jealous for sure...and maybe you better NOT leave it in the office kitchen overnight. If you are not cool enough to use this at the office, you can celebrate your Star Wars geekiness in secret at home.

Any of the items on this page would be a TOP-RATED GIFT idea for any Star Wars fan...or for yourself. Yes, it is definitely okay to gift yourself with something you love. We know that both of our grown sons would like all of the merchandise featured here on this page and I bet there is something here for your Star Wars geeks, too.

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Are YOU A Fan of Darth Vader? - Your chance to let the world know!

Before we get started take a moment and answer our poll so that we will know how many people who visit this page actually LIKE Darth Vader. Not every one does like him, you know...what's not to like, we ask?

Star Wars Apron

Star Wars Apron

Star Wars Darth Vader Apron Or BBQ Set

I've placed this Darth Vader Apron and Oven BBQ Gift Set near the top of the page because I think it is pretty amazing and because I know it would be the perfect Darth Vader gift idea for my two young adult sons...and maybe even my husband! Both the apron and oven mitts are one size and, I see that lightsaber and force powers are not included. Perfect for any grown-up Star Wars geek who loves to cook and/or BBQ.

Star Wars Darth Vader Tin Tote

Big and little fans alike will have fun using this tin.

Check out this handsome and compact Darth Vader tin carry all. It is perfect for carrying anything you want to carry like school supplies or snacks and features a plastic handle that can be collapsed and a metal latch closure. LOVE the distinctive Darth Vader shape and the affordability of this gift idea. Right now, this lunch box is retailing for less than $10!

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Who wouldn't love a Lego themed Star Wars Darth Vader alarm clock?

Everyone needs an alarm clock and what's not to love about this mini-alarm clock? It combines two of our favorite items -- Lego and Star Wars. What child or man child for that matter wouldn't like to add this accessory to their bedroom. We could have used one of these many years ago when our son was an early bird!

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

Every little boy who was enthralled with the movie trilogy would have loved to own this helmet.

What fun you'll (or he'll) have wearing this Darth Vader helmet as you act out your favorite Star Wars movie scenes. It's perfect for your Darth Vader costume at Halloween or at any time of the year and easy to put on and remove. We think it would also be a wonderful decorative accessory for a Star Wars themed room or bedroom. Do you agree?

Darth Vader Lego Keepsake Ornament

Put your favorite movie franchise on your Christmas tree!

Hallmark has created numerous Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments over the years. We're partial to this one because, once again, it combines two of our interests -- Lego and Star Wars -- into one collectible, giftable and affordable Darth Vader item. Every Star Wars fan should have at least one themed Christmas ornament for their Christmas tree. Love it!

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Talking Plush Darth Vader

The perfect dust catcher for collectors!

A most unusual Darth Vader, this is. This 9-inch plus Darth Vader TALKS making it a very exciting gift or addition to anyone's Star Wars or Darth Vader collection. Can you guess what Darth says? Technically, he doesn't speak...he breaths. Recommended for individuals 3 years old and up.

Darth Vader Coffee Mug

An affordable, practical Star Wars gift idea.

This coffee mug is a must have for any Darth fan. He (or she) will like this one, which reads, "Join us or die." He'll also like the generous 20 ounce size, which allows for plenty of COFFEE when you need it. We like the idea that this is an affordable and a practical gift idea meaning that it is not a present that will sit on a shelf gathering dust...but instead it will be used every day as frequently as you drink coffee or tea or hot chocolate...heck, why limit using it to hot beverages?

Star Wars Vader Bobble-Head

Another fun Star Wars item that will make you smile. Love this little 5-inch bobble head Darth Vader, I do, despite the fact that this gift idea is going to sit on a shelf and gather dust, LOL. This Darth is an officially licensed Funko Star Wars figure made from durable PVC plastic. Where else on earth can you own Darth Vader for this amazing price? True fans just have to have some Star Wars movie merchandise that is going to gather dust!

Darth Vader USB Hub

Star Wars computer paraphernalia.

Another practical item is this Darth Vader Bust 4 Port USB Hub, which allows you to plug into four USB hubs and guess what? Darth is going to breath every time you plug something into one of his ports. If you decide you've had enough of him breathing down your neck, you can turn the sound effects off. Thank goodness!

Darth Vader Flash Drive

May The Flash Drive Be With You!

May The Flash Drive Be With You! This flash drive has 8 GB of memory and comes preloaded with some exclusive Star Wars content like mimoByte sound software and mimoDesk features that allow you to choose from a host of Star Wars themed icons, wallpapers, etc.

Did You Find A Good Darth Vader Gift Idea?

Did we find a Star Wars gift idea that intrigued you or did we blow it? Was there just the right amount of Star Wars merchandise or do we need to add more? Did you find the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a friend. We hope so!

Darth Vader Collector's Items on eBay

Remember, these Darth Vader items are at auction and actively being bid on. Remember that in the case of Star Wars and Darth Vader collector's items at auction, this is likely the seller's only one. If you are interested, bid now and don't get something you really want to add to your or a friend's collection get away. These items all feature FREE U.S. and Canadian shipping.

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Do you collect Darth Vader memorabilia? - Or other Star Wars merchandise?

GypsyPirate LM on May 06, 2012:

Ooohh..that Darth Vader tin would be awesome as a purse. Just need to get a shoulder strap on it - love it!!!

Inkhand on January 01, 2012:

Although I don't collect Darth Vader memorabili, the Darth Vader Alarm Clock in this lens looks very appealing.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on December 15, 2011:

No, I don't collect Darth Vader memorabilia, but I certainly enjoy what you have on this page. Cool! And great gift ideas!

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