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Reality TV's Biggest Expose...

Suraj 'aka' Nagesh, a simple boy from a remote village of India, struck an instant chord with the judges and the audience with the story of his life and never-say-die spirit. Everybody believed how hard his life was with an abusive father who he blames for his mother's death and how he used to be physically weak because he was a premature baby.

Topping it with how in spite holding a degree in science, he had to sweep roads to earn a living.

But now some facts have surfaced which tell us a completely different story. That may be this too-good-to-be-true story is not really true... Let's find out how this simple guy from a village is an imposter and actually a bartender.

Let's see his interview first... - Biggest imposter fake on Reality TV Show Roadies so far

Hard to please judges like Raghu and Rajeev are completely awestruck by the truthfulness of this chap's life story...Rannvijay thinks his reaction on the show would be awesome. People are calling him the most inspiring Roadies Contestant so far...

I don't know about truthfulness, but Suraj OR Nagesh, Or whatever your real name is...I think you have a great future in acting. This interview is so frikkin' believable!

Observations that gave birth to doubt... - Biggest imposter fake on Reality TV Show Roadies so far

The Observations that led us to doubt may be Suraj 'aka' Nagesh is faking it, and why ROADIES, the reality show is scripted. We later found documented proof about Nagesh being a completely different person from what he projected in the interview...

  1. The eyebrow piercing is visible in the interview.
  2. The contestant doesn't speak Hindi, the way a Maharashtran would speak, especially if you're from a small village, where the local dialect is prevalent, and Hindi is almost an alien language.
  3. The contestant is using a smart phone.
  4. Contestant started going to a gym while being a street cleaner, and at a time he earned 80 rupees a day.
  5. Contestant has a gelled hairstyle, and is particularly healthy for an impoverished lifestyle as stated by him.
  6. Jack of all trades...farmer, rickshaw driver, sweeper, dishwasher...drunk father, sick mother, pregnant sister in law, brother being beaten by father, mother being beaten by father, ill health as a child...sleeping at the station...sleeping at marine drive...etc etc. Have you ever met anyone who has been so unlucky?
  7. Judges never once questioned anything, so the interview can span out in a manner wherein their audience sympathizes with the contestant, and obviously follows up on his progress in the show.
  8. Check the expression of all 3 judges through the interview. They have that already stunned and shocked into silence look from the beginning.
  9. Questions posed to him are all pointed towards making us learn more about his sad life.
  10. Raghu, Rajiv, and Ranvijay are I'm sure well acquainted with Maharashtra, and as such would be aware of the fact that cycle rickshaws mostly operate in WB, Bihar and UP. Raghu saying cycle rickshaw is just a cue for the contestant, so his dialog delivery doesn't suffer. The very next sentence has the contestant talk about his work at a cycle stand. It's a technique used in interviews too. The reporter says something, and the person on the other side takes cue and continues.
  11. Not a word is said when he's about the reveal his mother's death though he's taking so much time because it makes way for buildup, and will have the audience wait, like I wonder what happened.
  12. Considering that the selectors always boast about how they want real people and can see through the situation, they are uncannily relaxed here.
  13. He says he never had friends and was just hanging around his mom all life, and the judges don't think that's not normal behavior.
  14. He says his dad is responsible for his mother's death, so why don't they question him about taking his dad to prison.
  15. His dad beats his brother in front of his pregnant sister in law, and this guy just abuses his father, and the judges are okay with it.
  16. He then tries to commit suicide, and then too, the judges are okay with it. How come they never say to him, dude you're such a loser, you just sat through, and then went to die.
  17. He has a BSC degree and no job, and the judges say nothing? People who are undergraduates working in call centers are called losers by the judges. So, why the silence here?
  18. If you had a BSC degree, why would you clean the pavement, wash dishes, and the floor? At the very least, you'd be a lab assistant, but the judges have no problem that he doesn't work despite a degree.
  19. Just before the 4th minute, Raghu abruptly talks about Hyderabad, and Mumbai, so that the contestant doesn't falter, and forget what he's to mention.
  20. He's asked for the phone code so that we become aware of his simplicity. They're feeling so bad he broke his phone. We're being made aware of how he has no one, so he doesn't need a phone.
  21. If another contestant said I'll make lots of money one way or the other, the judges would invariably say you're building air castles.
  22. Not once do you find the contestant or judges talking at the same time. It's more like I talk, you talk. No interruption, only cues.
  23. The questions asked to him at the end result in answers that are an attempt to make him sound levelheaded, simple, honest, and inspired.
  24. The judges obviously know why they want to select him. It appears he's unique, and the simple village lad will be astounded by events during the show around him, and that will be interesting to watch. That's the way they're trying to project him but we already uncovered his truth with the MTV Roadies 8 fake truth of Suraj 'aka' Nagesh.

