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The Music of Colin Blunstone

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Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone

The Best of Colin Blunstone

While you may not be familiar with Colin Blunstone's music, I am sure you are aware of his voice. If you turn on any Oldies radio station his clear, heartfelt vocals can be heard daily on songs like She's Not There, Time of the Season and Tell Her No.

This is because Colin Blunstone was lead singer of the Sixties British Invasion band, The Zombies. Seemingly more appreciated in the United States than in their homeland, The Zombies scored several hits on the US charts before disbanding in 1968.

Group members Rod Argent and Chris White went on to form the band Argent, while after a short hiatus, Blunstone returned to the music business as a solo singer. This time his voice graced the UK charts for a short time in the early 1970s.

Under appreciated by the majority of the record buying public, many of Blunstone's albums are now currently available, including his most recent, On the Air Tonight, released in 2012.

Colin Blunstone: Caroline Goodbye

This was Blunstone's second solo single in the UK, on which he sings about the end of his relationship with actress and model, Caroline Munro.

Colin Blunstone: Say You Don't Mind

Colin Blunstone's third single - and his first hit - from March, 1972.

Colin Blunstone: I Don't Believe in Miracles

Following the success of Say You Don't Mind, Blunstone's next single charted in the UK Top 40 in late 1972.

Colin Blunstone: How Can We Dare to Be Wrong

Colin Blunstone's final UK chart entry of the 1970s was this plaintive ballad from 1973.

Colin Blunstone: Wonderful

The title of Blunstone's next single describes the song perfectly: Wonderful. A criminal shame that this was not the massive hit it deserved to be.

Colin Blunstone: It's Magical

This next single was a more up tempo affair, but even this change of direction proved unsuccessful sales wise.

Colin Blunstone: Planes

The title track from Blunstone's 1976 album was a cover of an Elton John/Bernie Taupin number. Even with this influence, the song failed to chart.

Colin Blunstone: Photograph

This single from 1978 is a track from Blunstone's album Never Even Thought. Despite a wonderful melody and powerfully wistful vocal, this release went the way of his then recent output.

Colin Blunstone: I Want Some More

An album track from the 1972 album, Ennismore.

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Colin Blunstone : Smokey Day

Album track from Blunstone's first solo album, One Year.

Colin Blunstone: Losing Your Way in the Rain

Colin Blunstone made a guest appearance in 1979 on an album by Mike Batt. This is his contribution.

Colin Blunstone: Miles Away

Absolutely beautiful song released in late 1981. Sung in Blunstone's trademark plaintive way, this is a lyric and melody for anybody missing that special someone in their life.

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - Colin Blunstone & Dave Stewart

You'll recognize this one. A hit for Blunstone in 1981, this is a cover of the classic Motown hit by Jimmy Ruffin.

Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone

Colin Blunstone: The Singles Discography

"Mary, Won't You Warm My Bed" (1971)

"Caroline, Goodbye" (October 1971)

"Say You Don't Mind" (January 1972) (UK #15)

"I Don't Believe In Miracles" (Oct 1972) (UK #31)

"How Could We Dare To Be Wrong" (Feb 1973) (UK #45)

"Wonderful" (September 1973)

"It's Magical" (May 1974)

"When You Close Your Eyes"

"Planes" (November 1976)

"Beautiful You" (February 1977)

"Lovin' and Free" (April 1977)

"I'll Never Forget You" (May 1978)

"Ain't It Funny" (July 1978)

"Photograph" (November 1978)

"What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" (with Dave Stewart) (1980) (UK #13)

"Miles Away" (September 1981)

"The Tracks of My Tears" (April 1982) (UK #60)

"Touch" (February 1983)

"Where Do We Go From Here?" (May 1986)

"She's Not There" (October 1986)

"Cry an Ocean" (May 1988)

"She's Not There" (club mix) - Timecode 64 W/ Colin Blunstone - Dancetrax (1993)

"So Much More" (January 2013)


Colin Blunstone With The Zombies

Spotlight on The Zombies

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Are You A Colin Blunstone Fan?

Rod jones on May 30, 2019:

The most brilliant singer of all time

I belive I have all of your records

I still play all of them regularly here in Fethiye Turkey

Paul from Liverpool, England on February 16, 2013:

I'm not a great fan of Colin Blunstone but I do like the way you've done the page,

Susanna Duffy from Melbourne Australia on February 16, 2013:

So THAT'S what happened to Colin Blunstone!

Tony Payne from Southampton, UK on September 25, 2011:

One of the local radio stations is still playing his songs now. I wasn't the biggest fan of his, but he has had some great songs over the years. Excellent lens, blessed.

wayne_luvinlife on July 14, 2011:

I had forgotten how smooth and lyrical is vocal are, brings back some very fond memories. You can here the British influence both musically and lyrically as you listen to his songs. Enjoyed the lens, Nicely Done

Malu Couttolenc on March 26, 2011:

Hadn't heard much of him but will listen to more of his music. Always something new to learn :)

Samantha Lynn from Missouri on November 29, 2009:

Fantyastic Lens!

Holley Web on November 29, 2009:

It's with never ending amazement that I find a previously undiscovered gem on your lenses. Photograph is probably my favorite of the selections you have here. Love it!

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