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Top 100 Best Dance Songs Of All Time (2022 List)

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List of Greatest Dance Songs

Are you looking for the ultimate dance song list where you can find all your favorite dance songs along with new ones?Want to know which dance song thrilled disco and is still loved by people?If so,then You're at right place.

Here is the list of 100 best Dance songs ever made.Not only these songs were loved by people but also strongly influenced pop culture.

If you find any of your favorite Dance songs missing then do let me know in comments.

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Here is the list of 100 best dance songs.

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101. Candy By Mandy Moore

100. Another Night By Real Mccoy

99. Into The Night By Carlos Santana

98. Rhythm Divine By Enrique Iglesias

97. That's The Way It Is By Celine Dion

96. Maria Maria By Carlos Santana and Wycleaf Jean

95. Blue (Da Ba Dee) By Eiffel 65

94. Blue Monday By New Order

93. Like A Virgin By Madonna

92. Tainted Love By Soft Cell

91. Don't You Want Me By Human League

90. Funkytown By Lipps Inc.

89. It Takes Two By Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

88. It's My Life By Dr. Alban

87. Tease Me By Chaka Demus and Pliers

86. Take Me Out By Franz Ferdinand

85. Respect By Aretha Franklin

84. Creep By TLC

83. Black & Gold By Sam Sparro

82. Valerie By Amy Winehouse

81. Closer Than Close By Rosie Gaines

80. Seven Nation Army By White Stripes

79. Can't Get You Out Of My Head By Kylie Minogue

78. Good Times By Chic

77. Born Slippy By Underworld

76. It's Raining Men By The Weather Girls

75. French Kiss By Lil' Louis & The World

74. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) By Eurythmics

73. I Feel Love By Donna Summer

72. Without You By David Guetta (Feat. Usher)

71. Boom Boom Boom Boom By Venga Boys

70. The Real Slim Shady By Eminem

69. Temperature By Sean Paul

68. Hips Don't Lie By Shakira (Featuring Wyclef Jean)

67. Disco Inferno By The Tramps

66. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough By Michael Jackson

65. Y.M.C.A. By Village People

64. Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) By Everything but the girl

63. Groove Is In The Heart By Deee Lite

62. Show Me Love By Robin S

61. Baby Got Back By Sir Mix-A-Lot

60. Whoomp! (There It Is) By Tag Team

59. Finally By Ce Ce Peniston

58. The Power By Snap

57. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) By C+C Music Factory

56. Music Sounds Better With You Running By Daft Punk

55. One More Time By Daft Punk

54. In Da Club By 50 Cent

53. Around The World By Daft Punk

52. Boom Boom Pow By Black Eyed Peas

51. Poker Face By Lady Gaga

50. Into The Groove By Maddona

49. Toxic By Britany Spears

48. Vogue By Madonna

47. You're The One That I Want By Olivia Newton John

46. Hey Ya! By Outkast

45. Crazy In Love By Beyonce

44. Bebot By Black Eyed Peas

43. Walk This Way By Run DMC

42. I Gotta Feeling By Black Eyed Peas

41. Pump It By Black Eyed Peas

40. Party Rock Anthem By LMFAO

39. Moves Like Jagger By Marron 5 feat. Christina Augiliera

38. TiK ToK By Kesha

37. Saturday Night Fever By Bee Gees

36. Smack That By Akon

35. To Brazil! By Venga Boys

34. Maneater By Nelly Furtado

33. Livin' La Vida Loca By Ricky Martin

32. What Is Love By Haddaway

31. LoveGame By Lady Gaga

30. Love Shack By B 52's

29. Absolutely Everybody By Vanessa Amorosi

28. Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) By Los Del Rio

27. Don't Stop The Music By Rihanna

26. On the Floor By Jeniffer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

25. Waiting For Tonight By Jeniffer Lopez

24. Let's Get Loud By Jeniffer Lopez

23. Hung Up By Madonna

22. Sandstorm By Darude

21. Right Round By Flo Rida

20. When Doves Cry By Prince

19. Sexy Back By Justin Timberlake

18. My Love By Justin Timberlake

17. They Don't Care About Us By Michael Jackson

16. Beat It By Michael Jackson

15. Thriller By Michael Jackson

14. Michael Jackson

13. 4 Minutes By Maddonna Featuring Justin Timberlake And Timbaland

12. Super Freak By Rick James

11. Superstition By Stevie Wonder

10. I Will Survive By Gloria Gaynor

9. Just Dance By Lady Gaga

8. Low By Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain

7. Billie Jean By Michael Jackson

6. Angel By Shaggu

5. Believe By Cher

4. Dancing Queen By Abba

3. Push It By Salt N' Pepa

2. Stayin' Alive By Bee Gees

1. Yeah By Usher

Best Dance Songs

Are you looking for dance songs but don't know where to start? You're in luck because here at JAMN we have a top ten list that will surely get you moving your feet! I'm sure the question on your mind now is: why does this site even care about dance songs and how can they help me? Well, we'll tell you! First and foremost, our top ten list will give you an idea of what other people listen to. Nothing beats first hand knowledge so if someone says one of these songs is their absolute favorite then try it out and see what happens! Also, dancing is good exercise as many studies show. We all know that exercise makes us feel better and there's nothing like dancing to make yourself feel good after a long day of work! So if you're ready to get moving and dancing, click on the review button below. Now let's begin our count down!

Shannon- Let the music play

#10: Shannon - Let The Music Play

Description: This song is a few years old but it still brings dance songs to the table. It's definitely an oldie but a goodie with many people still loving this track today for its catchy tune and beat. As reported by billboard in 1983, this song hit #3 on their charts which is no small feat especially when thinking about how there are dozens of songs released every single week! In addition, it's been featured in multiple movies including "Something Wild" with Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith. This song is definitely for the more mature crowd with lyrics like "he's feeling it / he knows what people say". To sum things up, this dance song is great for older people that are into the classics.

