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20 Best Naruto Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Hello, I am here to give my humble opinions, I consider myself a part of the anime community. I have watched countless anime titles.


Best Characters in Naruto of All Time

Naruto is an anime most famous for its colorful characters. Even the villains in the show are not pure evil incarnate, but some genuinely likable people. Which were affected by their individual situations, as most villains in Naruto have a final goal of achieving true peace. So, let's put these loveable characters against each other.

Let me clarify, this list does not contain the best Naruto characters according to my personal opinion!

This is the result of the last poll of manga also known as the seventh character poll, so these rankings are according to fans.

Check this list out and do mention in the comments that,

This poll made you respect fandom more.

Or maybe this made you lose all faith in the fandom.

We are doing a new poll, you can vote at the end of this article.

Here are the best Naruto characters according to fans of the show:

  1. Naruto Uzumaki (6,880 votes)
  2. Sasuke Uchiha (5,791 votes)
  3. Kakashi Hatake (4,828 votes)
  4. Gaara (4,239 votes)
  5. Itachi Uchiha (4,011 votes)
  6. Deidara (3,623 votes)
  7. Minato Namikaze (3,477 votes)
  8. Sasori (3,152 votes)
  9. Shikamaru Nara (2,533 votes)
  10. Hinata Hyūga (2,517 votes)
  11. Iruka Umino (2,494 votes)
  12. Sakura Haruno (2,188 votes)
  13. Sai (2,188 votes)
  14. Yamato (1,925 votes)
  15. Neji Hyūga (1,794 votes)
  16. Jiraiya (1,723 votes)
  17. Hidan (1,635 votes)
  18. Temari (1,628 votes)
  19. Tobi (1,621 votes)
  20. Rock Lee (1,597 votes)

20# Rock Lee – 1,597 votes

I love Rock Lee, and personally, I would have liked to see him a bit higher on the list. But what a perfect way to start off the list with the most hardworking ninja of alltime.

The way he totally trashed Gara in the extremely famous Rock Lee vs Gaara fight proves to all shonen anime fans that hard work beats talent anytime.


19# Tobi – 1,621 votes

I will not reveal his true identity as a courtesy to those who are new fans. But do know Tobi's real identity is a major spoiler for Naruto Shippuden. So please don't go ahead search for his true identity if you are not all caught up with the manga or anime. This is for your own good!



18# Temari – 1,628 votes

One of the most popular waifu from Naruto. Who happens to be the wife of another extremely popular character from the same show. Temari is a strong and capable warrior, who is among the strongest Ninjas of the Hidden Sand Village, she is like the opposite of Sakura who just depends on others, while Temari saves others.



17# Hidan – 1,635 votes

I don't really know why this guy is popular!

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Like he is just a psychopathic cultist who makes sacrifices to his lord Jashin, Kishimoto didn't make even a single effort to make his character even the slightest bit likable.

This dude is a murder, and watching him getting buried alive was one of the most satisfying moments of Naruto.



16# Jiraiya – 1,723 votes

Another character that should be much higher on the list, higher than Sakura at the very least.

Yeah I know he is a pervert, but my man was a mentor to both the fourth and seventh Hokage along with another very prominent character of Naruto, Nagato.

The legend of Jiraya of the Sannin is spread far and wide in the Ninja world!

One who had achieved the sage mode, the guy who can go toe to toe against any ninja of his time. A Hokage level fighter, who rejected the offer to become the Hokage of the Konoha.



15# Neji Hyuga – 1,794 votes

Certainly one of the most developed characters in Naruto. Who went from a guy who blames his destiny for everything to a guy who supports others out of his own free will.

The strongest member of Hyuga Clan, till his demise. A guy respected by Naruto, Hinata, and the fans.



14# Yamato – 1,925 votes

I already know that nobody can take my man Kakashi's place. But my dude Yamato did a great job of handling team seven.

He is the only wood-style user in the whole world while being the second wood-style user of all time.

He is all around an awesome guy who likes to goof around with his students, he has lost a lot but we have never seen him grew jealous of anyone!



13# Sai – 2,188 votes

The guy who replaced Sasuke as a third member of team seven, he is a beautifully written character who is disconnected from all emotion. While this does not make him an emotionless psychopath but an innocent soul who is curious to see how normal people feel about stuff.

He was successful in making a place in the hearts of Naruto characters and fans alike!



12# Sakura Haruno – 2,188 votes

You already know I really don't like the character of Sakura that much. But I would never say that she has no redeeming qualities.

She might not be as strong as other members of team seven, and it is annoying seeing her considering herself equal to Naruto and Sasuke.

Apart from all that, if you compare her to the rest of the Ninjas in the world she is pretty impressive. Sakura is the best medical Ninja in the world after Tsunade and one of the strongest Ninja of the hidden leaf village without even being part of a famous or notable clan. As you may know, her parents are not even Ninja's, she has made it this far with only her own talent, nothing inherited from anyone.

