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10 Celebrities Who Died Young (2022) Gone Early Before Their Time


Famous Celebrities Who Died Young

Death is integral part of life. In fact, One of the best lesson that you can learn from life is that you start accepting Death. No Matter what is your religion, what is your race, What is your AGE. There is an old saying that Famous people die Young. You will amazed to know that several popular celebrities or better say Global icons died at very young age. No Offense but Most population will waste this much time in pleasures but these celebrities made Legends out of themselves. Though their early departure from the scene is (and will always be) a big loss but they taught us an extra ordinary lesson - Important is not how long you live but how worthy your life was… Here is list of such 10 Legends – Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Young. The list mention those celebrities who died at young age i.e. before 40 years. Please note that two of the most influential celebrities of 20th century - Elvis Presley and John Lennon are not included in the list because they had crossed 40 before they died.

10.Princess Diana:

Born- July 1, 1961 Died- August 31,1997 (36 Years) Reason of Death- Road Accident

Princess Diana was not famous for just one reason. Not only she was heir to the British throne (due to her marriage to Prince Charles) but also she one of the most beautiful lady of 20th century. She was also famous for International charity works irrespective of race and country. What added to her fame was a fatal car crash (near a tunnel in France) which resulted in her death in 1997. She is considered as a major global icon in the late 20th century.

9. Bob Marley:

Born- February 6,1945 Died- May 11,1981 (36 Years) Reason of Death- Cancer

For Bob Marley, Music was the way to express himself. He often based his music on social problems of his homeland Jamaica. Bob Marley is widely regarded as the greatest Reggae musician of all time. He gave several cult classic hit songs that were very meaningful. World's famous Time Magazine chose Bob Marley's album "Exodus" as the greatest album of the 20th century. Widely considered as the most influential and charismatic singer of all time, Bob Marley died at the age of 36 due to cancer. Later after his death, Bob Marley got his own clothing line which is now very popular in several countries.

8. Heath ledger:

Born- April 4,1979 Died- January 22,2008 (28 Years) Reason of Death- Toxic Combination of Prescription drugs

If you want to see the height of devotion you must take inspiration from the life of legendary Heath ledger. Heath is the most recent dead legend in the list. Died on January 22, 2008, One of the reason considered for Heath's death is his dedication to his work.His last movie was The Dark Knight in which he played the role of The Joker. To evolve himself into the role Heath locked himself in an apartment for two months while reading Joker books, novels and Joker movies. Heath was already a patient of insomnia and often complained that he can not sleep. This work pressure also led as an burden on him. When he finished the film, he was not able to adapt himself to the surrounding environments. He find difficulties in sleeping and often mentioned to his co actors and friends about this. On January 22, 2008, Heath was found dead in his apartment. The reason of his death was found out to be toxic combination of prescribed drugs. Heath is surely a true Legend.

7. Buddy Holly:

Born- September 7, 1936 Died- February 3,1959 (22 Years) Reason of Death- Plane Crash

Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Rolling stones are considered as the musicians of 20th century. What would say about the man who inspired them? Buddy Holly is the youngest man on the list. He died at the very young age of 22 in a Plane crash. He was a pioneer in rock and roll and worked for one and a half year. This time period was enough for him to contribute a vast amount of work to rock and roll and to set inspiration for others. Buddy Holly was on a tour to mid-west started on January 23, 1959. On Feb 2, 1959 he with his fellow musicians charted a Plane to Moorhead. However the Plane crashed soon after take off. The day is often called by many musician as 'The Day when Music Died". There is also a popular song sung by Don McClean for this tragic day.

6. James Dean:

Born- February 8,1931 Died- September 30,1955 (24 Years) Reason of Death- Car Crash

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It would be uneasy to say that James dean was one of the greatest actor of all time. With just half a dozen movies on his name he can't be judged exactly. However American Film Institute placed James dean on 18th spot on their list of 100 greatest Actors of all times. This is probably due the charming personality James dean had. James most famous movie is "Rebel without a cause" released in 1955. He was even nominated for academy award for his role of a troubled teenager. Til' date he considered as a youth icon and one of the most popular dead actor of all time. James got a huge fan following after his death. Unfortunately James lost his life in a car crash. James was driving at the speed of 105KM/H in his Porsche when he crashed head on with a Ford Custom coupe (which was also in full speed) Ironically James was playing the role of a racer in Giant and one his famous dialogue was "The Life you might save might be mine"

5. Marilyn Monroe:

Born- June 1,1926 Died- August 5,1962 (36 Years) Reason of Death- Over dose of barbiturates

If you don't know who Marilyn Monroe was then i must remind you a pic. Pic of a Blonde girl who is wearing a pink skirt. The skirt is blowing up in air while the blonde tries to cover up and gives a cute smile. She was Marilyn Monroe. It won't be overstatement if i say Marilyn was Sex symbol of 20th century. The lady died at the age of 36 and even after 5 decades of her death she is still admired by young men all over the world. Marilyn was the first lady who was on the cover of the first issue of famous Playboy magazine in 1953. Her charm and sex appeal led her to films. She showed her acting skills too and worked in several cult classic movies. Some of them include - All About Eve, How to marry a millionaire, Gentleman Prefer Blondes and the cult classic Some like it hot. Marilyn was in relationship with many men. She married thrice. It was also reported that She was in love with the already married US President John F. Kennedy. She even sang popular Happy Birthday Mr. President on John's birthday party. Also John F. Kennedy was the last person she called before her death. She died due to overdose of prescribed drugs.

