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Captain America Funko Pop! Fun Facts

Captain America Is New And Blue

Captain America Is New And Blue

Meet Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

The story of Steve Rogers, who became Captain America, should have been a simple story of a guy from Brooklyn who went to war. His country was the US of A, and the war was World War II. Steve was born on the fourth of July in 1918. He had been a sickly child and for one reason or another, he ended up being rejected when he tried to enlist in the Army. He was made of stronger stuff than they realized. He was extremely persistent, he kept coming back. Steve actually tried under different aliases to enlist 4 times in 4 cities.

Steve met a Dr. Abraham Erskine and the doctor was impressed by Steve's determination and his morals. Steve decides to volunteer as a subject for Erskine's new, experimental program called Project Rebirth. The doctor arranged for Steve to get an A-1 draft card and had him stationed to Camp Lehigh to train and prepare for the Project Rebirth Program. The year was 1943 and Steve was 25 years old.

Snowman version of Captain America from Funko Pop!

Snowman version of Captain America from Funko Pop!

The Doctor had created a serum that was supposed to create "Super Soldiers". In Steve, he hoped he had found the right amount of goodness and integrity so that a good and just "Super Soldier" would be created, not just a killing machine.
The serum did give Steve incredible abilities that pushed the boundaries of his human body. Project Rebirth gave Steve Rogers a new life and gave birth to Captain America. Doctor Erskine was killed shortly after. Steve did go on to battle the Nazis and their leader, Red Skull.

Steve met Peggy Carter, a scientist, and the two fell in love. It seems Captain America had won the war, became a hero, and got the girl. But fate wasn't on his side. On his final mission to stop a plane loaded with bombs headed for the US, his plane went down and crashed over the Artic. He was frozen in a state of cryogenic suspended animation for sixty-six years. Saved by the serum in his veins that turned him into a Super Soldier, for no mere human would have survived this ordeal. When he woke up the world and the people he knew were a thing of the past. He crashed in 1945. He was found and rescued and thawed in 2011. He went down at the age of 27 and in his suspended state he did not age. He was 93 years old and had the physical attributes of a much, much younger man.

Some Captain America Facts You Might Know

  • Steve's boosted metabolism prevents him from getting drunk.
  • He is able to hold and wield Thor's Hammer, the Mjolnir (The inscription on Thor's weapon says “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”)
  • Captain America is impervious to hypnosis.
  • Steve has enhanced and quickened intelligence.
  • Steve is a great artist and has a Major in Fine arts and a specialty in comic illustrations. He actually made his own Captain America comic book once.
  • He said he is not only superior visually, but he can actually see faster and process that information quicker.
  • Captain Rogers is immune to fatigue.
  • His age is suspended, making him age and mature much more slowly than a normal human being. He is over 90 years old, but looks like a man in his 30s.
  • In the comic "House of M," Captain America was the first person to step on the moon.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Funko Pop! Captain America Sam Wilson #819

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Funko Pop! Captain America Sam Wilson #819

A Dozen Characters Have Taken Up The Mantle Of Captain America

When I think of Steve Rogers, Captain America, I see Chris Evans. But there have been twelve other characters who have taken up his mantle and they are:

  1. Sam Wilson
  2. Scott Summers (in an alternate universe)
  3. John Walker
  4. Roscoe Simons (a former mechanic)
  5. William Burnside (after injecting himself with serum and plastic surgery - OUCH)
  6. Clint Barton (kind of with some urging by Tony Stark)
  7. Isaiah Bradley (he was an enhanced soldier and on his last mission he used a Captain America costume. He was jailed for stealing it. JFK pardoned him)
  8. Jeffery Mace (it was passed on to him by William Naslund)
  9. William Naslund (was asked by President Truman)
  10. Danielle Cage (daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage)
  11. Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier?)
  12. Steve Rogers

You can pre-order this Gingerbread style Steve Rogers/Captain America Funko but he won't be in til March of 2022.

You can pre-order this Gingerbread style Steve Rogers/Captain America Funko but he won't be in til March of 2022.

More Facts About Captain America - Do You Know These?

Here are some facts about Captain America that you probably don't know about. I hope you don't know some of them, I like to think I am telling people information they don't already know. Although, I did tell you number one in the first paragraph on this page.

  • Steve Roger's birth date is 4th of July, but in the year 1918.
  • Captain America also had a weird superhero car in the 80s named "Captain America's Van." It was designed by people in Wakanda and it was loaded.
  • The Project Rebirth serum did not just magnify his physical strength but also enhanced his personality traits. Meaning, bad becomes worse and good becomes better.
  • Captain America was once injected with werewolf injection and become the leader of captured werewolves.
  • Captain America can learn how to operate any weapon in just 1 minute.
  • Chris Evans (the actor who played Captain America in MCU) turned down the role three times before agreeing, similar to Steve Rogers being turned down multiple times when he tried to join the Army.
  • He was named "Super American" before the creators decided to change it to Captain America.

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