Suraj 'aka' Nagesh is actually a trained Bartender - Biggest imposter fake on Reality TV Show Roadies so far

Suraj 'aka' Nagesh is actually a trained Bartender

Suraj 'aka' Nagesh is actually a trained Bartender

We have this screen shot for you from Indian Institute of Bartending (IIBT) website where Suraj is listed in the students section and he writes:

"Hi I am Nagesh, from Mumbai worked in a call centre. I found my job wasn't really interesting. I was longing for a sociable work that involves meeting people every day. Therefore I chose this bartending career & joined in IIBT."

In 2010, Suraj should have been working in Mumbai as a sweeper which he mentioned in MTV Roadies Season 8 Interviews, however, he was working at a call center in Mumbai.

Doesn't look like a sweeper to me... - Biggest imposter fake on Reality TV Show Roadies so far

Doesn't look like a sweeper to me...

Doesn't look like a sweeper to me...

Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8. successfully enthralled students at the Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management.

Still in doubt, see this newsletter... - Biggest imposter fake on Reality TV Show Roadies so far

Still in doubt, see this newsletter...

Still in doubt, see this newsletter...

Not just a bartending student, but an expert how headed a successful workshop on bartending...

He has successfully passed a bartending course which costs around Rs. 55,000 right now...which confirms, he can afford a mobile phone, and I'm sure a lot of people want to talk to him....I know I do, and ask why, WHY, WHY???

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

I don't know what to say, after all, it's just a stupid reality show...We do feel cheated by Suraj but you have to admit, that he did convince everybody.

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On the other side, Raghu who thinks that he's a REAL BADASS, does look like an ass all the way!

Enjoy the show!


anonymous on July 02, 2011:

really man hats off to suraj aka nagesh for making everybody believe what he said and to f*** raghu on his own very show.......the baldheaded thinks that he is the only 1......but suraj u proved that raghu is just anothes ass showing off to b smart.......

anonymous on June 11, 2011:

Suraj aka Nagesh has made Raghu... a jackass.... and that too on his very own show !!

anonymous on June 04, 2011:

Long Live ABVP..the baldheads deserve another whack from ABVP for showing lies and deception

usama18 on June 03, 2011:

Great Great Very Inpiring Video salute to Suraj AKA

usama18 on June 03, 2011:

Great Great Very Inpiring Video salute to Suraj AKA

anonymous on May 30, 2011:

well all thses are scripted stuff and believe raghu is making money out of it. He must be aware of all this and just provides an interesting script to attaract viewers. The case of Suraj is coming in knowledge of us that's why we are thinking he is befooling us and raghu but right from the auditions a soothing script starts which ends with finale of the season.

anonymous on May 12, 2011:

well what ever Imposter cannot stand in society

anonymous on March 15, 2011:

Ha hah ha haa...this is ...omg...I can't stop laughing....

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

Whatever you say guys....these last comments are really funny...I love Raghu's 'bummed' expression in this photo.....

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

@anonymous: Totally agree with you man..they're all losers...

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

the guy's an doubt the biggest loser in the group...even the manchild Avtar and epic-loser Dev are better than least they are real...

oh no, what am I saying...they're losers...definitely Avtar and Dev....insecure pricks..!

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

why be fake when you can be real...huh?

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

omg! I'm so shocked....I totally believed this guy...and was rooting for him too...but what a shocker....

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

wow, this guy really f-ed roadies over right..!

anonymous on March 14, 2011:

This is hilarious...I personally don't care that he's fake...but nice to see somebody take your case man....

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