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Country Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii-Learn to Line Dance

Learn At Home

Living in the deep south, my husband and I wanted to learn how to line dance, and what better way than in the privacy of our home? One day when looking online for lessons on line dancing, I found County Dance for Wii. Since we already owned a Wii, it seemed the perfect way to learn to do a line dance. We were up and dancing with our we when we turned on our Wii. The dancing lessons are so much fun and learning the dance moves is easy. We soon know the basic steps starting with some of the easier dances. After that, we followed the music and the activities shown on the screen, learning how to dance like pros.

Our friends were excited when they finally saw us on the dance floor, line dancing. We even surprised ourselves when we discovered we knew of the new dances. We even taught our friends a dance. The Wii game makes learning easy since it builds on the steps. It starts you off with some straightforward measures and builds up to the more complex ones, and the music that goes along with the learning is excellent too.

I never thought I would be out on the dance floor keeping up with people who have been dancing for a year. If you want to learn to line dance, this is an excellent way to know. We now go to the Country club on Thursdays for line dancing. It has been the best find for Wii since we discovered Wii Fit. It would also be an excellent gift for anyone since it gets you up and out of the chair, and moving it is an excellent exercise.

Country Dance 2

Dance With The Best at Home

Learn the dances, and you too can enjoy the exercise. My husband and I are lucky to have found this excellent dance game. You can learn to dance with your Wii or X box even if line dancing isn't your thing. The dance will entertain you for hours, and you won't be able to wait to dance to the music.

I usually scan through and find my favorite song. Once you learn the dance, it is easy to teach someone else. Line dancing has always been a favorite of mine. I hope it will become one of yours if it already isn't. I love to learn new dances, and you can even invite your friends over for a dance party or perhaps a dance marathon. What an excellent way to enjoy an evening at home. Suppose your house doesn't have enough space. Try moving the party to the garage or perhaps the backyard. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I do.

Dancing With Your Wii

Check out these videos and see how easy it is to learn the new dances. Even if you haven't danced before, you will enjoy these dances. I love practicing in the privacy of my home. It is fun, and best of all, it is terrific exercise. The more you dance, the more you learn; exercise is just a bonus while you fun,

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Once you learn all the steps, try going to where line dancing is popular. You'll be amazed how skilled you have become with all the practice you did in the privacy of your own home.

  • Exercise while enjoying and create your training with Country Dance 2
  • Team up with your dance partner
  • Entertain the little ones with kid-friendly tunes and dances.
  • Country Dance 2

Dancing just for fun

Kids enjoy line dancing too. Suppose you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your teens. These excellent dance games are perfect for keeping the kids close to home. Have them invite a few friends over and dance their little hearts out.

Suppose you are looking for an excellent idea for a birthday party. These learn-to-dance games make an easy way to help your guest enjoy the party. Let the fun begin.

Perhaps you want to create a contest. You can give prizes to the best dancers. This incentive will keep them dancing all night.


What do you think about learning the new dances at home?

Dancing Cowgirl Design from Texas on October 26, 2013:

Learning at home, from your mom or off of the tv, is probably the way many people learn their first dance steps. American Bandstand (way back) used to show all the latest dances. So it is great now that you can use your Wii and work on leaning a dance when ever you have time. So glad that you are having fun and going out to used what you have learned. Have a great time!!

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