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Best Identity-Crises-Themed Movies That Will Trick Your Brain.

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What happens when our own brain starts deceiving us? We fail to identify & differentiate between the real and the imaginary. Although it is a rare phenomenon, this happens when we face an incident or situation that becomes too much arduous for our minds to accept it. In that case, our mind creates its own reality in which it is happier or at least in peace compared to the original reality, and in doing so, sometimes, our mind makes up a false identity of ourselves or the people around us. This situation becomes the cause of identity crisis, leaving the person with questions like, who am I? What is real? Including some other things. To understand it in even better detail, many movies have been made on the topic of identity crisis and some of them are masterpieces in the history of cinema.

Here is a list of some of the best identity crisis-themed movies, ones that will leave you with some questions:

1. FIGHT CLUB (1999)


The cult classic movie that lives rent-free in the mind of every cinema enthusiast, Fight Club presents the story of a regular guy (unnamed narrator) who is tired of his routine white-collar job and a stylish soap salesman (Tyler Durden) who doesn’t live by the rules.

Together, they form an underground fight club with the motive of escaping the morose and mundane routine of life. The main character suffers from insomnia and anxiety disorder which creates a puzzling state of the events around him, which further results in, him being unable to grasp reality and take a hold of it.

2. BLACK SWAN (2010)


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Darren Aronofsky’s directed 'Black Swan' is an absolute mixture of excellent acting and brilliant direction, making it a perfect Psychological thriller. The academy-nominated movie tells the story of 'Nina Sayers', a young ballerina who wins the chance to play the role of White Swan and Black Swan in a new stage production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

This responsibility takes a heavy toll on Nina’s mind and she begins experiencing things that are similar to the play. Because of this, she loses her grip on reality and discovers a completely different persona of herself.



Another great psychological thriller film, the movie introduces the audience to the character of 'Marshal Edward Daniels', a Deputy U.S. Marshall, who visits a psychiatric facility for investigation after a patient was reported missing. After some investigation, Daniels discovers some hidden truths about that place, which directs him to question the true nature of that place and the truth behind the disappearance of the missing patient.

As the events unfold, the premise gets more confusing and tangled with the reality and imagination of the main character.

4. IDENTITY (2003)


Identity is an American neo-noir suspense thriller it is among one of the best movies which show the limitless possibilities of the human brain. The film's plot shows 10 strangers getting stranded in a motel on a stormy night and cut off from all kinds of connectivity from the world. The movie progresses with each one of them getting killed one by one mysteriously while the remaining ones try to find the killer.

In a different scenario, it shows a murder convict awaiting a final verdict for his crimes. With multiple twists and several unusual things happening during the premise, the plotline challenges the viewers to identify the real culprit till the end.



Known mainly for Christian Bale’s epic body transformation by losing 60 pounds of body weight for the lead role. ‘The Machinist’ follows the storyline of ‘Trevor Reznik’ a machinist who is an insomniac and hasn’t slept for a year. Due to this, he suffers from emaciation, delusion, and paranoia which results in him experiencing various vague incidents causing him to question the reality and the identity of a fellow industrial worker.

As the movie moves forward, it poses many questions and ends with all of them being answered. The movie accurately depicts the mental state of a person who is sleep deprived and has isolated himself from the world.

I hope you will enjoy these movies. if you like these movies then follow me, I will keep you posted with newer recommendations of some of the best movies ever.

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