Iruka Sensei

Iruka Sensei

11# Iruka Umino – 2,494 votes

The only shining light in the miserable and lonely childhood of Naruto. If only there were more teachers, nay people like him, the world would be a better place.

We see him deal with his conflicted emotions to become the first person to see Naruto as a child instead of a devil.

Iruka also lost a lot in the nine-tailed fox attack, but he learned to disassociate Naruto with the Fox.

Hinata childhood

Hinata childhood

10# Hinata Hyuga – 2,517 votes

The best Waifu from Naruto wheather you like it or not!

Hinata Hyuuga is the perfect example of a flawless life partner. She has been after Naruto through his worst times, which makes her worthy of standing beside him in his best moments.

Hinata has literally given his life for Naruto, forgetting all fear just protect him, even knowing there is no chance of victory!



9# Shikamaru Nara – 2,533 votes

The smartest Shinobi of the Ninja world is definitely one the most relatable characters to us lazy people.

He is not just smart as he can also be considered one of the wisest characters in all of anime. Whenever he speaks, he demonstrates the extreme heights of knowledge along with the utmost maturity in his every word.

Sasori of the Red Sand

Sasori of the Red Sand

8# Sasori – 3,152 votes

I have issues with Sasori being this high up on the list, but I can't really say I hate the guy.

Sasori of the red sand is one of the few people who we successful at achieving immortality. After having power, fame, and endless life he finally discovers he has lost sight of the things that truly mattered.

He attained his every goal, yet he was not content with his life as seen in his final fight against Sakura and Lady Chiyo. Sasori actually commits a kind of suicide, knowing the regrets he will always have.

Minato the 4th Hokage

Minato the 4th Hokage

7# Minato Namikaze – 3,477 votes

One of the most likable geniuses characters in anime. He is the epitome of natural talent, being always better than everyone else, yet arrogance never rubbed his personality in the slightest.

He is Naruto's dad and the 4th Hokage yellow flash the fastest Ninja of all time!

Only a few can claim that they are acknowledged by all the ninja world since the villages had ordered their forces to flee on sight when they see the yellow flash.

Do you even know how big of a flex that is?



6# Deidara – 3,623 votes

A connoisseur of true art, and a very likable villain. To be honest, I like him better than Sasuke, it was pretty awesome to see him defeat Gara in a one on one match coming from nowhere. Deidra is the key character that put Akatsuki on the map, as he established the organizations as a genuine threat to all the watchers or readers.

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

5# Itachi Uchiha – 4,011 votes

Hands down! my favorite anime character of all time!

The life story that has made grown men cry. And for a completely valid reason the self-sacrificing nature of his, to be hated by all to protect some, a character that made us rethink what it means to be a true hero. We have already assumed the fame and notoriety that comes with being a savior of all people, but a true savior does what it takes to save people even when being hated by those very people.

Gaara of the Sand

Gaara of the Sand

4# Gaara – 4,239 votes

One of the most developed characters in all of Naruto along with Neji.

Kishimoto had made as a reflection of Nauto, he is the version of Naruto who has suffered more. An innocent child who has seen hate of the people since he was born, this made him lose all hope in people until Naruto came along.

Yeah, I know Naruto had a sad childhood, as the whole village hated him. But Gaara's childhood was even sadder as his own father tried his best to kill him, along with everyone else in the village. Naruto at least had Iruka sensei, while Gaara had to kill his Iruka sensei with his own hands.

Kakashi childhood (as a kid)

Kakashi childhood (as a kid)

3# Kakashi Hatake – 4,828 votes

The greatest sensei character considering every medium of storytelling ever not just anime. A character with a dark past who shelters his student from walking the same path he did.

A guy who never stopped smiling even after losing everything he had. We have seen him joke around while being a kind soul. But we have never seen him laugh out in any situation! this is the degree of sadness he holds within his heart.



2# Sasuke Uchiha – 5,791 votes

To be honest, I am not content with Sasuke being this high up on the list. The dude is not likable at all for me.

And for him to be above Kakashi, Jiraya and Itachi is a freaking joke!

Maybe if it was the ranking in terms of power then this is the perfect place for him, otherwise, I can't wrap my mind around Sasuke being the second most popular Naruto character when we these other great characters.

Naruto Uzumaki as a child

Naruto Uzumaki as a child

1# Naruto Uzumaki – 6,880 votes

You already know who it is!

The strongest Ninja in the world, Student of pervy sage, The child of prophecy, The tamer of Nine Tails, The student of 6th Hokage, and The son of 4th Hokage.

Lord Seventh Naruto Uzumaki!

I am sure we all already know that the guy many anime fans grew up with is our favorite Naruto Character. We have seen him beaten, we have seen him face impossible odds, and we have seen him forgive the people who have caused him the most harm.

Take a bow and praise the greatest Ninja of all time.

Let's do our own poll!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mark Dair

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