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Description: The next dance song on our list was released in 2010 by Shakira featuring Pitbull. At the time of its release, this particular track got a lot of attention with multiple television spots including Saturday Night Live (2010) where Shakira performed the track alongside American comedian Will Forte. However, here at JAMN we have to admit that even though it made multiple TV spots there aren't really any parts that stand out on their own or seem particularly noteworthy. That being said, this is still a great dance song that features Shakira's signature style along with Pitbull's rough vocals for that added edge.

Description: This is another song that was released by its singer many years ago but it's had continued success over the years which explains why it remains on our list today. The beauty of this particular track lies in its ability to make anyone tap his or her foot to the beat. However, there are times where some people find themselves bobbing their heads up and down as well! Some even say they experience multiple body parts moving at certain points during the song including their arms and legs. When you listen to the lyrics, you'll notice that they're very open ended which allows listeners to interpret the song in their own special way. Honestly, if you've never heard this song before then you are missing out big time.

Description: Maroon 5 is another group with multiple songs on our list which speaks volumes about their talent as musicians and songwriters. This particular track was released by the group back in 2002 but even today people are still singing it wherever they go! This song is definitely one of those dance songs that will have everyone moving around until the very end due to its upbeat melody and beat. Plus, there's just something about hearing Adam Levine's voice that brings a smile to your face!

Description: Released back in 2010, this song has been captivating people's attention ever since. It was the first single released by Kelly after signing with Capitol Records and it ended up hitting multiple billboard charts including Dance/Club Play Songs (2010), Hot 100 Singles (2010), Adult Pop Songs (2011), and Pop Songs (2012). The reason why this dance song has been so successful is because of its catchy lyrics and beat. Also, you can't help but feel like dancing when Kelly starts singing "I'm feeling sexy". What we love about this particular track is that even though it talks about sexiness, there aren't any explicit words used which makes it great for all ages!

Description: This track was released as part of Maroon 5's second album entitled "It Won't Be Soon Before Long". It was their first hit on the Billboard hot 100 chart and it even managed to top multiple other countries' music charts around the world. This particular track is perfect for people that love upbeat songs with lyrics about falling in love. Here at JAMN, we appreciate how this song can make anyone feel like they're falling in love all over again thanks to its romantic style, beat, and words.

Title: DNA

Description: Now here's another dance tune courtesy of Kendrick Lamar! This song was released earlier this year (2017) as part of his fourth studio album "DAMN.". Not only does it have a catchy tune but it also reflects Kendrick's vocal growth throughout the years. The beginning of the song starts off with Kendrick Lamar rapping the lyrics "I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA" which is great for any people that appreciate rap music. Plus, this particular track uses an interesting combination of sounds to produce a track that's very fun and easy to listen to!

Description: Now if you're looking for one dance song that will have everyone in the room dancing then look no further than One Direction's Drag Me Down! This song was released just last year (2016) along with their album "Made in the A.M.". It features Niall Horan singing while also playing guitar at certain points throughout the song which is always appreciated by listeners around these parts! This particular song also has a great message that talks about how you shouldn't let anything hold you back from achieving your dreams which is always a plus in our book. Its lyrics are perfect for those going through a tough time and need to hear some empowering words!

Title: Celebration

Description: First released back in 1982, this song by Kool & The Gang was an immediate hit with music lovers around the world. This particular track is great for people that love songs with strong bass lines because it definitely comes through during this one. Plus, it has plenty of other elements including hip hop beats, synthesizers, and even sax solos which makes the song overall groovy and fun to dance along to! It also has a great video that perfectly complements the upbeat tone of this song.

Description: Released back in 2013, this track by Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii became an instant hit with music lovers around these parts. It has a happy sounding melody which is always appreciated when it comes to dance songs! Not only is the beat very uplifting but also extremely fun thanks to all of its heavy bass beats and electronic sounds. Plus, it's lyrics are perfect for anyone going through a tough time in their life because they talk about how everyone needs to celebrate their lives regardless of what they're going through at the moment. If you're looking for one dance song that will lift your spirits then look no further than "Wake Me Up!"

Title: Let's Go Crazy

Description: Prince's Let's Go Crazy is perfect for anyone looking for upbeat dance songs. This track was released back in 1984 as part of the album entitled "Purple Rain." It quickly became a worldwide hit thanks to its unique sound which features synthesizers, keyboards, autotune, and even electric guitars at certain points during the song. The lyrics are also great if you're looking to get pumped up before going out and about on a Saturday night because they go against society's conventional rules by saying that we should all just let loose and have fun! Thanks to this particular song and many others like it, we know that there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and dancing your worries away!

Title: Time of Our Lives

Description: The first single released from the soundtrack for a little film called "Pitch Perfect 2", this song by country music star and pop sensation Pistol Annies quickly became one of our favorite dance songs. The song was released all the way back in 2013 but it never gets old thanks to its funky beats, lyrics about partying, and heavy bass lines. It's also great for people that love fast paced songs because it has plenty of energy which makes dancing along to it very fun! This is definitely one catchy tune that deserves to be listened out loud on your record player!

Your favorite Dance Song - Share your thoughts,comments and Suggestions Or Just Say 'Hi'

Ronald Tucker from Louisville, Kentucky on December 15, 2011:

Michael Jacksons Thriller album had so many dance songs that it was the only ablum that one would need to have a successful party in the early 1980's.

nsixx99 on November 15, 2011:

I like the older songs like Stayin Alive and Dancing Queen. I was sad not to see any songs from Grease or Footloose on there, I loved those songs as well. Awesome page!

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