4. Jim Morrison:

Born- December 8,1943 Died- July 3 1971 (27 Years) Reason of Death- Heart Failure

Back in 70's, if you were to ask any music fan that who a real rockstar is than an obvious answer was Jim Morrison. Born in 1943, Jim is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock musician of all time. Jim died at the age of 27 which is now considered as an unlucky age for musicians. It is because a large number of musicians died at this age. Jim had a charismatic personality. He was known for singing on spoken words. Also Jim was loved for the way he handled the crowd. His enthusiasm was loved by the crowd. If only he was not a drug addict we would still be enjoying his music. The main cause of his death was heart failure which is considered due to overdose of alcohol and drugs. Jim inspired many movies and books. Bollywood film Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor is inspired from his life.

3. Jimi Hendrix:

Born- November 27,1942 Died- September 18,1970 (32 Years) Reason of Death- Overdose of Sleeping Pills

Jimi Hendrix or James Marshall Jimi Hendrix is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarist of all times and as one of the greatest musicians of 20th century. Born in 1942, Jimi started playing guitar at the age of 13. Though Hendrix was only able to have his own guitar at the age of 15 yet he learned several chords on other's guitars. Jimi Hendrix often listened and tried to copy guitar notes of Elvis Presley, Muddy waters and Howlin' wolf. Jimi was encouraged by his father for playing guitar. However at the age of 19 Jimi was forced to join army to save himself from prison. After serving for 1 year Jimi was discharge honorably from army. Jimi formed a band King Kasuals in 1962. For the next few years Jimi Hendrix made his own name for playing for R&B singers like Sam Cooke, Jackie wilson, Chuck Jackon, Wilson Pickett and Tommy tucker. However Jimi always dreamt of becoming a solo singer and guitarist. He started recording songs from 1964 but it was not until 1966 that he got success. He formed the famous and now cult favorite favorite band The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Til' his death in 1970 Jimi gave some of the best songs of 20th century with solo guitar performance. Amazingly Jimi got his fan following after his death in 1970. Music Magazine The Rollin' stone named Jimi as the greatest Guitarist of all time. He was also ranked sixth on the list of Greatest Artists of all time.

2. Martin Luther King Jr.:

Born- January 15,1929 Died- April 4,1968 (39 Years) Reason of Death- Assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most popular African American Civil rights activist.This great hero was shot dead on April 4, 1968 just because he was fighting against inequality and racism. Martin is still admired for his speeches and quotes. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King too followed the path of non violence against inequality. some of Martin's famous speeches includes I Have a Dream, Beyond Vietnam, How Long Not Long, Why am I Opposed to the war in Vietnam and his last speech i've been to Mountaintop. 'I Have a Dream' is considered as one of the most revolutionary and inspirational speech in the American History. Martin also holds the world record for being the youngest recipient of Noble Peace Prize. He won the prestigious Nobel Prize on October 14,1964. His legacy led to a special memorial holiday for him. President Ronald Regan passed a Bill to create federal holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. Since 1986, January 20 is celebrated as Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

1. Bruce Lee:

Born- November 27,1940 Died- July 20 1973 (32 Years) Reason of Death- Cerebral Edema

Bruce lee was one of the most influential Asian celebrity in the 20th century. Born in the hour and year of Dragon, Bruce lee was the fourth child of Lee Hoi-chuen and Grace Ho. At the age of 13, Bruce began taking Wing Chun (type of martial arts) from Yip man. Lee became infamous for beating teen gangs on streets. His father was forced to send him to America to save him from the gangs. At the age of 19, Lee started coaching 'Jun Fan Gung Fu' (literally Bruce Lee's Kung fu) to his American friends and others interested. He modified and mixed up several martial arts and developed Jeet Kune Do. Currently Jeet Kune do is one of the most famous martial arts. Due his father's background in film industry, Lee got into acting at an early age. He appeared as a child artist in several Hon Kong films. When Lee moved to America, he never tried to pursue a carrer in acting. He wanted to devote his life to learn martial arts. However, two of his students Stirling Silliphant (Screen play writer) and James Coburn (actor) asked him to try film industry. Bruce appeared as Kato in now cult favorite TV show The Green Hornet in 1966. The show lasted for 1 season only but gave Bruce enough exposure to the western media. Bruce did several other TV shows including Batman. It was in 1969 that he got his first chance to appear in mainstream movie Marlowe. Bruce has half of dozen movies on his name, including cult favorite Enter the Dragon and Return of the Dragon. Bruce showcased his martial arts in his movies. There was a time when Bruce was considered the fastest man on earth. In fact in motion pictures, Bruce scenes (screen frames) were often slowed down so that audience can see the movement of his hands and body. Bruce became famous for defeating his opponent in a matter of seconds by Knock out. However, this legendary man left the world at very young age of 32. He died due to cerebral edema which means excess accumulation of water in the internal spaces of Brain. He left behind, his wife Linda (whom he married in 1964), a Son Brandon (who also died at young age) and daughter Shannon Lee. Celebrities who were not included in list but were influential: John F. Kennedy,Elvis Presley,John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Otis redding, Janis joplin, Kurt cobain, Hank williams, Andy Gibb, sam cooke, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, 2pac Shakur, Malcolm X.

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