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Will Berserk Get More Movies?


Are creators of Berserk Golden Age Arc planning more?

One question that all fans of this manga have in mind is whether there will be more movies apart from the trilogy of anime films released so far between 2010 and 2013. The three movies are just one part of this extensive and brilliant story, and if it stopped at that, it would definitely be a crying shame. However, despite the fact that there have not been any concrete statements by the staff that brought us these films, there are many indications and interviews with the makers that indicate that there will be more Berserk movies than we think in the future.

Berserk is a manga series drawn and written by the brilliant Kentaro Miura, and that first premiered in 1988. In 1990, the first volume was published and the readers were taken to a medieval fantasy world where good and evil appear to be more relative than clearly discernible, and where there is no lack of tragedy and violence for the main characters. Still, there is more to it in Berserk, and anyone who followed the story from the beginning knows this. The protagonist, Guts, is not a black and white character either, and no wonder considering all the things this orphaned sword-for-hire went through.

The popularity and grittiness of this manga series eventually spawned an anime series that encompasses the same events that are re-told in the movies, and this 25 episode long anime aired in 1997 and 1998. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc is a series of three movies that retell one part of the Berserk manga, The Golden Age Arc, and the first of these films was released in 2010. The second and the third followed all a year apart from the other, and now that this arc of the story is re-told, a question looms in the air – will there be more?

The answer is, in short, yes. There will be more Berserk movies in the future.

The Confirmation

At on one of the press conferences in 2013, the director of the three Golden Age Arc films stated that while the project is a secret, it is definitely in motion, and that the main plan is to make a Berserk saga which will re-tell the entire story of the manga. Now, this is an extensive project and it is only logical that there will be a break between each trilogy, and as things stand, there will be several Berserk trilogies made in the future.

What the director, Toshiyuki Kubooka, also stated is that this project is simply not in a stage where he can make any concrete announcements. This simply means that they do not yet know how long it will take to prepare and complete things, and not giving a date or even a year of release is only reasonable.

However, no matter the fact that there are no concrete information available for the release of the next Berserk movie, the fact is that there will be one, and another after it, and most likely many more after that one.

Old vs. New Anime

The reason Berserk is still so popular is actually quite simple – there is little out there nowadays that is quite like it. Even those who had not read the manga when it was being released can enjoy it, that is, if they have the stomach for it. Berserk is a manga that went much further with certain themes than most (if not any) manga series out there, and it was hardcore back then when hardcore was the thing.

Apart from being violent, this manga went much farther when it comes to relationships of characters, character development, and there was not a single character that was purely black and white. This gave the story a dimension that most stories do not have, and that only scratches the surface.

This is why, in the sea of new anime that are more or less structured around the same old ideas, Berserk sticks out like a sore thumb, and in a good way. For precisely this reason it was feasible to reboot the whole old Berserk anime in form of movies and expect good results. And exactly because the films hit the nail right on the head, it is now possible to talk about more Berserk movies that are definitely coming in the future.

How long will we have to wait?

Well, that’s a tough one. The next arc, Redemption that starts of with the chapter appropriately called “The Black Swordsman”, should also be three movies long, if not even longer. This arc will be even grittier and darker, and Guts will be completely different. In short, it will be a thousand shades of awesome. This is exactly why the waiting is going to be even worse.

But we will wait. The best assumption would be that the break between the last movie of The Golden Age Saga (GAS: Descent) would be at least three years. Since it is already 2014, we could hope to see a new Berserk film sometime in 2016. A good assumption would also be that the rest of that movie arc will be released spaced out by a year each. And all that if we are lucky. It takes a lot to make one single film such as Berserk, much less make one while planning more.

The Black Swordsman Arc

Those who watched the old anime series (called Berserk: The Legendary Wind Swordsman) remember that this anime started off with several episodes from the Black Swordsman Arc, and then returned to the past (to the Golden Age Arc). The anime covers about the same events that are covered in the Golden Age Arc trilogy, except that these Black Swordsman episodes were not in the three films. The films are, so far, going chronologically, unlike the manga and the old anime series.

The Black Swordsman Arc is next up, which means that we get to follow Guts on a completely different journey from now on. The first film should probably cover the events of the first part of the episodes of the anime, and then move on from there. This means we get to see more one-on-one Guts moments, and those are always great. That said, the continuation will probably shock some of the people who watched the movies, but have not read the manga. For their sakes, no spoilers will be mentioned.

More Berserk Movies = More Awesome Music

If you are a fan of Berserk anime, you are probably also fan of the music. An interesting thing to know about the composer Susumu Hirasawa is that he had a lot of freedom creating the soundtrack for Berserk, and that was because Kentaro Miura is his fan and trust him. Hirasawa described composing for Berserk and unlocking his restraints and “going berserk”.

The specific mood the music adds to the anime is only logical because Hirasawa used every instrument he could think of, including piano, bagpipes, harps, flutes, voices and even Amiga. More of Berserk movies would mean more Susumu Hirasawa compositions, and that is always a good thing.

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Whether we get the Berserk movies in two years, or we have to wait longer than that, the fact is that they are still coming in the future. That is the most important thing to know, and although the wait will be gruelingly hard for some fans, it will be well worth it in the end.

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc trilogy did not disappoint in any aspect, and no one expects the movies that will follow to disappoint either. The Black Swordsman Arc promises to be even more dark, even more gritty and violent, and we can’t wait.

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Jaydocc17 on August 05, 2018:

would really like to know when the new movie or series is coming out

Pooooop on March 27, 2018:

Any new berserk stuff coming out ?

BiggieVic on December 24, 2015:

It was confirmed three days ago, Berserk: Black Swordsman Arc will be RELEASED NEXT YEAR!!!!!! TRAILER COMES OUT IN 12/29/15!!! HYPED!!!!!!

justsomeguy on October 30, 2015:

actually the main composer of the movies is Shirō Sagisu. only the title song was composed by Susumu Hirasawa.

Anyway...dont think we see any berserk movie before 2017

Aaa on October 15, 2015:

Berserk is a masterpiece. It won't be forgotten in time... Maybe the newer manga will but not berserk. The manga is full of art, much more than the average manga product. The trilogy movie gor really beautiful as it progressed. Quoting from cult movies such as 2001 odissey in the space in the re_birth of Griffith. Where else in the anime history? (Actually evangelion quoted the same movie too). We older manga lover we'll wait patiently..

cha on July 29, 2015:

They should continue making next anima I noe lost of people love this anima and the next one you make will be suprise there are lots of fan of this movie it's great anima one most amazing great swordsman anima ,huge sword this anima is best I've seen.

Guts on April 19, 2015:

@braveheart- what you say may have some truth, but what it comes down to is true fans want more. Yes, we will watch other anime, read other manga but what's to stop us from watching more berserk movies, following the true down in the dirt bloodthirsty Guts. You speak as if we will move on and forget but dreamers don't forget.

calico jack on April 12, 2015:

what sucks is i have to wait for all the movies to buy anapocalyptical collectors box set

Braveheart on July 19, 2014:

Its silly to take all this time

And the waiting will kill it

Every day is passing a new manga better is coming and they will be lucky if they find some body will watch it because they will lost their interesting

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